3.8 Zombiemancer 18 zombies, 3 golems OR 11 skellies, 25M+ OR 33M+ Shaper DPS 7K+Hp/ES

Do you like flesh, blood, and carnage? If that is the case, then you have found the rightful place exile. Welcome to my guide on how to achieve it!
Have a little taste of whats to come.

Like it? I do.

I've been working on perfecting The baron summoner throughout a few leagues and made it my first character to 100. And you know what Exile? I think we did it. Let me take your hand and show you what the madness consists of.

I will be streaming 3.8 with this build, while theorycrafting it better throughout 3.8. If you like the build and want to tell me, or have critism or whatever you feel like sharing check in, i'll appreciate it a ton!



Chaos convertion uber elder kill
Setup used in the kill: https://pastebin.com/hDsgy3DQ

Chaos convertion with 3 zombies shaper kill
I was challenged to do shaper with 3 zombies for a sub, so i did it!

Same gear as the uberelder kill :D

Old 3.7 boss videos

Minotaur map full clear https://youtu.be/r6EA_gnhp-w
Phoenix map full clear https://youtu.be/0KIfvmC8QqI
Uber elder kill abit old, only rocking 15 zombies at the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVi7hnIvETk&t=1s



+Very high DPS. Zombies maxout on about 40M Shaper Dps, (Maxed out meaning the true path of building style, double pride buff, vulnerability, unholy might, slamming, and so on). Also note that this dps will not show in PoB, you can check out the DPS calculations section just above.

+Very tanky (35k+ Ehp with Vaal molten shell & flasks up) and a 2% juicy life leech of zombie damage gives you some fat leeching.

+Runs all map mods, although you'll need reduced mana cost of skills for leap slamming in no regen maps, and you'll have to resummon zombies in phys reflect. (minion dmg can be swapped for blood magic on zombie link to make it bearable).

+Clears very well, as agressive zombies target everything.

+Hardcore viable.
Leveled to level 81 before dying to a blight boss in 3.8 (sleepy and stupid mistake).

Cons >:C



I will be stating to Pros of each branch of the build, then you can choose whatever sounds like your playstyle or preferences the most! DO NOT just follow what i do here, as this is a subjective decision!


- Eases the stress on spamming skellies all the time.

- Has better defensive layers, higher life regen per second, 8% physical damage reduction, and abit of offensive buffs in the form of carrion golem.

- It is cheaper due to no 6 linking of saqawals nest, only a 4 link is required.

- Feels more well rounded, if this makes sense at all.


- Several million higher dps (even though not needed ^^)

- Skellies bodyblock non-piercing projectiles

- Vaal summon skeletons are very big for Legions, Blights and so on.

- Offers higher clear speed due to skellies being super fast with melee splash and minion speed.

POE Planner of skill tree & Ascendency order 3.8 updated!

Kill all, we need the skill points


Had alot of requests for a leveling guide, so heres a basic leveling guide. First of all i wanna point out that skill points from quests aren't added very well into this short guide, so please do take it with a grain of salt. If you have more skill points left over, check out the next skill tree! I made this on short notice and its my first time doing it, so please don't be too harsh.

note! you should update your movement buffs such as Flame dash/leap slam/quicksilver flask and so on as you go! It would help you alot by having the skill links open as you finish quests etc. so you know which skill gems to pick up.

Level 1-9
You will want to pick up summon raging spirits as soon as you get it as a quest reward. Furthermore you should be picking up enduring bond. You also want to link raging spirit with melee splash.

Level 9-31
You will be wanting to pick up minion damage for you summon raging spirit after killing brutus, add in zombie skill gem and use it on bosses, not really on leveling as they're really bad early on. Furthermore you'll want to pick up heart & soul, into lord of the dead into ravenous horde. Then starting to go into the south west part of the tree to quick recovery, discipline & training. You should also start leveling your raise spectre gem (aquired from killing General Gravicius). https://poeplanner.com/ABIAAEUAEjMAAB_fsJLBjr4RLXyDi3ZWLjrpHggsnOyKa9u86mpDTLMtH5UgwfMkmq1IGh1yxevumuBFnVNSMtFFR8BmBLOiAAAAAAAA

