[3.9] Brittleknee’s Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye for Magic Find - Rags to Riches Guide Inside!

[3.9] Brittleknee’s Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye for Magic Find

Greetings Exiles, I’m Brittleknee!

I’ve been playing PoE for about two years now, and magic find is something I always return to once a league in various forms. This specific build I’ve geared in three different leagues and is a favorite of mine.

The purpose of this character is for Magic Find Only. It can do all tiers with investment, including Eldered T16s, but like most MF, struggles with bosses. You can likely kill map bosses up to T10 or so, depending on your gear. The changes to Rares having more health make things a bit risky in Red maps, but it's still definitely doable with some gear changes.

Catch me Streaming on Twitch or in game as @Brittleknee!

If you don’t have to have a large budget to get started or are trying to gear this from scratch, check out the “Rags to Riches” gear progression guide in the Early Gearing Section.

Metamorph Update

Targeted map farming is in question at this time, so we'll have to see how watchstones and such play out.

Per the patch notes, there was an overall nerf to Ele Hit's added flat and Mirage Archer. There's less of a penalty on LMP, however, and some of the Awakened gems will suit this build very nicely due to the added level.

With sources of blind and phasing on the tree now, this lady should end up with a touch more survivability when doing higher tier farming, but remember: You’re still on a MF character. You will die a ton. I did manage to hit 94 doing nothing but burial chambers this league, though :D

Hope you all have a wonderful league!

Path of Building Links:

Geared Lady

1.0. Introduction

1.1. Pros & Cons

  • Budget Friendly-ish: Magic Find in general is incredibly expensive to gear, but this build is an alternative to Tornado Shot. A quick example is the helmet for this build is typically 2-3 ex versus 20ex+ for +TS Projectile.
  • Easier to Scale: Elemental Hit has a substantial amount of flat damage built in, so it feels okay right from the start. You won’t be as reliant on sources of added damage like abyss jewels.
  • Level Many Gems: Ele Hit only needs one 6L so if you’re a bit of a gem flipper, you can level 12-19 gems (depending on preference and gear) at a time which is a nice, passive currency generator.
    [li]Grows with Investment: You can start out with Sadima’s Touch, Bisco’s Collar, and Thief’s Torment and some decent rares to get the build started. I’ve outlined the ‘Rags to Riches’ progression of how to start and finish gearing this lady.
  • Easier Map Rolling: Since there’s no Physical Damage involved, you don’t have to worry about Phys reflect maps, only Elemental.

  • Doesn’t Have TS Clear: In the end, this is not TS. You should not expect it to be. The good news is that this definitely is a good stand-end until you can farm up some of the pricey TS gear, and the tree doesn’t take too many Regrets to change.
  • Still a Fairly Expensive Build: MF at the end of the day, is still expensive to gear, and depending on the market, you should still expect to put about 10-12 ex minimum into a fully geared version of the build.

1.2. Playstyle

A typical MF character, it is meant to be a fast mapper with most of the defenses typically sought after in general builds stripped away in favor of speed and damage. You can pack in as much quantity as possible into the build if you don’t mind dying fairly often. After all, that’s why CoD:Portal is for, right?

This build, however, isn’t easily juiced a-la Big Streamer to use HH and Inspired Learning(s). With jewel slots being limited by required threshold jewels, finagling both 2x threshold and 2x Inspired Learning can be a bit rough with lots of sacrifice being made damage wise to path to all the jewel sockets needed, or the need to be in the high 90’s level wise for the extra talent points.

1.3. Origins

I’ve never been a player who can churn out more than maybe 80ish ex in a league, and with the current prices of Inspired Learning and Headhunter, it seems like my days of owning these items are over. That being said, there’s a lot to get out of MF builds, and having an approachable alternative to Tornado Shot that can be effective and fun was something I thought was sorely needed.

So, here’s to us simpletons and filthy casuals.

2.0. Skill Trees, Ascendancy, and Leveling

Leveling this build can be done a few different ways. There’s no “right way” to go about it. You can honestly use whatever bow skill you like.

Personally I don’t roll this character until I’ve got all the goodies gathered up to play it, so I usually will level Toxic Rain and then respec because 1.) Toxic rain has the best MTX and 2.) Toxic Rain is very laid back to level. Regret Orbs by the second or third week in the league are plentiful, so it’s not a bother.

Similarly, using RoA can be a great and laid back way to level while staying true to the passive tree. This is probably better for a leaguestart, or those who do not have a lot of start-up costs to buy 20/20 gems once you have hit level 70.

