[3.8] CI Aura Bot (19Auras / Aspect / Smite / Party Fortify / Tanky)

I have some extra currency and decided to craft my first item (more like paying my friend who got multimod but you get the idea)

So I want a Tiger Hook with aura effect (t1 underground) with something else. My friends don't play no regen maps so I feel that movement skills req no mana is not needed.

Are there any interesting combinations if I double influence it?

Since its near the end of league I dont mind wasting it on dumb things. So any suggestions are welcome.

Right now the only 'usable' affixes I see are mana (prefix), aura effect (suffix), +2 sock support gems (suffix)

Open to ideas. Thanks!


Does dual wielding tiger hook work? Does the 2% dmg per aura stack?
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Big things coming for aurabots next league,

Much easier access to jewel nodes with fewer points is going to be interesting.
Souls along a conduit of blood, from one vessel to the next.
There is nothing id say is worth Dual influencing for

right now in my opinion the best option would be to use a Redeemer's or Crusader's Scepter and try to go for Hatred or Wrath Aura Effect, OR Cold or Lightning exposure (Or if you can BOTH) with the aura mod.

another thing that can help you min max is getting +1 Level of all (All/Cold/Fire/Lightning) spell skill gems if you can too.

see here examples

Prefferably you'd want the aura mod on the 2nd one.

the mods DO stack yes, but if you want to run 2 weps, you are better off running a bow + quiver(soul strike or Maloney's Mechanism) unless you are running a delve build with with 2 weps with abyss sockets/reduced vaal soul cost/aura mod

since shield is pretty much mandatory in most aura builds, not many set ups dont use (usually the delve builds since they focus purley on damage and zero defensive auras other than vaalgrace/gluttony of elements)

It Definitely seems nice will also have to see if some jewels have aura effect/reduced mana reserved nodes. Chances are there will be aura effect nodes but id be really surprised if there were RMR nodes.

Also while it is legacy now and wont be craftable next league you pracitcally didnt need jewels this league with 10% helm and 12% amu in fact i didnt even need sky forth this league so i went with sin treks given how much RMR i had, AND droped a lot of jewels. hopefully next league something like this will be possible.
Hi. Thank you for the build. Can you please update scion to 3.9?
will this be a thing again in 3.10?
Alternative to Shaper's Touch?
Because they got nerf
What effects do you have by using your timeless jewel on your character scion_was_nerfed? I'm not familiar with this type of jewels tho, what a range should I go for if I wanna get this one later in the game?
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