[3.8] Tanky Molten Strike Chieftain (Max Block + 1.8k Strength)



Pros & Cons

1.Very Tanky
2.Good Single Target DPS
3.Max Block
4.Good life recovery rate
5.1.8k Strength

1.Clearing will be a bit clunky due to the nature of Molten Strike

Kill All

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how does this stack vs they hybrid jugg build? anyone tried both?
Both have their ups and downs. It really comes down to personal preference. Jugg gives more attack speed and more dmg mitigation. Chieftain on the other hand, gives more STR and more dmg. In my opinion, chieftain is cheaper because it doesn't need to rely on Xoph's blood for the fire conversion and to cover enemies in ash.
What skillgem do you swap in ancestral call for?
I swap Ancestral call with Elemental Damage with attacks

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