[3.7] Deathless EQ JUGG - Say Marohi to Shaper - From Zero to Endgame [Beginner Friendly]

Since 3.7 EQ again in my top list melee skills. Great aoe, nice damage, pretty cheap and endgame highly viable.

You need gear

Only two - Marohi and Helm with reduced EQ duration enchant. That's all

My Gear

Jewels with attack speed is necessary!


PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/2FmcMBD7
Kill all bandits


Earthquake - brutality - melee phys - shockwave - less duration - ruthless
Blood and sand - pride - flesh and stone - enlighten
Vaal warchief


Why marohi but not disfavour?
Marohi have highest flat damage in the game (except 100+ex items). Main damage from EQ - aftershock.
Why jugg?
If you want high survaivabiliuty - take jugg, more damage - slayer
What endgame?
Deathless Shaper, Elder and guardians. 250+ Mine, Legion in t16 crazy maps. If you can boost your damage - you can kill uber elder.
Why maces?
Aftershock and stuns. That really helpful against Legion
You need only 2 cheap items! Build is very beginner friendly and smooth in farm.


Guide in Russian with gameplay (Red maps, Shaper) - https://youtu.be/8G0OvFNVwDE
Last bumped on Jul 13, 2019, 4:06:03 AM
Updated pob stuff
This looks like fun, I might give this a try been looking for an another character to try.
this is look like a decent build for begginers ( like me) but i can load the pob link :(

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