3.10 Budget Spectral Shield Throw (Cold Conversion)

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3.10 Precision level 1 was nerfed, but since we use Elemental Overload it won't affect the build.


Hello all! This is what I did for Spectral Shield Throw! I used a lot from RaizQT when building like the Ewar's Mirage and Nomad Belt. SST is a great skill with the gem Divide and Conquer and it makes for a really fun play style!

My builds are generally more budget friendly so more people can use it and you can start the build faster!





SST - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Energy Leech - Vicious Projectiles - Hypothermia - (Fork/Chain/Cold Penetration)
- Fork or Chain for maps. Cold Penetration for bossing or though enemies. Make sure you have at least 1 energy shield so energy leech can give you the damage buff when blood rage is on.

CWDT - Molten Shell - Enfeeble - Increase Duration
- Molten shell is good for this build becuase we have a lot of armour from the shield.

Sheild Charge - Faster Attacks- Fortify - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun
- Main movement skill

Vaal Grace - Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration
- Vaal protection skills

The rest are unlinked skills:
- Main damage increase aura

Flesh and Stone
- Sand for mapping and blood for bossing

- Keep level 1 or 2, helps with minor accuracy problem

Blood Rage
- Great attack speed and life leech buff, procs infinite energy leech support damage buff

Frost Bomb
- Cold debuff skill for bosses

Leap Slam
- When you need to get over walls

Ancestral Protector
- Used for the attack speed buff on bosses

Considering adding ice or stone golem to build.
Have tried to add Herald of Ice to the build becuase I like the pop noise :)
Swap Vaal Haste with something else.


Manditory items:

Divide and Conquer 1c
Hrimsorrow (If no Watcher's Eye) 1alch

Suggested Uniques

Watcher's Eye 2.5ex
Taste of Hate 25c
Nomad 25c
Ewar's Mirage or Princess 1c

My Gear


Got a 6 link that had some energy shield for energy shield support to work, then essence spammed until I got a decent life roll and some resistance. Best body armour would be using a bloodstained fossil for supported by level 1 maim.

Go for movement speed, life and resistance.

I bought a SST fires 3 additional shards becuase the jewels makes us lose most so this enchant adds 1. The I used a Frigid+Pristine Fossil to get Nearby Enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance and some life.

If you are not using a watchers eye, used hrimsorrow for the cold conversion. If you are using a watchers eye then go for rare gloves with phys to cold craft on it.

Look for shaped amulet with physical as extra cold and then some life, res, and elemental damage with attacks.

I went for elemental damage with attacks, life and resistance. You can get adds # to # cold/physical to attacks but the elemental to attacks is better.

Primary Weapon
Ewar's Mirage is super cheap so I bought a vaaled one with Damage Penetrates 8% Elemental Resistances for 5c. This is great for this build but if you want to get a Princess instead go for it. For the most DPS a Shaped dagger with physical as extra would be best.

Go for the most armour becuase for 15 armour we get 2 to 3 physical damage.

The Nomad is great belt becuase we easily get 200 strength and dex for the resistance and increased projectile damage. It is around 25c or you can go for a rare belt with life and elemental damage with attacks.

I recommend a Taste of Hate for the damage boost, then Granite and Jade help with defense.


Divide and Conquer is most important for this build. The chains is what makes this build so good.

Watcher's Eye is a lot of extra DPS with the physical to cold conversion. It is about 2ex so it makes the build not very budget. YOU DO NOT NEED ONE. I cleared t15 without it.




This is the way I leveled but since we do not start our build until we get Divide and Conquer gem this is what I did:

Silverbranch + Craghead
Split arrow - Pierce - Onslaught

Level 12:
Storm Cloud + Hyrri's Bite
Lightning Arrow - added Lightning - Pierce - added Cold - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Onslaught

Around level 30:

The Deep One's Hide (or a rare high armour shield) + Ewar's Mirage
SST - added Cold - Pierce - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Vicious Projectiles - Energy Leech

Then I used the final version of this build.

Once the main gems in this build become available, you should get them and level them even if you plan to not use it for a while.




1. Gathering Winds
2. Far Shot
3. Ricochet
4. Fast and Deadly

Gathering winds gives movements speed so I usually start with that. The evasion is also good. You can go in any order you like, but the most important node is the Ricochet.


+Clear all content
+Fast clear speed
+Clears monoliths fast
+Can be cheap and clear red maps
+Good Defense
-Watchers Eye price
-Rare Shield can be pricey
-Bosses that are alone can take a bit longer

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Hey OP, just wanted to point out that in the POB, the Divide and conquer doesnt show as benefitting from the Dex/Strength buffs it has, as it only shows 20strength and 10 dex in radius. Is that just an issue with POB, and you dont have to have those nodes allocated for it to benefit? Thanks!

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