Elemental hit doesn’t feel fantastic until you’ve got the threshold jewels, and can focus on a single element. Even then it still doesn’t feel fantastic until it has high levels (18+), as it scales very powerfully by level.

2.1. Ascendancy Choices

Ascendancy: Deadeye
While you can go in any order you prefer, but it is best to start with Gathering Winds for Tailwind. It helps the entire leveling process.
  • Gathering Winds
  • Fast and Deadly
  • Far Shot
  • Ricochet

2.2. Leveling Toolkit

Welcome to the Leveling Toolkit! This should help you get started. While you can level however you prefer and enjoy, we will assume you will level something like Rain of Arrows.. Unfortunately Elemental Hit can be somewhat unreliable in damage until its threshold gems are acquired and socketed.

Leveling Trees

Remember to Respec the Attack Speed Nodes for the Evasion/Life ones after you are higher in level and have more Attack Speed. Go for the Claw wheel whenever you purchase your Lioneye's Fall.

Skill Gem Links

Main Attack Links

Rain of Arrows:
  • 3-Link: (2G1B)
    Rain of Arrows, Added Cold, Added Lightning
  • 4-Link: (3G1B)
    Rain of Arrows, Added Cold, Added Lightning, Mirage Archer
  • 5-Link: (3G2B)
    Rain of Arrows, Added Cold, Added Lightning, Mirage Archer, Critical Strikes
  • 6-Link: (3G2B1R)
    Rain of Arrows, Added Cold, Added Lightning, Mirage Archer, Critical Strikes, Elemental Damage with Attacks

Elemental Hit:
  • 3-Link: (2G1B)
    Ele Hit, Added Cold, Mirage Archer
  • 4-Link: (3G1B)
    Ele Hit, Added Cold, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Mirage Archer
  • 5-Link: (3G2B)
    Ele Hit, Added Cold, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Mirage Archer, Lesser Multiple Projectiles
  • 6-Link: (3G2B1R)
    Ele Hit, Added Cold, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Mirage Archer, Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Cold Penetration

Other Gear Links

Herald of Ice, Hypothermia, Ice Bite
Blink Arrow, Faster Attacks, Faster Projectiles

2.3. Pantheons

  • Lunaris, unless you’re doing higher tier farming, then perhaps Brine King to try to avoid stuns since your HP will quite low for the zone.

  • Soul of Garukhan for Speed, Soul of Shakari for Poison/Desecrated Ground or Soul of Relakesh for Bleed Avoidance.

2.4. Bandits

Help Alira for the Multi, Mana, and Resists!

Check me out on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/brittleknee
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3.0. Early Gearing & Budget Setup

3.1. Required Uniques

The bread and butter of most MF Bow builds, as it has increased item quantity, as well as decent flat damage, attack speed and crit. Can be farmed, chanced or dropped.

Devoto’s Devotion
A source of movement speed in addition to attack speed, dex, and evasion, this helmet is a great fit for MF. You’ll want the Elemental Hit Attack Speed from Eternal Labyrinth.

Queen of the Forest
Another source of movement speed, this body armor grants you increased movement speed per 600 evasion rating, in addition to some moderate resists and life.

A good source of quantity and fire resist, this is another staple in most MF builds. Also have a touch of evasion.

Ventor’s Gamble x 2
These are more rare these days, but all is not lost. These rings have three attributes that are valued. Quant, Life, and Resists. The good news, is that if you only care about two of these things, rather than all three, each ring will be 1-3 ex versus 10ex +. I usually pick up rings with moderate resists and 9-10% Quant, and a positive life roll, even if that positive life roll is 6.

Biscos Leash
This the the build’s source of Rampage, which is a kill streak mechanic that provides rewards for killing increasing numbers of enemies without stopping. Notably, Rampage offers 1% increased Movement Speed per 20 Rampage Stacks and 2% increased Damage per 20 Rampage Stacks. Remember this is *increased* damage, not *more* damage. Rampage caps at 1000.

Dying Sun
This flask is a Shaper-Specific drop. It adds 2 additional projectiles during flask effect. Since you’ll want as much uptime on this as possible, you can possibly get away with getting less fire resist on gear since you can “count” on Dying Sun to provide 50% Fire Resistance. If you are caught by a volatile when your flask is down, however, it might hurt a bit.