Level 31-50
At level 31 you should swap summon raging spirits out for Summon skeleton and Feeding frenzy still with Melee splash and minion damage still in the links. You should also be closing in on your first ascendency which will be mindless agression. At this point you want to move on to grave pact, as it increases acuraccy of skeletons alot. After getting that sorted you should pick up sacrifice and spiritual command ending at purity of flesh. At this point your zombies will start not dying all the time. If you have links for it, then start using zombies permanently like this Raise zombie - minion damage - feeding frenzy - Melee splash You can also start using your spectre links, however they still might die once in a while. (go to Old Fields in act 2 and enslave 2 blood apes). You can also desecrate then with the desecrate gem (gotten from The Root of the Problem act 2). You should also add either stone golem or chaos golem to a free link once finishing breaking the seal. Other than that the ride should start to be smoother, your minions should be pretty decent clears.


Level 50-71
At this point we want to start looking for some of the uniques used in the budget part of the build and spending some of the few chaos we got from leveling on this (especially baron). We also pick up the jewel socket north of lord of the dead adding efficient training, picking up golem commander, and going to death attunement (Pick up host chieftain spectre for power charges). When getting golem commander, add either chaos/stone golem if you lack survivability, or carrion golem if you need dps. Then moving south from gravepact into born to fight, heart of the warrior and warriors blood. From that we get soul of steel, bloodless and utmost might. At somepoint in these levels, most likely ~60 you should also do your next ascendency, picking up unnatural strength. Once you reach act 10 kitava go do your merciless ascendency getting bone barrier, as you should have about 10 minions in general by now. The skill tree should also match about a level ~68 with all quests quest done.


Note! that you can unlearn enduring bond wheel once done with leveling and using zombies as the main dps!
Again this is a loosely made leveling guide, which i will most likely update as i level in 3.8, so take this with a grain of salt! Just trying to help :)

SKILL LINKS! 3.8 updated

Main skill, our zombies! Note that this link goes into your weapon, cause the higher skill level gem you can get a hold of the better, as minions scale VERY good of skill gem levels! Also if you cannot afford a level 4 empower early on, and don't have the weapon, then swap empower 4 for Maim in a 6 link. If you only have a 5 link early on, drop the Maim.

Raise zombie - Feeding frenzy / Minion damage swap Melee physical damage - Ruthless - Multistrike - Empower 4

Note! Ruthless can be swapped with brutality for more flat dps, no unholy might though. And does NOT work with convertion.

Our Golem boys & utility - Chestplate links.

Summon Carrion golem - Summon Chaos golem - Minion Life - Summon stone golem - Desecrate - Flesh & stone
Note this can be a 4-1-1 link, or 4-2 Link. All that matters is that golems get minion life.

Note!: You will not be able to run all the auras run on my character, unless you get a well rolled saqawals nest and reduced mana on jewels, so early on just drop flesh and stone, as you need warbanner for Commmander of darkness.

Skeleton links - For those of you who choose the dps/clear speedy route

Vaal summon skeleton - Feeding frenzy - Minion damage - Minion speed Melee physical damage - Melee splash

Note! Melee splash Can be swapped on bosses with fortify or maim for more dps.

Spectre boys & Animated guardian - Helmet links

Raise spectre - Minion life -Blood magic - Animated guardian
Note! Remember to have this link in your Helmet, as it grants +2 to minion skill gems. We use blood magic, as it makes our spectre depend on lifepool rather than a small mana pool for spellcasts!

Leap slam - Glove links

Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster attacks
Note! You won't need faster attacks once you get a pair of elder gloves with faster attacks on them. Swap faster attacks with War banner once you can! you should end up with
Gloves linked like this Leap Slam - Fortify - Pride - War banner

Duration Skillgems - Boots link
Convocate - Flesh offering - Vaal molten shell - Increased duration

Duration skillgems - For skellies setup

Convocate - Flesh offering - Vaal molten shell - Flesh & Stone

Unset ring - Only for skellies users!!



