This a legit thing?

Dude told me it was a way to search for items being sold on the forums, via stats search engine.

Looking for confirmation from you guys.

Also, poetools.com/market?
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Yes, poe.xyz.is is legit.

poexplorer.com as well.

They basically index the forums, allowing you to search for specific items, then redirects you to the thread that those items are included in.

Personally, I prefer poexplorer.com as it has an option to select 'Verified' items only.
Yes it's legit, I use poe.xyz all the time. Still hard to actually find someone online and get a trade done but it certainly beats randomly opening shops to see whether they have anything you need.
I love poe.xyz. The crafter is a freaking genius. I wouldnt suggest using poetools though...because they run adds, they are at risk for running an ad for RMT site, which as we all saw, we arent supposed to link to poeex anymore for that reason either. Were also not supposed to run a link for google either, since they have adds for RMT.
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