[3.7] (ALMOST) MAXIMUM POSSIBLE IIQ MF Windripper Ranger Deadeye Tornado Shot build by Clickachu

Hi! This is beta version of the build, so the upgraded, better version will be submitted soon! Also keep in mind this is SSC version with legacy items, but temp league versions are possible too.


THE STORY: (NOT build relevant, just for fun!)

Rumors say, that there were at least 4 great resets of our civilisations: Cold reset, known as "Ice Age", Water reset, caused by flooding oceans, Fire reset, that was caused by a big meteor hit, and Earth & Wind reset, that was caused by huge tornados and earthquakes. Who knows, what was back in those days on the actual area of Wraeclast. Some Exile's ancient legends say, that this land was called Great Tartaria, others say it was called The Atlantis, or that even further back in time, there was an ancient land, that was called "New Zealand" back then.
History of Wraeclast is still a great mystery, and noone can provide a 100% proof for any of those theories. But everyone agree with one thing: Artifacts from the past, that are found today are unable to recreate with present-day technology. This leads to a conclusion, that "they" had knowledge and technology, that is unavailable for us now. To be honest, we can't even tell how old are these artifacts, that have this specific attributes impossible to get today. Maybe one day the connection will be set, and they will travel to us from the past to give us the lost technology, or even a fraction of it. It may be confusing for some people, that the technology doesn't come from future, but from the past, but it isn't anything strange at all, when we realise, that our universe is so old, that almost everything have already happaned in it.



After many months of struggle (I'm not a skilled player) I've finally hit lvl 100 and now I was able to make a build, that uses my old, legacy items, that some of them I've purchased about 1-2 years ago. Items themsef are from before the great reset of Wraeclast civilisation, and due to the forgotten ancient technology they had back in those days, they have very high iiq rolls. :)


This build is designed to farm low tier maps and low/mid tier maps with aurabot/cursebot support.
As it uses max possible iiq items in every item slot it's not all content viable.
It's built around legacy items, so obviously it's not possible on temporary leagues, but it's possible to make similar build on temp league, just with less iiq.
It's designed to be played solo or with aurabot support.
For party culler version just use culling strike gem and make sure no other player is culling, but for a party culler Slayer and some other build would be much better.

Note: this build is not made for profit, it's made for fun and just to be ridiculous.
Maxing iiq, as I did in this build is NOT efficient because of diminishing returns rule. This makes my 206% iiq on a tooltip not effective 206%. I assume it's about 180% effectively, it's similar mechanism like with stacking eevasion but at some level you dont benefit too much from adding more of it.
This leads me to a conclusion, that swapping a perfect legacy Perandus Blazon belt for a Headhunter is a good idea and in this maxed build letting go 12% iiq on a belt slot won't make big difference in terms of effective iiq, but will make character stronger and even more fun to play.

Becasue of IIQ & IIR diminishing returns rule the most effective way is to combine them.
There's a formula, that help with getting good iiq/iir ratio balance.

C = (1+(IIQ/100)) * (1+(IIR/100))

"C" is a coefficient, that shows us how "good" our MF'er is.

But keep in mind, that almost all people will say IIR is not important. I also prefer iiq over iir, but when Zana Nemesis mod is active some rarity for better Headhunter drop chance can be a good choice.


1. "Maxed IIQ" build with maxed iiq on every slot, but with character set, that it's Headhunter swappable.
I prefer using Headhunter, but you can carry Peranus blazon and swap it on bosses.
Basically HH+max IIQ is a best choice for me, because I have both high IIQ and lot of HH fun and power.

2. "Balanced" IIQ/IIR version, with a big favour of iiq. From my researches and tests best thing to do is swap 24% iiq Sadima's Touch gloves for 50% iir Aurseize. Since Aurseize are not legacy, you can get them cheap and try to corrupt with curse on hit, or other vaal mod.
Of course some more items can be swapped to obtain the best coeficient, that I've mentioned before.

3. "Strong" version, that abandons some MF gear in favour of some good items of your choice.
Swapping a chest piece, gloves, or other item for any other OP, that you have. Maybe Kaom' heart, maybe a strong bow instead of Windripper - it's individual case and depends on gear, that you have.


- Lightning resistance is capped at 79% (purity of lightning + lvl4 enlightnen), with flasks active resistances are capped at 79/79/85

- "Rupture" ascendancy node, that grant 30 life gain on hit against bleeding enemies greatly improve survivability

- Headhunter for better damage & survivability buffs, and of course, for better fun!

- Watcher's eye hatred +% crit chance jewel is important part of this character, that substansionally increases damage

- Tailwind ascendancy node helps with movement speed, which is reduced by Greed's Embrace body chest.

(amulet from PoB pastebin is not linked, because I've sold it and currently crafting a new one, which will be shown in next build version)



Bow - Main skill - Tornado shot:


(I'm using siege ballista, but any skill of a choice can be used.
Most people would choose barrage for single target, but i just dont like this skill or just don't know how to use it properly, I prefer stacking TS+siege ballista over it)

(assasin's mark for small power charge generation cahnce was only socketed because the socket was empty and unused, any other gem of choice can be socketed)

(basically it needs Blink Arrow+Faster attacks only, or in extreme setup only Blink Arrow w/o Faster attacks can be moved to 1 free gloves socket, and all 4 boots sockets would be free to use!)


