[3.8] CI Aura Bot (19Auras / Aspect / Smite / Party Fortify / Tanky)

3.10 Changes:
Hi All Guide has been updated and moved to witch!

Here's the link : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2819938

Table of Content
  • Introcution
  • Pros and Cons
  • F.A.Q
  • Starting Gear
  • Aura, Gems and Links
  • Endgame Gear
  • Passive Tree
  • Pantheon/Ascendancy
  • Timeless
  • Anointing
  • Pictures and Videos

With the Changes that came to 3.7 I haven't really seen any detailed Guide to Scion Aura Bots that are good and min maxed so I decided to make my own.

If you want see just how much DPS/Stats my current set up gives here is a Jewel you can add into PoB to see your DPS with me.
Aura Bot in a Jewel

Aura Bot
Prismatic Jewel
Quality: 0
Implicits: 0
Adds 331 to 467 Fire Damage to Spells
Adds 364 to 519 Fire Damage to Attacks
Gain 73% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage
51% More Cold Damage
Adds 51 to 832 Lightning Damage to Attacks
59% more Lightning Damage with spells
46% increased attack and cast speed
27% increased movement speed
43% more spell damage
114% increased Critical strike chance with spells
42% increased skill effect duration
44% more damage over time
+42% chance to shock
Adds 26 to 490 Lightning Damage
+584 to Energy shield
66% increased Energy Shield Recharge rate
+5742 Evasion rating
113% More Armour
[Purity of Fire/Ice/Lightning/Elements]
+11 to maximum Cold Resistance
+11 to maximum Fire Resistance
+11 to maximum Lightning Resistance
+158% all elemental resistances
1.56% of life regenerated per second
+6.54 Mana Regeneration
133% increased critical strike chance
+1734 accuracy
[War Banner]
46% increased Accuracy
[Necro Ascendency]
124% increased attack and cast speed
[Guardian Ascendency]
+36% Physical Damage Reduction

What do I know?
I have quite a bit of experience gearing and min maxing an aura bot. I have been helping my friends min max Aura bots since Breach League and we have done many different variants (Mana Guard/Necro/Scion/Tribunal Mask/Etc) and we always try to push for exceptionally high level of gear and high number of Auras. For Synthesis League I made a 16Aura+Aspect Occultist that also self casted 5 Curses with the new Vixen's gloves all while having All Curse and Aura Effectiveness on try on top of over 10k es.

With the addition of Wicked Ward to the Passive Tree I thought it would be perfect to make a Max Aura Stacking (or almost) Scion Aurabot
(you know the one people kept saying was dead because Mortal Conviction only lets you have 1 Aura)

Mortal Conviction?
So let's get this out first, Aura Stacking Aura Bots are in fact NOT dead.
Contrary to the outrage that some people had on reddit when Mortal Conviction change was shown.
People saying "oh no BM variant is dead", yes it is but the build itself is not.
Yes it's more expensive.. but should someone really be able to run 20Auras+2Blasphemies on a 20c budget cause 1 notable is op, IMO probably not.
You can STILL not go CI and reserve Auras on Life using Prism Guardian / Blood Magic Support Gem to run more auras on a budget.

2 Finale things before we start.
First, you do NOT need to run all auras or be able to run all auras to be effective. Losing 2k ES to run 1 more useless Aura is not worth it. (What Auras when dead)
And Second, I do not believe in Shav's and IMO any non-Victario's influence (for Aura stacking builds) is not a real Aura Bot.

Now that that's out of the way lets get into it.


  • I've read that it's not possible to run almost every Aura and not be squishy, is that true?

No That is in fact NOT true it strongly depends on your gear and your character level, I am Currently every single Aura (minus Pride) and have 9.6k ES, 86/86/87 Max Resistances and over 60k Armour with flasks up, and there is still MUCH improvement I can have on my gear still (See Bellow Pictures of stats and Videos of Content done).

  • What content have you done with this build/setup?

