[3.8] Assassin Cobra Lash (POB + quick written guide)


decided to quickly share my take on poison assassin in 3.8 with Cobra Lash. Sorry for the formating and lack of images.

Remember! Compare my setup with other setups and adjust for your own playstyle!

Here's the POB link using Cobra Lash

PoB setup:
- 10 wither stacks
- only 25 poisons (recently), the more poisons recently, the more damage
- 60% Chance for 100% more poison damage + 20% more damage Opportunistic & Elusive Bonuses not active in POB, the actual dps is twice as high

I tried to keep some of the gear & settings realistic. But it's still focused to be an endgame setup

The build hits:
- 5,5k-6k Life
- 40% Attack Dodge
- 30% Spell Dodge
- Elusive Buff = No Extra Damage from Critical Strikes, up to additional 20% Attack & Spell Dodge + up to 20% Attack speed // You can cancel elusive with withering step for 100% uptime
- Very good sustain thanks to LgoH claws and Noxious Strike
- Many layers of Defense (Attack & Spell Dodge, Evasion, Temp chains, Hinder, Elusive buff, etc.)
- more than enough damage

Be careful:
- Str/Int Attributes are hard to reach (mostly pathing in dex area)
- Mana Problems: Use atleast one Gemini claw for Mana gain on Hit, or a -15 Mana cost body armour (fossil craft)
- Meta build so gear is very expensive
- the build comes together with all pieces, might struggle until then


- Just a rare Helmet with Life > Nearby Enemies have -9% Chaos Resistance (delve mod) > Resists > Life% > Attributes = Strength/Intelligence (to free up space on other gear)
- Enchant: +3 Cobra Lash Enchant (expensive) or (cheap) Malevolence Reduced Reserved Mana, it lets us use Herald of Agony combined with enlighten.

- this build focuses on dual wield claws
- early league start with a pair of Wasp Nests
- for Endgame you want fossil crafted weapons, try to hit the delve mod: 60% Chance to deal 100% Poison Damage with this Weapon + also try to get/craft Attack Speed > Added Chaos > Crit Multi/Increased Physical Damage/Chaos DOT multi/Crit Chance
// also can get a despair on hit mod, instead of using witchfire

- rare (elder) body with Life > Attack Crit > Life% > Resists (bonus: -15Mana cost for attack skills)

- Life > needed Attributes > Resists > Accuracy > Added Chaos Damage

- Fenumus' Weave is best in slot. Gives a really BIG dps boost and it's another defensive mechanic (Hinders nearby enemies)

- Solstice Vigil, free temp chains and longer buffs. Temp chains (+blasphemy) gives another good defensive option and more importantly increases the poison duration on enemies (effectively a more multiplier).


- Rare boots with Life > Resists > Int > (Life%)
- Enchant: 16% Attack/Cast Speed

- Just go with Leather Belt or Stygian. Heavy Belt possible if you can't hit STR req. elsewhere.
Stats: Life > Resists > STR

- Life% > Damage Stats (poison duration is one) > Maybe Attributes/Resists

1. Coralito's is required. Poison Duration, Perfect Agony and Diamond Flask. Everything we need.
2. Instant Life Flask w/ Bleed Removal.
3. Basalt w/ Freeze or Curse Immunity.
4. Silver Flask: 2 Options

- Blue silver flask with Curse or Freeze Immunity.

- Cinderswallow, gives us nice sustain and it's a silver flask. Best mod is Increased Crit during flask effect. Also ignited enemies take 10% increased damage (10% more multiplier). You NEED added fire damage somewhere on your gear (crit ignites enemies at 100%))

5. (Expensive option) Witchfire Brew, not required but nice dps boost. You will need either a curse corruption or the +1 Curse Node anointment from the blight league mechanic. Also gives Evasion and Smoke Cloud (more defense)

- Or just another flask like Quartz flask (w/ curse & freeze immunity) if you are using Cinderswallow.

Also: You can use despair on hit (delve mod) on one of your claws instead of Witchfire Brew! There are many options.


Our DPS 6L:

- Cobra Lash + Added Chaos Damage + Deadly Ailments + Unbound Ailments + Vile Toxins + Vicious Projectiles(boss)/GMP(map clear)

Movement 4L:
- Whirling Blades + Attack Speed + Fortify + Blood Magic

Aura 2L:
Malevolence + Precision

Wither Setup 4L:
- Wither + Multiple Totems + Spell Totem + Faster Casting

Curse & Buffs 4L:
- Temp Chains + Blasphemy + Summon Ice Golem + Blood Rage

Rest 3L:
- Witherring Step + Aoe + Plague Barrier

- Aspect of the spider (careful with linking stuff in your gloves, some socketed gems can multiply the mana cost of the aspect)
You can use Skitterbots or Blasphemy + low despair until then

Just the skilltree:

Ascendancy Order:
1. Mistwalker (BIG Movement Speed Buff (on crit) for early leveling + IAS) // rush normal lab, you will level a lot faster with the elusive buff, might wanna spec earlier in crit for keeping the buff up)
2 Noxious Strike
2.Toxic Delivery
4. Opportunistic, even more Movementspeed and a nearly 100% uptime 20% more Damage multiplier

Unstable Unfusion, or Power charges in general, are not worth it.


You can leave feedback and questions if you want to, though I'm a bit low on time. Hope I could help some people with their league start. Good Luck!

- 06/09/2019 adjusted some math, Spectral throw has basically a 200% Base Multiplier. Cobra Lash only around 180, so 10% Less Damage. Fixed it in POB. (Correct me if some stuff is wrong!)
- 06/09/2019 before patch: Gear adjustments, added more variety to the gear
- 08/09/2019 - Updated CobraLash, Removed HoA, added withering step, removed orb of storms (not worth it)
- Removed "unfair" bonuses from pob, pob dps went in half, real dps is twice as much
- 09/09/2019 changed 6th link for single target from void manipulation to vicious projectiles (slightly better damage)

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can pestilent stike be used as well?
suriuken wrote:
can pestilent stike be used as well?

Pestilent strike is melee so your gem set up will be different.Would most likely want to set it up like viper strike in POB.
Insane PoB dmg and life its looking rly nice :P!

But i have 3 max gems on single weapon so where im going to find to connect 4L

Malevolence + Precision (lowlvl) (+ Herald of Agony) + Enlighten (lvl 3 atleast)

remember you also need GMP on your main 6L for clear.
Whoa! PoB damage is insane! Is it really correct?

Planning to start with cobra lash assassin, looking nice.

Are these items endgamic or could it be strengthened? It should be added that 20% of people will probably play assassins, so prices will be very high for items.
Those damage numbers are looking insane, WAY higher than the other build on here - not sure what you are doing so much better

Man I really wish we got an updated POB earlier so we could have a better idea of reality
In the jewel where you have all the new stuff, what are the first three lines from?
maxor182 wrote:
In the jewel where you have all the new stuff, what are the first three lines from?

Abyss jew stats I guess, he have stygian after all

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