Basicly its like this, skitterbots adds a defensive layer in form of chilling nearby enemies, and shocks them for 20%. This outweighs the damage boost that flesh and stone will ever be able to grant. If you want a more defensive aura, i still recommend flesh and stone, as the stone aura is still quite good, despite its nerf. However i haven't made up my mind personally yet, as both are very attractive and the build doesn't need dps at all ^^

SPECTRES & GUARIDAN 3.8 updated!

First of all, lets go through how a spectre actually works in 3.8. Spectres now only rely on the spectre skillgem level and no longer on the base level of the monster enslaved. This means that 1. we do not need to resummon in our highest level zone after picking up the spectre base itself. 2. We can run a level 1 desecrate and no one will loose their mind! Spectres got alot easier to summon and manage in general.

The spectre choices for the first 2 spectres isn't really debatable, as they grant massive amounts of DPS and quality of life.

First spectre: to get is a Carnage chieftain - found in Act 7 The ashen fields. This spectre has the ability called "mass frenzy" which grants nearby allies a frenzy charge. This is a great ability and is linked with blood magic, so that the chieftain can spam it.

Second spectre: I prefer getting another carnage chieftain as it smoothens out the up time of max frenzy charges.

Third Spectre: Host chieftain, as we have smooth frenzy charges and power charges add a fair bit of dps to the zombies.

fourth Spectre: is gained when your gem level reaches 19 with unnatural strength. This is up to you, however i prefer ruins hellion, as it taunts enemies reducing their damage with 30%, and gives allies a 15% damage increase according to https://poedb.tw/us/mon.php?n=Ruins+Hellion
The uptime seems to be 90% or so on the damage increase.

In all, 2 carnage chieftains, 1 host chieftain and 1 ruins hellion. Picked up in the order stated.

The animate guardian setup for endgame:

Kingmaker Gives fortify in a decent radius that both affects you & your minions, culling strike and abit of critical strike multiplier.
Jagged fossil helm Preferably a eternal burgonet with abit of life and resist aswell as the "nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage" mod.
Victarios flight Simply because movement speed for you and nearby allies.
Gruthkul Fur or Belly of the beast both gives great life, i would go with furs if you can get it. The regen is very good.
Meginords vise or Southbound gloves Personally i go with whatever i can get cheapest that has vulnerability on hit, the difference here doesn't do thaat much, and vulnerabilty is a great dps increase.

NOTE! The Guardian does not share your max amount of curses you can apply to enemies, and therefore functions as a player with the default curse limit when applying curses (through corrupted gloves, for example). - Quoted from Path of exile wiki!

Animate guardian setup for leveling / budget:

Leerchast mask gives abit of damage to nearby allies, decent and costs basicly nothing.
Dying breath is a decent weapon, gives abit of dmg to nearby allies aswell, and costs next to nothing.
Ambuscharge or Belly of the beast both should be quite cheap and does the job decently. You can also go with blood bond for a good stack of % life.
Meginords vise or southbould gloves Same as high cost, just without vulnerabilty on hit.
Victarios flight cause they're just good and cheap as dirt.

My gear (3.7 End game)

Optional but VERY good, adds 20% increased strength and 50 flat.




theres quite a few good uniques that can be used early on to get some of these stats. First week setup could look something like this.
Helm: The Baron
Amulet: Astramentis (costs like 1,3 exalted in 3.8)
Body armour: Geofries sanctuary / Queens hunger / Belly of the beast.
Boots: Alberons warpath
Gloves: Meginords vise
Rings: Strength, Life, Resists -> Look for one with avians aspect on, it is pricey to craft.
Belt: Meginords girdle.
Jewel: 2x Efficient training (costs 1ex in 3.8).

Listed from best to worst:
Wep1&2: 5L Femurs of the Saints
Wep 1&2: Queens decree -> upgrades into queens escape with The misunderstood queen
Wep 1&2: 5l Chober chaber -> upgrades into Chaber Cairn with exhumed faith
Wep 1: Montegreul's grasp
Shield: Rare with Str, life & resists.