Currently Chaining Elder T16s max juiced (double beyond, 3-4sextants, etc.) Have no trouble surviving or staying alive.
Have also done Many 5 Way legion map without breaking a sweat. Turns out that with 24% Phys Mitigation, 50k Armour, 9.5kes, and 86/86/87 Resistances its really hard to die.

  • How to deal with Stun without Eye of Chayula?

Until You can afford you Skyforth (which will be our stun "immunity") you will be using Soul of the Brine King.
Getting Stunned every so often will not kill you, getting stun lock tho will.

  • Vitality and Skyforth???

Yes yes, Vitality does NOT work for you since we are running Skyforth, but who ever said it was for us? Not every carry is vaal pact, and ALL our auras give other bonuses as well. But yes, Vitality is at the bottom of your priorities once you acquire skyforth boots.

  • How on Earth are you many Auras on Mana!?

Since Incursion there is a new Implicit you can get on Jewels (and Abyss Jewels) that gives us 1% Reduced Mana Reserved, enough Jewels with this corruption Paired with Victario's Influence and other sources of Reduced Reservation such Skyforth allow us to run that many auras on mana alone.

  • You are not pathing from witch any reason?

Yes, the ES nodes from witch are DOG SH*T and are NEVER worth taking. Saving 2 points by not pathing through which and sticking to Scion start is much more efficient.

  • How much does it cost for X number of Auras?

This depends greatly on your gear level and luck at corrupting jewels/finding good deals. But with less than 2ex investment you can easily run 10-12 Auras depending on which auras you want.

The cost of build can go anywhere between 50c to 100ex depending on what and how much you want to invest into

  • You said All Auras Minus Pride, why not run it?

If I were to corrupt both my watcher's Eye and Timeless Jewel with 1% Reservation I would be able to fit it in as well. I chose not to because: 1, I value those 2 Jewels way more than Pride Aura. 2, The people I play with and most builds that scale well with aura bots do not do Physical Damage.
Pride is also not a Aura that buffs your allies, but one that DEBUFFS your enemies meaning it does not give the bonuses from your ascendancy.

  • Timeless Jewels?

Timeless Jewels are insane. Two in particular for Aura bots are very good Glorious Vanity and Elegant Hubris.
Both have the potential to turn notables that we are not using into XX% increased effect of non-curse Auras.
What this means is we can finally exceed the limit of Aura Effectiveness available on the tree and have more powerful Auras than ever. (FOR EXAMPLE: +11 Max Resistance Purities vs the old +9)

  • Why CI and not LL

LL is really good because it can offset some of the Reservation costs from Mana to Life with items such as Prism Guardian and Blood Magic Support Gem. Reducing the cost of the build (since less Jewels are Required)

However I you will need to run a form of "Chaos Damage Does not bypass Energy Shield" and since you need to run Victario's you will have to run the flask which to me is not fun and clunky and potentially hurts survivability. All while also need some Chaos Resistance.

  • Why Not Life?

I find the life build variant very interesting and is quite a but cheaper. However I personally Enjoy CI more, and CI has a much easier time getting a larger EHP pool. On top of now having access to the Amazing Wicked Ward Keystone.

  • How good is Wicked Ward?

If you're CI and running Skyforth its a must and is the GREATEST buff to come to CI Scion Aurabot. With Some investment into Faster ES Start (Rings/Tree/Jewel) it only takes about 1.2 sec for Recharge to start and when it does you are practically immortal. The down side does not apply to this build at all since we will not be running any form of Leech or ES Regen.

  • I don't have friends to play with how do I find groups?

You can post in Global 820 that you are a Aura Bot LF Work, just please make sure that you split loot. You are not a slave. Aura bots do NOT work for Free.

