[3.7] Rain of Spikes - Impale Deadeye Rain of Arrows [ULab] [Shaper] [Atziri]

I found most builds for Bows use elemental added damage or conversion, I wanted to play a full phys build and out came this character, damage wise is decent, able to clear t16 maps with ease and decent speed, and available to deal with legion encounters in these maps, although with much care needed not to die when releasing many rares.

Here's the POB link in case you want to skip all the explanation: https://pastebin.com/45yG0gqC

+ROA gives you nice AOE Clearing
+Knockback works as a defensive mechanism while mapping
+Relatively cheap to start with

-Might feel squishy



Impale: With 3.7 Impale was made more available and boy did we not know what we were in for, impale basically "stores" a portion of your unmitigated Physical damage to be done as reflected damage on the next # of hits, base is 5, 7 with the Master of Metal ascendancy from the Champion or 7/9 with the Watcher's eye with the Pride suffix. The damage basically acts as a more multiplier with the following formula:
[Impale Chance] * (1+[Impale Effect]) * 0.1 * [Number of hits impale last, default is 5].

So, with the Impale gem 59% Impale effect + Swift Skewering 20% + Forceful Skewering 10% + Dread Banner 19% we get 108% Increased Impale Effect, with impale Having a base 10% of physical damage stored this becomes 20.8%, which means that with 5 stacks of impale we are getting a 104% More Physical damage.

Bleed: Bleed acts as an enabler on this build, as I decided to use The Crimson Storm this weapon adds a bunch of flat Physical damage to enemies that are bleeding, you can invest more heavily into bleeding but I found since I wanted to go crit it didn't make a lot of sense for me.

Crit: This is a crit build, since Ranger is very good with Accuracy and a lot of the nearby nodes benefit investment into crit.



Acrobatics/Phase Acro: This is an evasion build we invest into it and also grab Acrobatics, I didn't get the extra Dodge nodes but The perfect form allow us to have Phase Acro

Arctic Armour: We use arctic armour as an added damage reduction when standing still

Wind Dancer: This is a keystone that we get by using the Brutal Restraint https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Brutal_Restraint Timeless jewel, it halves our evasion but it gives us 20% less damage taken, you can stack this Effect with Kintsugi as well.


1. Gathering Winds: Early game tankyness and AS
2. Rupture: Key point in this build so you can equip the Crimson Storm and long as you can afford it and start benefiting from the damage, the life gain on hit is also pretty good.
3. Far Shot
5. Endless Munitions: Increased AOE is great for both ROA and our Auras Flesh and Stone alongside Pride.


Help Alira or Kill All


The pantheon should be flexible, keep your options open as different bonuses are required in different fights.

General Mapping: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Garukhan

Shaper/Uber Elder: Soul of Solaris/Brine King, Soul of Yugul

Gem links

In order of importance
Rain of Arrows: (Vaal) Rain of Arrows - Brutality - Impale - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Damage - Mirage archer

CWDT: Cast when Damage Taken lvl 3 - Immortal Call lvl 3 - Summon Ice Golem lvl 3 - Phase run lvl 4

Auras: Small Disclaimer here: The aura setup is flexible and I do not claim this to be optimized, Pride + Flesh and Stone is great when bossing, since we are using Point blank we are going to be on melee range regardless. Grace + Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance) provides a defensive layer for mapping on T15-16 specially against those pesky Legion Rares. Dread Banner is mandatory.

Setup: Pride - Flesh and Stone - Maim - Precision - Enlighten lvl 3-4 - Dread Banner

Additiona skills (no links required): Dash - Blink Arrow - Blood Rage - Frenzy (For long single target fights)


This build only really has a core item and it's The Crimson Storm:

This bow will give you Added Flat Phys Damage against targets that are bleeding. I will let the rest of my gear as an example but you can pretty much get anything in the other slots.


Flask Setup:

This league a basalt is very important since a lot of the hard hitting stuff is physical damage, otherwise just go with the usual Crit and Evasion setups, a Jade of Reflexes and a panic Life flask.

Curse Setup:

I played around a bit with this, you can startup by using Oskram to get Assassin's Mark on Hit, you can later on get a ring with either Warlords Mark or Vulnerability on Hit, the former is much more sustain while the latter helps ramping up the damage quicker.

What has this build accomplished?

So I've used it to farm Uber lab, and get up to t16 maps with relative easy, I killed Shaper Twice already and Atziri, although I don't think this build is great for the latter due to the ROA hitting the reflection mob and getting you killed more often than not. I'm now attempting Uber Elder, and from what I feel damage is good enough but I'm not really familiar with the mechanics of the fight, I'm pretty sure a more experienced player should be able to down every boss with this build.

Anyway I will try to do small edits as I figure stuff out, I will appreciate any comments on what could be improved, additional pathing options and gearing.

Thank you.
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Hi there! Can I have a look of your passive tree on this build please? Thank you in advance!

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