(3.8) The Skeleton Queen (16 skeletons / near 60 seconds / over 350% minion damage) (With videos)

Hello everyone, welcome to this build guide.

This is a leftover witch that I've been working on since jewels were added (forgot how long it's been). Since then it has had ups and downs due to the many updates released (from skeletons amount reduced to their damage being buffed like hell). Since a bit of a time ago I was unable to keep playing this game and couldn't update this build properly.

However, the announcement of the Blight league and the new rework done to Necromancer draw me back to the game and thus, after release and testing, I decided to re-do this guide (old one will be deleted).

This build can be done with very cheap gear, but if you desire to take it even further, you may have to spend quite a bit of currency.

This build is life-based, with near 6.5k life, although a bit weak in the mitigation department.


Rolling the colours on Queen's Escape might be difficult, but it's a necessity to use Feeding Frenzy.

Helmet of course doesn't have to be legacy, it's up to personal choice, but get one so that you can craft +1 to skeletons.

Armour with life and resistances will do fine, it must also have an open prefix so that you can craft +1 skeletons on it.

Grip of the Council is a great choice, as the additional cold damage buff these calcium boys with a lot of damage.

Alberon's is not a mandatory unique, unless you change your main weapon option, like I did. Neither is the corruption mandatory.

Stygian Vise is a great option for this build, due to the Ghastly eye jewels. Rings must have any necessary resistances/life/mana/etc.

Amulet with +1 to skeletons is a good choice, but could be expensive if looking for specific mods. However, if you cannot afford an amulet like this, you could switch to Alberon's Warpath and get a regular amulet with the stats you need.


Summon Skeletons is linked with:
-Minion Damage
-Feeding Frenzy
-Melee Physical Damage
-Empower (only if you can afford a 6-link)

Carrion Golem is linked with:
-Meat Shield
-Fortify (since I also linked it with Leap Slam)

Hatred must be linked with:
-Enilghten (only if you have it or can afford it)

Ball Lightning (for EE) is linked with:
-Curse on Hit

Additional skills are:
-Arctic Armour (for damage mitigation)
-Vitality (for life regeneration)
-Desecrate & Flesh Offering (with increased duration)
-Immortal Call (with Cast when Damage taken)


Jewels like this will turn your minions into killing machines, just try to also get flat life rolls as well for you.

Other Gear Options

Bloodbond was the armour I used when I started to make this build life-based. I'd say is still a good option. Blood Offering however may put you at risk due to the life sacrificed for the skill.

Weapons like this will eventually become better options than Queen's Escape, however you should only change to this type of weapon IF you have the currency to either buy one of craft one by yourself.

Again, this was very expensive to obtain, so only do so IF you can.

Necromancer Ascendancy

-Mindless Agression
-Unnatural Strength
-Commander of Darkness
-Mistress of Sacrifice

Tried Bone Barrier but it wasn't something that I liked.


16 Skeletons. Apologies for the quality but couldn't gte a better recording.
3.2 Video

3.0 Video

10 skeletons video.
2.6 Videos

20 skeletons in unique maps.
20 Skeletons video.
24 Skeletons video.

Older videos

First 24 Skeletons video. The very first video of this build, which showed how everything worked when I started this. I used Bone Offering back then as I wanted skeletons to block attacks since they dealt high damage already.

The 30 Skeletons video which has a battle with Ephij (He killed me though).

Well that's it for this build guide. If you took the time to read all of this, thank you. Have a good day!!
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Hi, I have a few questions/opinions if you can answer. Never played skeletons before, I want to focus on skellies/zombies for my summoner. I got stupidly lucky and hit a nice helmet with a few ex of essences, now I'm not sure where to put my gem links.
I've only run a few labs but what do you think the best enchant might be?

I am planning to switch from grip of the council to Triad Grip, and go full lightning. I think the ability to fully take advantage of EE nice. My skellies don't seem to live very long, so do you think I should just take empower out of their links and put a better damage support? I think it will depend on whether or not I can craft good wands with +1 minions +1 spells, and how much value max# skeletons is worth pushing. Also, do you feel convocation is worth the gem slot if I'm focusing on feeding frenzy in both links?

Thanks for the input
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