+ Can run up to ALL Auras + Aspect + Blasphemy (with Alpha's Howl)
+ Can run Rare Fossil Crafted Hubris While for massive ES gains
+ High ES Pool (potentially over 10k ES WITHOUT a clarity watcher's eye)
+ High Armour (40k+ with no flasks active upwards of 75k~80k with flasks)
+ Wicked Ward is Insane survivability makes you almost immortal when ES recharge starts
+ Perma Group Fortify
+ 45%+ Chance to shock thanks to smite to you and allies
+ Blind All Enemies around you thanks to the new Flesh and Stone Aura (Sand Stance)
+ Can take Elemental Equilibrium (+ Avatar of Fire if needed)
+ Can spec into +1 Curse if so desired
+ CI! no need for chaos resistance, nor elixir with Victario's
+ Can be very active play style if you so chose With Vigilance Strike and Smite
+ A LOT of room for min-maxing and improvement if you like always having something you can upgrade
+ Unlike the Puny old Blood Magic Variant can use Clarity Extra ES Watcher's Eye for even more ES
+ With Timeless Jewels it is possible to achieve much higher levels of aura effectiveness
(currently I'm at 124% meaning Purities give +11 max res instead of +9, which is insanely broken.)

- Can be rough to get up and running
- Skyforth adds a cost to entry to be able to run more than 2 DPS auras
- Some Gear might require crafting from the end user as it may not be available or overpriced
- While you do have Wicked Ward, there is no ES Regen via Zealots Oath (Skyforth)
- Leveling can be a bit of a pain
- As with all Aura bots you require a carry to party with
- Corrupting/Buying Jewels can be expensive (especially if unlucky)
- Difficult to add multiple curses without significant cost to ES pool and Money

For Gear There are a few required Uniques and Then some upgrade paths down the line.
Cheap/Starting Gear

  • Chest

Victario's Influence is your Core Chest Piece, it boost the hell out of the socketed Auras and Reduces the mana resevation for 30% which is huge.

This is where we will be socketing our 6 Damage Auras (or 5 + an Empower) Such as Anger/Hatred/Wrath/Zealotry/Haste/Malevolence

Try to get a chest piece with 14-15% increased effect of non-curse auras find one with as much ES as you can afford, the AoE Roll does not matter at all, our radius will be so big that the impact is negligible.

  • Helmet

Alpha's Howl is the go to Aura Helm, its cheap, it gives global 8% Reduced Mana Reserved, +2 to Aura Gems for level 23 Purity Setup

It is possible to upgrade from a Alpha's Howl to a Rare Hubris crafted Via Fossils, but this requires more investment in other departments of the build that will be explained later into the guide.

  • Shield

You should be using a Shaped Shield itemLevel 80+ (Prefferable an iLvl 84 Titanium Shield) rolled with Socketed Gems Have 15% Reduced Mana Reservation
They are not too hard to roll, you can spam Alteration untill you hit the mod (make sure its 15% not 10%) regal and craft Flat Energy Shield (or %increassed if theres already a flat roll)

  • Amulet

An Shaped Amulet wit 5%Reduced Mana Reseved mod is REQUIRED, we need as much Reduced Mana Reserved (or RMR) as possible and as youll see later 5% is a lot.
The mod can only roll on Shaped Amulets with itemLevel 82+, I Recomend an Onyx Amulet Base, since we'll be using Shaper's Touch Str is also ES, and we need a lot of Dex.

  • Weapon

Tried and True Empheral Edge, 50% Energy shield is a lot escpially from a weapon slot will help you with your ES Pool, Alternatively you can use Heartbreaker for A little less ES but Faster Start of ES Recharge Rate.

  • Belt

You can use a Bathed Breath for starters but you will want to eventually upgrade to an Darkness Entromed socking 2 Abyss Jewels with 1% Redcued Mana Resreved Corruption

  • Gloves

Shaper's Touch Gloves with +2 AoE or +2 Aura Corruption
Its hard to get gloves that will gives you more defenses than these. They give a massive chunk of ES and quite a but of evasion which (spoiler alert) we'll convert to aromor.

  • Boots

For Starters you will want Sintreks, They provide a lot of ES, Movement Speed and help dex.

