Bandit Quest Reward

I am debating whether to get the 4 skill point, the +HP or the + resists.

I am following the build in this thread:

with the 4 resists branching from Diamond skin taken out.

The debates:

+HP - since I'll be stacking a lot of +% life, I get a lot more benefit with flat hp.

+ Resists - As a melee, I want to be able to survive higher difficulties where elemental damage is common. However, there are resists on almost all pieces of armor anyway, I am really iffy here. BTW, do element resists ever cap?

+ 4 Skill points - the default choice for most. However, If I follow the build from above, I don't see any useful nodes to spend 4 points into at FULL build, since most bases are covered. Essentially, 4 nearly useless points. Only reason I see right now is to reach my full build 4 points faster.

Any advice/arguments for me?
well if i added everything up right you will get 164% to max hp with that build.

so if you go with +45 hp 4 times you are gonna have 180 extra hp
180 x 1.64 = 295.2

if you go with resistances you will have 32% to all elemental resistances just from the quest rewards.

what i do not know though is how important resistances are in the highest difficulty, but from what I hear they are important and I would imagine that having that resistance would save you more than 300 hp.

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