(3.7) dps focus for the Ascendant Aurabot

This is the second aurabot I made so far. On this char I tried to get as much aura effectivenes and aura range as I could possibly get. It is still a work in progres but so far most people i run with are rather statisfied.

Currently I have 6994 energy shield and 1717 unreserved life.
i have 44% chaos resistance wich will be capped to 75% with
. My fire and lightning resistance are at 85% and my lightning is at 84%. i chose to have all resistances at 100%+ uncapped since I want to be capped when I am running maps with elemental weakness. My evasion is at 20k+ so i have 50% chance to evade attacks wich also grants an defensive layer.

To get through the storyline I used the skillgem Firestorm since it has rather large aoe and decent damage. I asked a friend to get me through the labs as soon as I could do them.This method is rather slow so you could also join public party's who are running the story in a group.


Well Alpha's Howl is pretty basic you use your 3 purity gems in here with an enlighten support. The goal is to get an uberlab enchant with reduced mana reservation for one of the three dps auras. (still trying to get an enlighten level 4 so I have more mana)

For Vicatario's Influence you should put all the auras in here wich you dont need for yourself.So I have put hatred anger wrath and precision in it with en empower lvl 4 so I give as much dps to my party memebers as I can and I have placed dread banner in the 6th unlinked slot. (getting an +2 corrupt on it is the end goal but super expensive so not in my reach yet)

Skyforth boots are just for the reduced mana reservation and that is it. The fact that you lose life regeneration is a downside but not the end of the world. Because of this you can drop the vitality aura and get more defences.

Shaper's Touch gloves are the reason that I have a big energy shield since the 2% increased energyshield per 10 strength scales prety well. (currently there are 2 curses socketed in the gloves with the +2 level to socketed curse gems since i was running blasphemy support with both of them but then I have found a timeles jewel and got rid of the second curse. I am still doubting if i should try to get that 2nd curse back or not.)

For the Prisom guardian I got the +2 to level of socketed aura gems and placed the remaining defensive auras in here to get as much out of it as I could get.

This weapon can surely be upgraded but I use it for the "auras from your skills grant 2% increased damage to you and allies" and the socketed movementskill cost no mana is sweet aswell this way you give even more damage to your team and you can reserve more mana due the no cost.

Same goes for this ring the only reason I got it is to get the aspect of the spider skill and to get my resistances to 100+ so that I wont be under the res cap when effected by elemental weaknes.

The Pariah is used with a blue socket to get as much energy shield as you can possibly get.

Presence of chayula is used so you wont get stunned and gain lots of chaos resistance. Plus the increased wrath aura effect grants even more damage to your party members ( still trying to get 20% on it though)

Bated Breath is used to gain more es and faster es rechargerate. Again the corurpt is to grant more dps to your party members.

I use ephemeral edge for boss fights such as uber elder and so on since it grants close to 800 more energyshield on the cost for a bit dps loss. But if your carry becomes unable to kill stuff when you change your weapon he isnt worth supporting to begin with.
My flasks are pretty basic:

They are all used for defences or movementspeed to keep up with fast party members. There is no need for an anti freeze flask since your helmet grants immumity to freeze.



I have found a timeles jewel wich grants me 42% aura effectivenes and 60 % area of effect for my auras. I placed it in the top of my tree as can be seen on the skilltree.

All jewels in my tree have reduced mana reservation because that allows me to cast more auras.

Is rather expensive with the corruption but grants 2 extra skillpoints.

Is a basic aurabot jewel since it reduces mana reservation by much

Is used to grant stronger auras and again the corrupt for more reservation.

all 4 are used to gain more health so we wont get oneshotted by chaos damage and again the corruptin with mana reservation.

Lately finding partys on public partys is kinda hard since most people want you to support them but wont allow you to loot. If that is the case and you join them for exp only then you should turn all dps auras off and just run the ones you need to survive. Aurabots wont work for free you need to get your gear together somehow so thats why you need loot aswell. So try finding some people who you enjoy playing with and actually split loot and keep on running maps with them.

If you like using an animated guardian you can use it with items that grant auras by themselves such as

Leer mask is used for the 15% increased damage to allies.

Victaruio's flight is used to grant increased movementspeed to you and allies.

Ambu's charge is used to grant endurance charges for your party and the life regeneration is used to keep your guardian alive since I dont use vitality.

Southbound gloves are used for the 15% increased maximum life to make the guardian tanky.

Dying breath is used in the classic setup for a guardian because it grants lots of aura modifiers and also a flat dps aura.

The kingmaker is a more expensive cost since you lose 30c every time your guardian dies. But grants beter auras and fortify.

I chose to drop determination since it doesnt grant enough armour to be worth using and reserving mana for.
As explained before I dropped vitality since you cant regenerate life anyway.
pride doesnt feel worth using since its more like a debuff to enemies then an buff for your allies.
DO NOT use malevolence since it ruins some builds since they lose their charges.
since there is mana left for another aura I chose to use flesh and stone to blind nearby enemies wich grants even more defences.

Currently I am trying to get all gems to 20% quality level 21 or even 23/21 if possible. And I am looking for a beter ring and weapon to get have more valuable stats on them.

this is my first forum guide please spare me.
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not going to spare you at all.

you might wanna take a look at this guide: Forum - Scion - [3.7] CI Aura Bot (19Auras / Aspect / Smite / Party Fortify / Tanky) - Path of Exile

not going CI is very very VERY bad...
Determination is HALF OF YOUR DEFENSE. Not kidding. Dropping it will pop you soon.
hatred? All auras you pop into your Victario's should be at 0% without a helm enchant.
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I decided to go for aura effect over multiple auras.That way I still reserve mana when I cast my damage auras. My wrath still has a 6% aura reservation. And well quality over quantity auras Id say. There is no need to go CI for me since I am able to run suicidal tier 16 maps with ease and I didnt choose to go for Iron Reflexes so determination isnt even close to be 5% of my defences.

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