However you should be saving up for a Skyforth, since this will be the single biggest jump of Reduce Mana Resevation will be getting, At the time of writing they sell for 2 exalts, so save up your money for a pair.

  • Rings

I recommend searching for Moonstone rings on poe.trade with a %Energy Shield/Flat energy Hybrid roll and/or a +3 Unset Ring. If you have left over mana you can use a Vivinsect ring for more ES with socketed Discipline.

  • Jewels

There are a few required Jewels: Conqeror's Efficency, Conqueror's Potency and Might of the Meek (Ideally you want them to also have the 1% RMR Corruption but they can be a little expsensive so youll need to either corrupt your own or save up money for them)

As well as any Jewel (can be any as long as it has corruption, such as threshold jew) with 1% Reduced Mana Corruption, you can use cheap jewels until you can afford/corrupt your own, To slowly corrupt your own i recommend rolling for flat ES on abyss jewels regaling and corrupting should be much cheaper on than buying them out right.

Make sure you are running 1 "The Vigil" Jewel for Party Fortify.

Intuitive Leap ONLY WITH corruption is worth using if you can save 3 or more points, for me personally I am using 2 (see spoiler bellow)
Intuitive Leap

For Might of the Meek you want to socket this in the Right Scion Jewel as shown bellow and NOT spec a point into the Aura Notable. Placing the Jewel here will lose us a total of 3% effect of auras and 50% AoE (not very important) but more importantly it will make the 4% Reduced mana Reserved nod into 6%, effectively giving us a very cheap (15c) 2% (or 3 with corruption) Jewel, as well as making the ES nodes up top 9% Energy Shield.
Might of the Meek
First lets get this out of the way, I've had a lot of people come to me and ask for help and one think I have noticed way to often is the use of Life Flasks While CI.
Life Flask DO NOT WORK for ES, they do nothing for a CI build.

  • Affixes on Flasks:

There are 3 things we absolutely must solve: Bleed Immunity (of Staunching), Ignite Immunity (of Dousing), Cure Immunity (of Warding)

If you are not Using a Alpha's Howl and are using a Rare Crafted Helmet like

You will not have the Freeze Immunity from Alpha's Howl which you will need to get (of Heat)
Another good affix to have on flask is shock immunity (of Grounding)

For Prefixes Both Chemist's and Experimenter's are great it just depends on what you personally prefer.

  • Now for Flasks to run

There are a lot of different options but there is 2 flask that in my opinion Everyone should run those Jade Flask and Quick Silver. Jade is a Massive Armour boost thanks to Iron Reflex + the good amount of %Evasion we have from Int (thanks to Shaper's Touch. Quicksilver is just a must to be able to keep up with any fast carry so you do now fall behind.

  • Other flask options:

If you want more Physical Damage Mitigation (Really good for Legion)

Any or All Elemental Flasks you think you might need.

Silver Flask: If you want more speed!

Wise oak: If you have all your resits balanced and another way to get Freeze or Ignite Immunity (like a watchers eye)

As your slowly getting more and more Jewel Sockets and more and more RMR Jewels, you will be able to slowly run more and more auras.
List of Auras


-Purity of Ice
-Purity of Fire
-Purity of Lightning
-Purity of Elements

  • Defensive Auras

-Flesh and Stone

  • Offensive Auras


  • Other Auras

-Aspect of the Spider
-Banner (Dread or War)

Link's and Setups depend vastly on the amount of total Reduced mana Reserved you have. Here are some rules to guide you.

You should always run your Offensives Auras in your Chest which ever one it is you are running.
You should Run any another High Mana Reservation Auras Left on your Shield such Grace/Determination.
You should NEVER Use an Enlighten in your Chest and Shield.
You should ALWAYS try to run your 3 Purities in a +2 Level Item (Alpha's Howl or glove corruption) (With Enlighten)
Always Try to fit in at least a Level 1 Precision and Clarity, they have small flat costs.

