[3.7] Skelly Mage Summoner ~ The Necrolazyak - 2 Curse, 6k eHP

bodeoco wrote:
I have read your build and I think it's amazing even though I haven't tried it yet.
But I still have some question:

1.Why do you use a vaal skele gem and a skele gem instead of only 1 vaal skele gem ? vaal skele gem have summon normal skele too though.

2.And is not bane also a curse ? therefore aren't you applying 3 curse ? Also I think projectile weekness + element weakness is better ?

3. Have you tried skele mage + spectre build ?
You build a 6L helmet with 2 addition mods: minion damage lv20 and concentrate effect lv20 for Slave Driver spectre ?

4. Do you think using blade vortex + CoH with 2 curse is beter than Bane ? or Brand or something else ?

5. What is timeless jewel ? I read the wiki but cannot understand it. Can you explain and why do you choose eternal ?

Thanks for the build, I really appreciate your work.

Thanks for checking it out :)

1) The Skeleton Links do not benefit most of Vaal's minions. Also, for deeper delve and high-tier monoliths, Vaal gains benefit from minion life to get more punch out of it where the Skeletons can easily just be re-summoned.

2) Bane is an AoE damage over time ability that both applies linked curses & does more damage the more curses that are linked. Also, I've updated the build recently to add that I've replaced Vulnerability w/ Enfeeble for high-tier play & survive-ability.

3) I've contemplated doing something similar using a 6L weapon with Skellies in chest and Spectre in sword, crafting multi mod with Minion life / damage / attack & cast speed. It's just not how I wanted to run this particular build.

4) Bane is great for maximizing gem sockets as it removes any need for Cast on Hit, etc - and I'd never consider Blade Vortex for this. The build is set up to take 1~2 big hits if needed, but the point is to not get hit and to anticipate incoming damage so as best to avoid it.

5) The Legion Jewels were confusing at first. Especially when trying to figure out exactly how to get which notable I really wanted. Also do to the unpredictability with the 'coins donated to X name' - it randomizes the notables that can appear - which is probably why Path of Building does not have this included for the planning stages.

How to get what you want:

(Kudos to the person who made this image)

Supreme Decadence cannot be used with a Chaos Innoculation Build, it has to be a hybrid. Witch is in a perfect place to get a lot of minion & ES nodes while also boosting life ~ It seemed a perfect fit to try, and having life flasks apply to ES is really nice for late game play.
Added my 2nd Legion build at end of post
Updated OP:

~Level 92
~Tier 16 / Shaper Guardians cleared
~New video: Delve 200 Vaal Outpost
Updated build to include:

Suggestions for ilvl 82+ content (Shaper Guardians, Uber Elder, etc):
I'd suggest picking up Pledge of Hands unique staff to super-power up the Mages for endgame boss killing. The links as shown above work amazing even up to t16 for clearing maps - but for the end bosses, delve 300+, etc - you need to consider this:

Pledge of Hands unique staff, 6L - move mages here
Links: Skeletons - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Minion Damage - Faster Projectiles - Faster Casting

This change can be used instead of the suggested weapon setup and will still rock maps, but it is a much more viable option if you intend to face Uber Atziri, Shaper, Uber Elder, Delve 200+ Bosses, etc.
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Any chance we can get this updated to 3.8? Looks awesome

Thank you in advance
relly nice build waiting the updates of 3.8 :D
the updated version of this build is here

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