I've been asked quite a few times "which items should i go for first" so here i'll make a small list, sorted in Tiers, the items are not ranked beyond the tiers, so pick up what you like or need the most within the tiers temselves:

Tier 3: easy to obtain: Baron, Astramentis, 2x Efficient training, Femur of the saints, one of the listed body armours, Alberons warpath, Rare with Aspect of the avian. Followed by budget animated

Tier 2: Craft the mace, as it is the highest dps increase we get. Followed up by Saqawals nest, divine this until atleast 10% reduced mana & 65+ attributes, lethal pride with atleast 5% increased strength.

Tier 1: 15-20% increased strength lethal pride, Baron with head enchant, Elder belt with 10-12% increased attributes flat strength and life. Elder amber amulet with 100 str, life, resist and +1 zombie OR talisman with +2 zombies and attributes.

Rings should be upgraded as you go, fit with resists so you're resist capped, get as much strength and life as you can. Endgame you can look into minion movement speed & minimum endurance charges on them aswell.


With the introduction of oils for amulets in 3.8 i felt it that i had to make a small section for this. NOTE THAT IF YOU USE A CORRUPTED AMULET, I.E TALISMAN YOU CANNOT USE OILS.

IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT WORKS, CHECK THIS GUIDE OUT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTwpzNORnl8

If you want to use oils, and therefore use a non-talisman amulet go for the following:

Additional Zombie.
Flat strength.
Minimum endurance charge.
Idealily on a Amber amulet.

Which node to anoint?!

Death attunement As it frees up 6 points. It frees up 1 less point than ravenous horde, however keeping ravenous horde means that Grave intentions are close by, and movement speed is everything for melee minions. However you can also decide to oil up ravenous horde, drop grave intentions for indomitable army. You cannot drop grave intentions and just get the notable by itself, as our minion resists would suffer too much. (16% increased damage), plus we're already cutting minion resists close as it is. If we dropped grave intentions indomitable army would be needed, and therefore the whole point of the anointment would be forfeit.

What to spend the free points on?

I'd say its an easy decision, as we can pick up the full scion life wheel for the 6 points, adding 800 life to the build, which is NICE!


Okay so alot of confusion emerged with the Lethal pride. The lethal pride used in this build depends on its "seed". This means that we want to notice what number it has on it. We DO NOT know the 20% seed of 3.8 as of now. When you want to aquire this item, you should buy the cheapest one you can get your hands on and divine it until you reach the desired. (You can get the maximum amount of zombies with 15%).

+10% +20 flat str - lethal pride seed:

chaelp wrote:

15% inc strength and 10% reduced dmg from crit strikes

Mecielle wrote:
Ah you are making a list of seeds.

15% Strength on nodes we take.

Additional 10% Strength on nodes in radius we don't take.



Okay had a ton of requests and confusion about the weapon we use in our endgame gear.

We start off with ANY 2Handed shaper mace, with the itemlevel of 75-81, as it blocks alot of attack mods from rolling (cheaper craft in general).

Buy the mace! YAY EASY!

Roll the mace with perfect fossils, i'd say hit 28% quality atleast. (you can also use Hillock rank 3 on transportation). Also pretty easy!

Step 3:
Craft 15-18% additional quality on the mace. just transmute it and alteration orb until you have a prefix and not a suffix, as the craft is a suffix. Also pretty easy!

Step 4:
6 socket and 6 link the mace, while having as much quality as you can! RIP your finger and currency, and good luck! (easy but can be expensive).

Step 5:
Once it is 6 linked, scour it if rare, or reroll it if magic. What you want to hit now is +1 to socketed gems and level 20 maim (18 if you hit it and are done with it). These are a suffix and a prefix so they can roll at the same time. This should take quite a few tries. I spent 10k in 3.7 and about 2,5k in 3.8 for reference, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't hit instantly.

Step 5:
Once we hit the +1 socketed gems and level 20 or 18 maim we have to do the most expensive steps. So here we go, buy a Craicic Chimeral beast and beast craft a magic imprint of the weapon. Once you have the imprint, regal the weapon and annul the regaled mod of. Keep doing this until you have something like this, regarding the mods.

Step 6:
This is super easy if you know a trusted crafter, and have a good stack of exalts, however not all of us does.

