3.9 Strength Stacking THICC Zombomancer (Originally for 3.8 Blight league HC)

Moving right along Just hit lvl 64 and heading towards Kitava act 10 atm. Gears nothing special but its ok for now. I do notice my spectres are Ripping a lot and sometimes my skeletons too. I still have to work my way up towards Sacrifice and the minions life leech node and Im only around 600 strength but I like it so far. Had a little issue on my cruel Ascendency as my minions were ripped apart and I was spinning around and healing as often as I could but I made it. Looking forward to getting a bit further and seeing how I do in maps..
Delirium has begun - Day 2, 3rd character restart !!!
hey man!

was pretty keen to try this build ( see VENFRI )
i have followed ur guide closly but im new to POE and summoner, i feel like im doing absolutly 0 damage?

is there a rotation? what do i do while my minions are killing stuff? could u please have a quick look at my gear and let me know if u see anything wrong

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