--Pay what you want--

I'm going to move to hardcore so I'm selling all my items.

I won't be on for like a day so just post what you want and I will save it or you.

Like I said, pay what you want.
(But I hope you guys don't lowball way too much. D: )


Ask for one if you are too lazy to check em all.

Also quill rain... can't seem to link it




As you can see I'm a BIG hoarder.

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HI there,

I would like Life Gain On Hit, Added Fire Damage and Elemental Damage support gems if they are still free... IGN Bashsmacker.

I want "Concentrated Effect" and "Faster Casting"
IGN: RaneoSa
      Add me or whisper me @ [[[[RaneoSa]]]] if you need anything.
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Could I have discharge, spell totem, elemental proliferation, and a granite flask?

Fera_Corda IGN.
Could I please have the rift band coral ring? Not sure when I'll be on today however...
IGN: Jabbing (Anarchy)
Could I have the Purity gem?
IGN: Prospectus
IGN: Prospectus
2 Chaos for the searing touch please :D

IGN: MsDementia
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Could i get slitherpinch, added fire damage and elemental proliferation?

IGN: spacemaanspiff
I could use the Perpetual Granite Flask of Dousing, Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Heat, and also a Life Gain on Hit, and Increased Area of Effect gems.

I can give an orb of chance for each. Let me know and thanks for doing this! =)

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All of you have been noted down.

I should be on in like 4 hours
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