Multimod it -> Craft +2 to socketed support skillgems -> Minions deal (39–45)% increased Damage & Minions have (39–45)% increased maximum Life -> Minions have (25–28)% increased Attack Speed & Minions have (25–28)% increased Cast Speed.


Multimod it -> Craft +2 to socketed support skillgems -> Minions deal (67–81)% increased Damage -> Minions have (25–28)% increased Attack Speed & Minions have (25–28)% increased Cast Speed.

Depending if you want the more damage or the more beef.

My 3.8 weapon

You should now be left with the juicest buff for the build you could dream off. Good luck exile!


You want to pick up Soul of Lunaris as your major pantheon - fully upgraded as soon as possible, as chaining projectiles are ruthless against you with your horde around you. Infact, it is often a oneshot if you get chained of.

For the minor pantheon it is more or less what you prefer. I run with soul of gruthkul as you often leap slam into large packs.


First of all, let me say. This.. Is powerful.. Were looking at 30-35m shaper dps with 3,7 endgame gear purely on zombies, no real shenanigans. This will be expensive, but stupidly strong. It works by using

which converts all our physical damage on minions to chaos damage. This means we can scale as physical damage, convert and scale as chaos damage aswell.

1. We gain quite abit more damage.
2. No map mods we can't run, (just bob and weave in no regen).
3. We gain a massive layer of defenses
4. Its purple all over, who doesn't like purple?

1. Its more expensive than the other build
2. We lose life and strength on gloves.
3. We lose abit of flat life for alot of ES, and gain abit of str.
3. Idk man, just do it if you can ^^

If you got a nice hold of the physical verison, check out the pastebin. You're now worthy of this.

What do we do different?

First of all, we use the golem setup, as we clear so fast that summoning skellies is basicly slowing our clear speed down.

1. Skill gems

We swap Ruthless with Withering touch skill gem. This makes our minions gain ~30% of physical damage as extra chaos damage, and gives us 25% chance to apply wither on hit.
Our boys attack 2,87 times per second, we have 25% chance to apply wither, it lasts for 2 seconds.
2,87*17*0,25*2=23,45 stacks applied. This is more than enough than we need to keep 15 stacks up Constantly If my math is bad do correct me.

We swap the following auras:

Warbanner, Pride, Flesh & stone

For the following:

Haste, Skitterbots, purity of elements.

We swap in haste as it gives movement speed and attack speed to both ourselves and minions. This means smoother clear, but for our movement and the minions. We swap in skitterbots to get a flat nice shock on targets that needs it, we also get chill, however that isn't the focus. We also pick up purity of elements due to two reasons. We can drop commander of darkness and pick up mistress of sacrifice. We do this, as we now get affected by spirit offering granting us a 1,3k ES buff every time we use it. It also gives us abit of overcapped elemental resists, which is nice for countering the occasional elemental weakness hit and makes us able to get minion suffixes on gear, or simply easier resist cap. Furthermore we swap in purity of elements, as this enables us to pick up a watchers eye with 8-12% physical attack damage converted to elemental(idealy x2), aswell as 40-50% chaos resistance. These two combined make up a massive defensive layer to the build, and easily justifies the dps loss from dropping commander of darkness.

We swap flesh offering for Spirit offering, as physical as extra chaos damage, is insane. If possible, pick up spirit offering baron such as this one.

This gives our spirit offering a whopping 43% physical as extra chaos, that scales with our 15 wither stacks.. Yep this is stupid dps increases. It also adds 31% elemental resists to our minions and ourselves which leads onwards to the skill tree.

2. Skill tree

We drop grave intentions, and pick up the fearsome force cluster along with the +30 str node, as we can now afford to get flat damage without loosing resists. This also adds clear, as we get alot of increased minion area. This also makes picking up talisman more attractive if you decide to go for that route. We also drop commander of darkness for a smaller dps loss, and pick up mistress of sacrifice, as it gives us 1,3k ES when used (spam it for 1,3k ES per second), and some nice overcapped elemental resists.

We also take the left route in sovereignty aura cluster, as we need the more reduced mana reserved. We also drop abit of life so that we can get a reduced mana reserved brawn, so that we can cast our spells smoothly (this also adds abit of str so getting 1500 will be easier.)