Lioneye’s Fall
Any passives in the jewel’s effect whose description includes the word melee or names any of the melee weapon types (claw, dagger, sword, etc) function as bow nodes instead. Specifically in this build we use it to convert the claw nodes in the shadow area to provide a good source of crit, multi, life leech, mana leech and blind.

Cobalt Combat Focus
Three threshold jewels were introduced in order to help players narrow down which elements Elemental Hit can use. The cobalt jewel will exclude fire. Since Fire Ele Hit is much more prevalent/popular, if you are looking to get a jewel that is corrupted for corrupting blood immunity, then this is the one I suggest.

Viridian Combat Focus
Three threshold jewels were introduced in order to help players narrow down which elements Elemental Hit can use. The viridian jewel will exclude lightning.

Sadima’s Touch
With the nerf on Quantity and how much damage you can get from gloves these days, these are arguably optional. While still valuable with corrupted with Elemental Weakness on Hit, you can get an gloves with a temple mod that allows for increased damage against chilled enemies, as well as enchant those same rare gloves with crit and elemental damage. Those who want the highest quant will still want these, but lets just say if you’re farming red maps, you may want to consider dropping the quant here for damage.

3.2. End-Game Gem Setup

Weapon or Chest:
Elemental Hit, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Cold Penetration, Added Cold Damage, Mirage Archer, Lesser Multiple Projectiles.

Blink Arrow, Faster Attacks. Dash. Grace (Vaal or Normal).

Herald of Ice, Hypothermia, Ice Bite, Item Rarity.

Boots (Optional):
Portal, Faster Casting. Cast on Death, Portal.

Empty Sockets:
You can level 6 skill gems in your chest or bow, whichever you did not 6-L.
You can level 6 skill gems in your second weapon (preferably a bow), this is a good place for Empower/Enlighten/Enhance as the second weapon can have Haku’s Quality to Gems Craft on it.
You can level 3 skill gems in your second weapon quiver via Maloney’s Mechanism, if you are lucky enough to find one, or can buy one.
You can level 4 skill gems in your boots if you think portals are just a ridiculous notion and portal scrolls aren’t hard to use.

Therefore you can have 12-19 gems leveling at a single time for additional profits outside of drops.

3.3. Flasks

Evasion makes you faster, so its nice to use both a Stib and a Jade.

3.4. Jewels

Nothing fancy here, just the uniques. If you get to the mid-90s, go for the extra jewel socket and get an abyss jewel with onslaught and flat cold.

3.5 Rags to Riches Gearing Guide

There are a number of ways to gear from scratch, and to get started, whether you are SSF or don’t initially have the 10+ Ex to get started, but like the idea of Magic find. I’ll try to outline what I think is the most straightforward pathway.

To start from scratch, you’ll want to start with a few of the following items:

Perandus Blazon - Belt
Sadima’s Touch - Gloves
Thief’s Torment - Ring
Bisco’s Collar - Amulet

These are cheaper than their end-game counterparts and can be used to add a touch of Increased Item Quantity for your mapping.

From here you can head to any map that has more common divination cards, and try to get those to drop for drops/profit. Since they are less rare, even modest amounts of IIQ will yield results.

Examples are:
Channel/Waterways/Blood Aqueducts for Humility Cards.
Desert/Dunes/Oasis for Imperial Legacy Cards. (You can craft this bow for the time being or attempt to chance bases into a Windripper.)
Cage, Lava Chamber, Pen, or Pit for Chains that Bind Cards.
Or any other Common to Moderately Rare Card Drop.

You don’t have to choose any of these listed, they are just examples. You could also choose to farm currency cards for useful stacks of fusings, chance, scours, etc.

Going after any card that is particularly rare, such as The Wind with this lower IIQ may lead to frustration.

Once you have accumulated some wealth, buy the next three things:

Queen of the Forest - Body Armor for speed, resistances, life.
Shaper Quiver Base/Crafted Item - Remember you’ll want one with +1 Arrow as an Explicit, not Implicit. Other valuable stats are Crit, Crit Multi, Attack Speed, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Resistances.
Lioneye’s Fall - Jewel for converting claw nodes. Do not take those passives until you have this jewel.

These three things will help you start to amass some speed, clear and start to check off required items for the end game build.

Continue to farm until you can afford your Windripper. Remember you need only 1 6L. So linked or unlinked is up to you and what existing links you have (like if you’re using a Tabula at this point in Lieu of getting a QotF for the time being). This is where farming fusing cards could some into play, allowing you to save some currency and link the Windripper yourself.

