[3.7 Legion] Tornado Shot 170% MS DeadEye [Viable for most content]

This is a Tornado Shot build that is not Hardcore viable, but a lot of fun and very expandable. The build is not cheap, but could still be used with a budget, requiring some changes in a few places.

Why make such a build?
I played a lot of MF TS DeadEye, but wanted to do something else, like high tier mapping, because I knew the potential that TS has. I tried to search for those kinds of builds, but didn't find any guides. I then started to look for the top TS builds and gathered some information about them and compared their gear and mixed them up.

When making this guide, we are in Legion League, which also affected my choice of a skill a lot, because I wanted a TS build that can easily clear legions even in Tier 16 maps.

T15-T16 Map clear videos
Coming soon

+ Very fast mapper.
+ Incredibly fun to play.
+ Gets some sweet Herald of Ice explosions.
+ Very expandable, with potential to be a lot more effective.
+ Easy rotation (Also a con in a way)

- Not a league starter build.
- Very squishy, so you have to pay attention.
- Quite expensive, when comparing to Meta builds of a same tier.
- Requires a lot of button smashing for flask and Vaal skill uptimes.

83% Chance to dodge attacks
75% Chance to dodge spells
+8900 Evasion rating
2k HP (Watch out for literally anything that can hit you)

My current gear

I bought this weapon for 6 exalted's after trying to craft one for my self with no result. Look for these stats:
1. Cold damage to attacks per 10 dex ( This is a dex stacking build)
2. #% increased Cold Damage
3. Elemental penetration
4. Attack speed
5. Chance to deal double damage


We use Rigwald's Quills in this build, because it increases our damage a lot, and makes our TS Fork, which cause a lot of projectiles to fly.
This is not an optimal Rigwald's, as you should be looking for Cold Damage to bow attacks instead of lightning.

Body Armour

Hyrri's Ire is an amazing chest piece for this build, as it gives tons of Cold damage and a lot of defensive stats.


This is an awful helmet, because it gives so little of any stats, but I picked it up as it was only 5ex for the Enchant, which is the most important aspect of your helmet.
Ideally you would want a Devoto's Devotion, but as said, when looking for a helmet, just look for one with 2 additional projectiles for TS.

Rings and amulet

Mark of The Elder is a perfect ring for us, as it increases our Cold damage and also gives tons of damage if your other ring is a shaped one.

Our second ring is one I crafted for my self. The main stats you want for your other ring are:
1. Assassin's Mark on hit.
2. Cold Damage to attacks.
3. Elemental damage with attack skills.
4. Maximum life (You are a glass cannon so any life help quite a bit)

When searching for an amulet, you want to look for a lot of damage, while still getting resistances, as it is not easy to cap resistances.
The stats you should be looking for in your amulet are:
1. Cold damage to attacks
2. Resistances
3. Attributes it is hard to get enough strength and intelligence other wise.
4. Elemental damage with attacks
5. Life (Same thing as the ring)(


If you have enough currency, you should definetly go for a Tombfist with 2 Abyssal sockets and put a murderous eye and a searching eye jewel, to get the Maim and Intimidate debuffs on your enemies.


Boots are simple, just look for these stats:
1. 30-35% Movement Speed
2. Over 30% of all ele resists (Ideally at least 2 resists over 40%)
3. Maximum life (Which I am lacking, because I wanted high resistances)
4. Damage leeched as life and mana enchant (Helps a lot and gives you the ability to ditch a mana leech node from the tree)


When searching for a belt you want a stygian vise, because the abyssal socket is very useful. The stats you should be looking for mainly are:
1. Cold Damage
2. Elemental Damage
3. Resistances
4. Elemental Damage with attack skills

For jewels, you want
1. Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel (Goes into the empty socket slot in POB)
2. Lioneye's Fall
3. Watcher's Eye with Cold damage to attacks with hatred (or/and cold penetration with hatred)

Skill links

Quick info on my format
In the links
[-] = No link required or not possible ie. abyssal jewels.
- = Link to another spell.

Tornado shot (Body Armour/Bow)
You can link Tornado shot in your Chest or Bow, but I recommend doing it in your chest so you can look for bows with specific stats, rather than sockets.
Tornado shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Mirage Archer - Added Cold Damage - Hypothermia - Elemental Damage with Attacks

Cast When Damage Taken (Gloves)
If you have 1 Abyssal Socket, you want links as so:
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration [-] Abyssal Jewel

However, if you have 2 Abyssal Sockets, you want to remove ID:
CWDT - Immortal Call [-] Murderous Eye [-] Searching Eye Jewel

Auras (Boots/Helmet)
Enlighten - Herald of Ice - Hatred - Precision (lvl 1)

Utility (Bow/Body Armour)
Vaal Haste - Vaal Grace - Increased Duration [-] Faster Attacks - Blink Arrow [-] Portal

Optional Utility (Helmet/Boots)
This is just some quality of life stuff for most part, though Blood Rage is important.
Dash [-] Blood Rage
Portal - Cast on Death

Path of Building
Level 89 POB: https://pastebin.com/iN7ayiBa

Answers to questions before you ask them
1. No this is not HC Viable
2. I don't have a leveling guide, nor do I plan on making one as Ranger leveling is super easy.
3. I don't know what ascendancies you should pick first, as I started using this at level 85, with all labs complete.
4. Yes this is viable for Shaper and U-Elder, just requires good dodging skills.
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man its so good i'm using this build and clearing t16 so ez and doing uber elder. But have a question What pantheons do you prefer? And is there anything do i change while killing uber elder?(it is already destroying elder but just asking for perfect )

And in legion cant find tornado shot fires 2 addional arrow wreath helmet :/
Last edited by PATHG10 on Aug 9, 2019, 2:54:27 PM
just did it .. really good freezing and crashing enemies and no one dares to come closer .. yeah bit expensive but worth it so much .. had to sell my cycloner gear for this .. and i love it .. lazy and stress free.

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