3. Animated guardian

We change vulnerability on gloves for despair, as we don't do physical damage now, we do chaos.
We also roll nearby enemies take increased chaos damage, rather than physical damage on the AG helmet. Another viable thing is to pick up crown of the tyrant, and use vorici to white socket it. This means that we get a flat -10% all resists on nearby enemies and a flat 47-61 chaos damage. (this adds about 1m dps in all).

4. Gear
We need to get a +1 to level of socketed gems pair of alberons warpath and swap the links from boots to chest and counterwise. We do also drop carrion golem. We do this swap as we can get a +1 to level of all socketed gems easier on the boots than on saqawals nest, and we need to run a level 4 enligthen +1 from boots to make it all fit. We also pick up a 1% reduced mana reserved brawn that we stuff into the jewel socket over juggernaut. Lastly we pick up a watchers eye with ideally 2x 8-12% physical damage taken as x element, and 40-50% chaos resistance. (i only have 1x8-12% in my build, and it is still super strong).

Not sure how much else has to be said, this should be quite the endgame setup, so you should know what you're doing by now ^^ Although if you have any questions, ask ahead! Also, check out the pastebin!


If you have questions, or wanna join the community of summoners, then join our discord! Lots of nice people and crazy builds being discussed!


Another varriant and a thank you to the author

If you like the build and want another take on it, i would recommend that you check out https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2610726 His guide helped me create my thread, so huge thank you!

If you got this far it'd like to thank you for your time, and i hope you enjoy my guide.
-Qlida out!
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3.8 Changelog


UPDATED Multistrike support gem!

Buff for multistrike, 15% increased multiplier up from Old: 70% + 105% + 140% = 315%

New: 90% + 110% + 130% = 330%

And mana multiplier 180% -> 160%

Multiply your zombie dps by 1,5821 rather than 1,52!

Up from a base of 3 to 4 at skill gem 5, 5 at 10, 6 at 15, 7 at 20, 8 at 25, 9 at 30 and 10 at 35.

We also see a 38% more minion life on the skill gem. This means that we can add a flat out level 8 minion life gem, which means our zombies will have ALOT more life. And doesn't require minion life support anymore.


Source https://i.redd.it/uugofnacpnj31.jpg

List of changes - What is gained & what is lost.

Travel node changes

Old travel nodes:

2x minions have 15 increased damage & 10% increased maximum life

2x 4% cast speed & 15% minion damage.

New travel nodes:

15% increased minion damage & 5% increased effect of non-curse auras.


-Mindless agression-
Minions have 30% increased movement speed
minions deal 30% increased damage
Minions have 10% increased attack speed
Minions have 10% increased cast speed

-Bone barrier-
Grants level 1 bone armour skill
1% adtional physical damage reduction per minion, up to 10%
+3% to all elemental resistances per minion, up to 30%
3% increasd recovery rate of life and energy shield per minion, up to 30%
Minions have 20% more maximum life

-Unnatural strength
+2 to level of all minion skill gems


-Commander of darkness-

Auras from your skills grant 3% increased attack and cast speed to you and allies
You and alliesa affected by auras from your skills deal 30% increased damage
You and allies affected by auras from your skills have +20% to elemental resistances


-Flesh binder-
You and your Minions have 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Raised Zombie
Your Raised Zombies spread Caustic Ground on Death, dealing 50% of their maximum Life as Chaos Damage per second
+2 to Maximum number of Raised Zombies
Raised Zombies' Slam Attack has 100% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed
Raised Zombies' Slam Attack has 100% increased Area of Effect

Minions Regenerate 2% Life per second
50% increased Convocation Cooldown Recovery Speed
Minions have 20% increased maximum Life
Minions deal 20% increased Damage

-Bone sculptur-
Summoned Skeletons' hits can't be Evaded
+2 to Maximum number of Skeletons
100% increased Skeleton Movement Speed
Summon 2 additional Skeleton Warriors with Summon Skeleton
Skeletons deal 40% increased Damage

Utility changes

Level 1 bone armour? acts like a steelskin for 2,2k dmg for both you and your minions, has low cooldown. Seems to be decent, however molten shell numbers are much higher.
+30% increased minion movement speed, this is BIG
+30% increased elemental resistances this is very very nice, as it means resists are more easily capped, which also means that we will be able to give up resist on rings / boots etc. for minion movement speed, or even the new gloves!
Minions lose 2% life regen per second. This could have a negative impact, however we should be able to deal with it.

