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damaged lmb makes double posts sry
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Clqshes wrote:
About when would you say this build starts doing a lot of poison damage. I've been following this build from poebuilds.net/cobrash and I'm not doing that much poison damage yet.

I am not familiar with that build so I can't tell you much. It says to use two Bino's Daggers which is not that great for DPS. Have you gotten to maps yet? The character feels great at level 90~.
Cendrake wrote:
I have a question regarding the mechanics of Plague Bearer. If I understand correctly, damage modifiers from you or support gems are not applied to it, since it's basically just deducted damage you previously dished out?

So quality on the Increased Area of Effect Support (Supported Skills deal 0.5% increased Area Damage per 1% quality) is practically worthless. No need to get quality on it, am I right?

You're correct. Quoted from the POE Wiki.

"Your damage modifiers don't apply to this skill's damage."

Very nice Guide.

Thanks from Germany.
Hi, why dont u take phase acro?
SeanTheExile wrote:
Hi, why dont u take phase acro?

Just not worth the 4 points for me. If you wanted you could take it and get a pair of rare boots with 12% spell dodge. I don't care much for it since I'm pretty survivable but I would take it if I was playing hardcore.
Just dropping a post by to say thank you for this build! Enjoying it a lot! :)
Acrobatics and Lioneye's Remorse are quite the anti-synergy. Do you think it even makes sense to use a shield?
What should i change for HC?
Well - I just wanna thank you (brazilian thanks). Your build does all the content with 2ex or less... Great Job - i hope they dont nerf it XD.
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