REMEMBER your survivability is more important than MAX OMEGA DMG but cant stay alive, if you're dead, you're not giving anything and you'll be forced to do the walk of shame (Turn on all auras one by one)

Generic Setups
  • Boots
Smite - Vigilant Strike - Ancestral Call - 1 Aura such as Clarity
Smite is a Free Aura that costs no mana, it is Essentially a mini Wrath
Vigilant Strike paired with The Vigil Jewel Will Grant 30+ Sec of fortify to the whole party
Ancestral Call is to help extend the range of Vigilant Strike since it's tiny.

  • Weapon
Phase Run - Flame Dash - Enhance or Curse or Banner
Phase Run Helps you go Fast and and not get body blocked.
Flame Dash is just an amazing movement skill and helps you get over obstacles
Enhance Helps with Flame Dash Cooldown and gives more speed to Phase Run.

  • Chest
Any 6 Offensive Auras
You can run any 6 Offensive Auras here or if you are short on mana you can run 5 Auras + Flesh and Stone
Given enough RMR jewels Auras in Chest will cost 0% mana you can then run 5 Auras+Empower to maximise Damage
Chose Any Auras that will benefit your party the most.

  • Shield
Vaal Grace - Determination - Most expensive Aura Left you want to run
You'll always be running these 2 Auras in shield since they are 50% Auras. The Final Aura can be Purity of Elements or Vitality or a 50% Offensive Aura you want to run but no more space in Chest.

  • +2 Aura/AoE Gems 4Link (Gloves or Helm)
Purity of Ice - Fire - Lightning - Enlighten
You want your purities to be Level 21 and in a +2 Item to reach level 23 for the +5 Maximum Resistances.

  • Last 4Link (Gloves or Helm)
Precision - Flesh and Stone - Purity of Elements - Vitality
These are just examples but any Aura you are not running and can fit.

  • Ring
Vaal Discipline
Vaal Discipline (and earlier Vaal Grace) This League is very rippy, you need panic buttons and defensive boosts in Legion encounters.

Molten Shell:

Molten Shell/Vaal Molten Shell is actaully insane for us. We have so much armour from Grace/Determination/Iron Reflex that when we pop just a Jade Flask we should be getting the maximum out of Molten Shell

Molten Shell Gives us up to a 10k Effective Health Shield where 75% of all damage hits this pool BEFORE life or ES
Vaal Molten Shell does the same only up to 30k and 80% of damage.

For Delving this is a must! Paired with The abusred amount of Armour, High Max Res, High ES Pool, Fortify, Flesh and Stone it is vitually impossible to die even at depths ~1000 while motlten shell is up.

Endgame Gear

  • Chest

Ideally at this point you want a 6L Victario's to use an Empower (but if anything you can always use a 5L)

  • Helmet

Rare Hubris with Enchant vs Alpha's Howl With Enchant

Rare Hubris's (iLvl84) with enchants are generally very cheap only a few chaos and will cost you much much less to craft than an Alpha's Howl with Enchant all while giving you over 1.5k more ES than an alpha's howl.
Here are some reduced mana resevation enchants that you can chose from in the end they will all act the same and in rare circumstances only a 1% difference:
Grace 15%, Determination 15% Are the 2 (BIS) or Any 50% Aura that you socketed in Shield
Other options that will will work the same or 1 more % reservation are
Discipline, Any Purity, Vitality,

Once you have your Base you want to quality it up to 28-30% quality using perfect fossiles then craft it using Dense+Bound Fossiles until you can hit Reduced Mana Reserved Suffix AND some Decent ES anything above 280 should be fine.

However you will lose 3% RMR so you will need more jewels before you can make the swap

Alpha's Howl With Enchant However will allow you to run less Jewels but at the cost of your ES pool.

  • Weapon

For an end game weapon what you want is a Rare Shaped Tiger Hook with 2 mods, 1st is "Auras from your Skills grand 2% increased Damage" obtainable via Bound Fossils and the second is "Socketed Movement Skills Cost no Mana". The latter is not that important but is a huge quality of life especially for no Regen Maps.