+30% increased recovery rate of life and ES. If i understand this correctly, it means that our flasks and zombieleech will pop even more of, which is stupidly strong.

We do lose 7% physical damage reduction flat, as we gain 10 and lose 17. However this can possibly be made up for my life recovery and the new bone armour skill.

Minions have 20% more maximum life (changed from increased), this is good, as more is always better than increased.

10% increased maximum minion life, changed from 4% cast speed, which is very good for obvious reasons (we don't use casts).

Lost 8% cast speed, these have either been swapped with aura effect or minion life, which is a deal everyday for us.

Slam recovery is moved from ascendency to the skill gem itself, gaining 4% CDR per skill gem level.

Before saying anything, lets just have a moment, thanking GGG for giving us another spectre..... Thank you for your time. Anyway business time!


The rework of spectres are really great for us, as we not only get another spectre, but we gain waaay easier summoning of them, direct summoning (opens up bonehusks etc),and they get alot stronger with minion skill levels. We get 4 from ascendency and helm itself. This means more life on spectres, however we didn't really need it.



Feeding frenzy gives 24% more minion damage, if you are affected by feeding frenzy.
(Feeding Frenzy buff grants 10% more Minion Damage, 15% increased Minion Movement Speed and 15% increased Minion Attack and Cast Speed).

We will be using this in all our gem setups, as this is really strong. we do lose abit of damage, but the agressive AI is insanely good.

We won't be using either meatshield nor deathmark, as we don't have any single target focus problems, nor defensive problems.



Violent Dead: Can no longer drop or be obtained from quests. This was lost, however flat cooldown was reduced to 4 seconds, and we are able to gain upwards to 120% CDR. meaning zombie slam cooldown went from 1,25 to 1,65 seconds. This is fine.



It might be for zombie/dom blow hybrid, however it isn't for this build.

Skill tree
3.8 Skill tree is out for us to play around with. Even though we had the big loss in form of violent dead, were looking super strong. And that is even without carrion golem dps, their buffs, cheese with triad gloves.

A little teaser PoB link here: https://pastebin.com/S7rUYyms

Multiply the dps by 1,3 as unholy might isn't added to PoB yet. If you want even more dps but clunkier clears, add multistrike for ruthless and multiply by 1,5821 again, then you'll smile and laugh like a evil villain.

3.7 to 3.8 general changes

Rough path of building calculations give us about 18-19m shaper dps purely from zombies, up from ~13,5m in 3.7. We dropped skellies, as they aren't needed anymore. This is a dps decrease, however we got lots of things to add to the total dps still! (Carrion buff, shock effect from triad gloves, chaos convertion with wither and so on). We are looking VERY strong this league. Zombies won't always permaslam but we'll manage, as their dps and accuracy got quite a good buff. The 3.8 edition of the build also lost about 1k life, however we gain a spectre that casts enfeeble very consistant, and agressive zombies that move about 110% faster, and have a fat dps increase. We also gained summon chaos golem for 8% physical damage reduction - Summon stone golem for ~200 Life regen per second (about 2,8% life per second regen). This means that we don't have to spam skellies and can focus on survival rather than micromanaging, so the loss of HP should be okay, and if not we can revert. There is also a possibility to oil grave intentions and make the HP loss about 700, which would be nice.

Rough estimate of how endgame will look in 3.8 https://pastebin.com/QJjSqk0W (this will be updated as 3.8 goes along.)

Carrion golems as secondary skill
Roy stated that the carrion golem had an average damage of 372. (zombies have ~1060). However if we have 10 minions around the golem, they get 80% more damage, so it goes from 372->670. We also know that the abilities used by the golem does 180% of base dmg (Leap slam), 65% base damage (AoE spikes) 135% base damage (First 3 wide swings), 165% & 200% Attack speed (last 3 swings).