Deadeye, nodes taken: Rupture, Far Shot, Endless Munitions, Gathering Winds

BANDITS: Helped Alira for +15% to all resistances, planning to change it for +2 passive points instead, but need more resistances first.


Major - Soul of Lunaris, Minor - Soul of Shakari


- Is it really max possible IIQ?
- Not really, as it's still possible to get +5%iiq vaal implicit on each ring, and +10%iiq implicit from converting amulet into spinefuse talisman, also a belt can have +5%iiq implicit, so technically there are 25 more % of iiq to be acheived, but the odds are extremely low. I don't even know if there are existing bases with required item levels to make it possible, or they were just wiped out by the great reset :)

- Are the drops good?
- Yes

- Is it viable?
- As I said, I's not designed to do all content, but "Rupture" node on Deadeye ascendancy, that grants 30 life gained on hit against bleedeing enemies makes a big survivability difference.
Resistances are capped at 75/75/79 and with flasks active 81/81/85, so not bad at all.

- Is the damage sufficient?
- It's not very big, but it's nice, Watcher's Eye Jewel is making it much bigger.

- Isn't this char very slow because of a Greed's Embrace chest?
- It is slow, but a "Gathering Winds", that grant Tailwind after using any skill really helps with this problem, when i did testing without tailwind it was feeling too slow then.

- Why I'm not using Herald of Ice + CoH?
- I would, but I also must use Hatred and Purity of Lightning, so i Can use War Banner as well, but not Herald. Maybe this will change if I get some more Lightning resistance somehow.
Also without Herald+CoH i have a curse "slot" empty and I can use CoH gloves, if I manage to get ones with this vaal mod.

- How to deal with hard areas like Incursion temple with lowered res or abyssal depths to not have to skip them and lose their rewards?
- I have other "normal" character to switch on and clear them with it.

- Why this build doesn't use a golem?
- I have a slot for a golem right now, but he is dying so often and has to be resurrected, that from some time i don't like golems in my builds.

- Why not using lvl 21 purity of lightning instead of lvl 20?
- lvl 21 wouldn't give any more +max resistance, only +1 resistance, which is not so important, but it require 4 more intelligence, so i don't want to abandon any tree point to get it, just not worth it, but I will upgrade it soon.

- Why am I not using perfect bisco, since I have one?
- In my opinion perfect bisco is NOT a best in slot item for magic find. 100% iiq against normal monsters on map is same, or even worse than 20% flat iiq, this roughly is calculated by me basing on normal/magic/rare/uniq monster proportions. Also bisco don't have any other good stats, that rare 20% iiq amulet can have. Mapping with bisco and swapping for rare amu at bosses is also not good, because swapping is time, and time is exalts :)

- Why Divination Distilate doesn't have quality?
- This flask shouldn't have quality to regenerate less, so the flask effect have chance to last longer.

- Why don't I pick the loot?
- I do, but i do it at the end of map, to maximise effect any Headhunter or other buffs.

"TO DO" list - plans, upgrades, etc.:

- farm +2 tornado shot projectile enchant on helmet
- farm 2% hp regen enchant on boots (hm, but maybe 1%, or even no regen would be better - less survi, but better chance for divination distilate flask effect...)
- upgrade Greed's Embrace quality to 28% at syndycate bench
- upgraded double corrupted HH (iiq mod desired)
- corrupt jewel for "corrupted blood cannot be infliced", then swapping quicksilver flask of staunching for a quicksilver flask of heat to be able to open freezing strongboxes
- change tree jewels for some better ones when I get any
- upgrade to 28% quality and double corrupt greed's embrace chest
- upgrade do single/double corrupt with curse on hit (vulner. or ele weak.)
- metacraft iiq jewellery for better other stats
- get better quiver with high triple res

As you see this build is not "finished" and can be upgraded, so feel free to advise me how to do it, especially which jewellery and how should I metacraft it :)
Feel free to ask any questions about the build!

My plan is to make it stronger, so it can farm higher tier maps, or maybe one day even complete the endgame with ;)

Path of Building pastebin:


Youtube video with build showcase and gameplay:


"Clickachu" Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiQ7TSxrGf0nf1APt_Skj7A
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if you don't go for pathfinder to buff up the flask you never are going to reach maximum possible iiq
gasparoto1 wrote:
if you don't go for pathfinder to buff up the flask you never are going to reach maximum possible iiq

Thanks for reply.
I'm aware of this flask effect buffs, and my first plan was to go pathfinder, and maybe in future I will, but first I would have to upgrade quiver, jewellery and jewels. Deadeye's ascendancy works perfect for me now, luckyli i can switch to pathfinder ascendancy anytime.
I didn't mention it in the post, but pathfinder is on my mind all the time, as I very like piano-style gameplay with flask spamming all the time.
Also pathfinder flask effects buffs are not flat, but temporary, and it's hard to sustain flask effect, and it buffs them 20%, and 20% from 25%iiq is only 5% more iiq and only during flask effect, so I think it's not worth it, but of course one day I will try it. Aslo diminishing returns rule at this high iiq lvl would cause this 5% more iiq from flasks imperceptible.
It's similar like with Perandus Blazon legacy 12% iiq belt - I can get more loot in my Headhunter, beacuse i'm more effective with it, and with iiq belt character seems like unplayable, and doing double beyond high monster packs maps seems impossible in comparision to HH gameplay.
"Clickachu" Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiQ7TSxrGf0nf1APt_Skj7A
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