[3.7] Fire BV Chieftain | All content | Delve 600+ | Fast , Tanky, 5M+ Shaper DPS | Possible starter

Enterich wrote:
No one plays this build anymore?

Got some other questions ^^

- Guide told me to use elemental damage with attacks on belt, according to PoB it doesnt give me more dps with blade vortex?!?!?!?

- im actualy using unleash as my 6rd gem , big QoL and saves me alot of mana. Is there a big downside of using it? i dont 100% understand the stacking mechanic of intensify.

I think it means " % increased elemental damage " on belt, try refer to the recommended gear
This build does not get the attention that should have. A big thanks to OP for this !

possibly the best amulet for this build atm in blight

Really enjoying this build There are random moments of being 1 shot but im loving the delving. Will be trying Uber Elder today or tomorrow.
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Want to try the build but coloring the bows sockets scares me of :). Any alternative suggestions ?

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