This means that the golem would do about 1205 base damage with leap slam, 435 with AOE attack, 904,5 with the first 3 attacks, and 2211 with the last 3.

In other words, the golems would do about the same damage as zombies when attacking the first 3 times, while doing double the last 3, or an average of 1557. They'd do quite abit less damage when doing their AoE attack, however the increased clear could be nice and it has a 4 second cooldown, while the other swing attack has none. This means that they should be doing atleast ~1,4 times a zombies base damage when going ham. If we setup a simple 6 link zombie within the build it has ~327k dps, so 1,4x that is ~460k. With 3 golems that would put us at ~1,4m dps. Its not insane amounts of damage. Adding in the buff from the golem itself with the 80% increased effect (i just 1,8x it) it adds ~30k dps per zombie, so in all 500k dps added.
This means that the golems would add about 1,9m dps to the build in best case scenario, which makes it not worth it.
This was also confirmed by calcultions done in PoB. Best case scenario a golem would do ~900k DPS, so about 3,3m in total. Not even half of what skellies would add at the same investment.
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Hey, is it viable for league starting build?
Uste4 wrote:
Hey, is it viable for league starting build?

It is league starter viable, although i would recommend you to check out the uniques i listed as good league starting items. I myself will be making it for 3.8 :)
I've been looking at various ways to build around skeletons, and your build is better than what I was able to come up with on my own. What is the new item: +50 strength, +20% strength. I haven't seen anything about jewels at all. Also, is there a specific reason Zombies don't have Brutality?
The new item jewel is just a placeholder for the Lethal pride i am using. You can see the specific information on it in the "my gear" spoiler ^^

Regarding Brutality no. Not sure why i didn't swap it for melee physical damage, as it is flatout 30k more dps. I updated it in the guide aswell. Thank you for pointing it out! :D
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Qlidascope wrote:

Buff for multistrike, 15% increased multiplier up from Old: 70% + 105% + 140% = 315%

Why 15? it was 30 less damage, 44% more attack speed, 1,5 damage multiplier at avarage, so 0,7*1,44*1,5=1,512 multiplier.
And new one is 10 less, 44% more attack speed , 1,22 avarage damage multiplier, so it is 0,9*1,44*1,22=1,5811 multiplier

1,5811/1,512=1,0457 overall damage multiplier from multistrike
so it is 4,57% more damage
Pure melee skeleton build.
Uber elder kill - youtu.be/RyAeNLMUCc0
My fastest Hydra kill - youtu.be/QfzDDRtec4I
My fastest Chimera kill - youtu.be/sT69uZVFVlw
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Can anyone give me any suggestions about how can i craft ~ same mace with my own in new league?
Uoykai wrote:
Qlidascope wrote:

Buff for multistrike, 15% increased multiplier up from Old: 70% + 105% + 140% = 315%

Why 15? it was 30 less damage, 44% more attack speed, 1,5 damage multiplier at avarage, so 0,7*1,44*1,5=1,512 multiplier.
And new one is 10 less, 44% more attack speed , 1,22 avarage damage multiplier, so it is 0,9*1,44*1,22=1,5811 multiplier

1,5811/1,512=1,0457 overall damage multiplier from multistrike
so it is 4,57% more damage

Your math seems to be good. I was just quickly adding up the actual flat buffs (30%, 5%, - 10%)/3 = 15. :D

Using your math it gives a ~ 38k dps increase per zombie. Calculating the full dps buff for zombies it gives us a dps increase of ~4.6%, which is nice for a mere support gem numerical buff :)
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Uste4 wrote:
Can anyone give me any suggestions about how can i craft ~ same mace with my own in new league?

Well it depends on the currency prices of 3.8, as there is a few methods. You can either

Roll level 20 maim with alteration orbs -> block attack mods -> Slam for +1 socketed gems -> craft quality to 6L -> multimod.

You can also Alteration spam for both +1 gems and level 20 maim on a blue base. Then imprint it -> regal -> annul the regal if it is a bad mod. (if you regal flat str its really good).

The craft is quite expensive, as the mods are rare. Earlier in the league getting a staff with +1 skill gems and multimods is a great alternative and much easier to hit.

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