WTB 32% Flask Effect Brutal Restraint (RANGER SOCKET) for 1 mirror, more if above 32%

ONLY on any of these nodes:

- King of the Hill
- Master Fletcher
- Herbalism
- Winter Spirit
- Heartseeker
- Aspect of the Lynx
- Fervour
- Forces of Nature
- Acuity
- Aspect of the Eagle

Anything out of these nodes, I will only buy for 30 ex. If all Flask Effects are within these nodes, then 1 mirror(or more if you have more).

Do note that this is in STANDARD, not Legion.

Kindly send a PM with a video (no pictures or GIF) or better yet show through stream the 4(or more) notables with 8% Effect of Flasks with the seed number <-- Important
Last bumped on Sep 25, 2019, 2:01:25 PM
Still need a 32% jewel, it's in shadow area though under mind drinker

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