After Windripper, your priority will be your helm complete with the helm enchantment. For this you’ll want a Devoto’s Devotion with 15% Elemental Hit Attack Speed enchant from Eternal (Uber) Labrinth.

From here, you can prioritize the remaining upgrades as your currency and situation allows. This includes Goldwrym, Bisco’s Leash, Ventor’s Gamble x2, and a Quantity Amulet (Shaper Base or Talisman).

From here, you’re done! Continue to focus on and upgrade anything you’d like, or just turn everything for profits!

5.0. End Game

5.1. Final Build Gear

Here’s my Gear from the previous league:

5.2. Improving Further

Obviously Headhunter can make this a lot more fun, but with how rare they are likely to be moving forward, I think this is something that can be worked towards, but is definitely not required.

I would have loved to successfully corrupted a pair of Sadima’s with Elemental Weakness on hit, but that did not seem to be in the cards for me this league. I was stubborn and wanted to do it myself even though I could have bought them.

There are a lot of things that can further the build. A Watcher’s eye could be quite nice, but would require pathing to the Jewel Slot in the Shadow Area.

Can drop Sadima’s for very nice Tri-Res gloves with Damage against Chilled Enemies (temple mod) and run double Pariah’s instead. You may have to allocate two points into Cloth and Chain as well to make sure you’re res capped. Alternatively, embrace the no-fucks given playstyle and don’t cap your resists and use Sadima’s for higher Quantity.

Corrupting Blood can usually be found on the Cobalt Threshold Jewel since Fire is far more popular than Cold. Don’t fork out the muns and get it on the Lioneye’s. 5% Damage Thresholds likely won’t be much, either.

This build does very well with a Shaper quiver with +1 Arrow, other useful stats, and corrupted for +1 Chain. Elemental Hit chaining twice is super fun and very nice clear. Multi, attack speed, WED, resists, etc are all useful stats.

Check me out on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/brittleknee
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6.0. Frequently Asked Questions

6.1. Frequently Asked Questions

As replies are posted, I’ll be sure to update this part of the FAQ.

6.2. Troubleshooting Common Issues

As replies are posted, I’ll be sure to update this part of the FAQ.

7.0. Media

7.1. Videos, Gifs, Clips

Coming Soon!

8.0. Credits, Updates, Changelog


Thank you to Egnarts, as this build would not have been possible without you.

Thank you to all of my followers, subscribers, patrons and for all of those who have been a part of this journey.


Archived updates posted at the top of the guide at the beginning of a new league will be moved here at the league’s conclusion.

Blight Update

This build is officially published!

I always run a MF character every league because I just keep coming back to the chill playstyle and the comfort that comes from running a bunch of maps at low investment with tons of herald of ice shatters. Right when I start to feel that burnout hit, I roll this lady.

With sources of blind and phasing on the tree now, this lady should end up with a touch more survivability when doing higher tier farming, but remember: You’re still on a MF character. You will die a ton.

Hope you all have a wonderful league!


6 Sept 2019 Build Published

Check me out on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/brittleknee
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Looks great but probably not league starter viable right?
DerechteDodo wrote:
Looks great but probably not league starter viable right?

You could, I just don't know how comfortable it would be. I usually run it as my second or third character but I did my best to outline a gearing/farming plan for those gearing from scratch. Hopefully that helps!
Check me out on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/brittleknee
Would you mind I add your build to my thread, to tell people of you want MF version, loot at this thread instead?

Contact me at steam if i take POE break
neohongkong wrote:
Would you mind I add your build to my thread, to tell people of you want MF version, loot at this thread instead?

That's quite kind of you. Absolutely.
Check me out on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/brittleknee
Hi, i would like to know if Rigwald's Quills can be a good upgrade for the build ?

Thx for the build !

Kind regards,
Derk1900 wrote:
Hi, i would like to know if Rigwald's Quills can be a good upgrade for the build ?

Thx for the build !

Kind regards,

You can use it, for sure. I'm not sure how much of an upgrade it is for clear over having an additional arrow that can then chain. I say go with what works for you personally. I've never owned Quills, so I can't really weigh in from a personal experience.

I usually will buy/craft shaper quivers with +1 Arrow and other useful stats then try to corrupt for +1 Chain. I didn't get lucky last league but I did the league before.

I've just excluded it from the gearing guide as its trying to be a bit more budget, y'know?

Here it is, though. Not the best but she's mine:

Check me out on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/brittleknee
How do you sustain mana at early leveling?

Btw i couldnt find which weapon do you recommend until we get windripper?
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