  • Gloves

No changes here but if you're running a Hubris you should place your purities in glove from now on for level 23 Purties

  • Boots

At this point you should be running skyforth

  • Belt

The only way to get more Reduced Rservation is through Abyss Jewels in Darkness Enthroned
At some point you will have to drop your bathed breath for these if you want to run more Auras.

  • Jewels

If you already have all your Jewels Corruption on all your Jewels (Belt/Tree/Uniques) you should focus on upgrading them to ones with flat ES where ever possible.
To Run Every single Aura minus one 50% Aura you will need:
-12 Jewels with Corruption (with Rare 5% Hubris and Enchant)
-9 Jewels with Corruption (with Alpha's Howl and Enchant)
-11 Jewels with Corruption (with Alphas Howl and no Enchant)

If you are NOT running might of the meek add 2 to the above.

Passive Tree and PoB

Bandits: KILL ALL

Level 79 Passive Tree:

After Level 79 Start taking more Jewel Sockets Slowly
Level 90 Passive Tree:

Level 100 Tree Using Intuitive Leap to save points:

My Current PoB: [Level 96]

Key Stones

  • Chaos Inoculation

- We're going CI cause we will be reserving all our Auras on our Mana, this will also allow us to never have to worry about chaos damage and map mods such as desecrated ground. And since we're running Victario's we will not have to run Coruscating Elixir with CI.

  • Wicked Ward

The Addition of Wicked Ward is amazing for this build, Paired with Faster Start of Energy Shield Recharge Rate from tree and craft on rings, it is an amazing defensive tool making you almost unkillable once your recharge starts. The Down side doesn't affect us at all since we will be running skyforth and will not have any Regen.

  • Iron Reflex

Once you start Running Grace Aura you should take this Keystone it will greatly increass your survivability (especailly paired with Determination). There is a lot of physical damage going around now from Legion, as well as regular mobs hitting like trucks.

  • Elemental Equilibrium

If your carry is doing Fire or Cold Damage (AND YOU HAVE NO SOURCES OF FLAT DAMAGE) you can spend 1 point into EE and proc it with Smite which will only deal lightning damage. It is a great damage boost! If however your carry is Lightning Damage please take Avatar of Fire as well.

  • Zealot's Oath

This Key stone does NOT work when you start running with a skyforth. So if you take it prior to help with survival respect it once you equipe a skyforth.

  • Blood Magic/Mortal Conviction

bLoOd mAgiC iN 3.7 oMeGAlUL.


  • Order

Normal: +20 Str/Int and Passives point on the way to Templar
Cruel: Guardian Ascendency and +40 Int
Merc: Passive Point leading to Witch Necromancer Ascendency
Uber: Passive Behind Which and Path from Which

  • Bonuses

-All Auras Also Grant +1% Physical Damage Reduction (Scales with Aura Effectiveness)
-10% Increased Effect of Non-Curse Auras
-Conduit (share Charges with party Members)

-All your Auras Also Grant 3% attack and cast speed (Scales with Aura Effectiveness)
-20% Skill effect Duration

Brine King until you get a skyforth.
Lunaris Maxed out for Mapping
Solaris Maxed our for Bossing

Garukhan Maxed for Mapping
Abberath for Mapping if Burning Ground Annoys you and for Atziri
Yugul Maxed out for Shaper/Elder

  • What is a Timeless Jewel?

A timeless jewel is a Unique that drops in the Legion Challenge league.
They have a radius and change the passive tree within that radius.

  • Types of Timeless Jewels

There are 5 Different Types of Jewel shown bellow all affecting the tree differently for the purposes of this guide we will want the Red one Glorious Vanity.

  • What does it all mean on the Jewel?

Most of it is just Fluff there are 3 important things however:
-1. The Base (shown above)
This determines how the Jewel affects the tree

-2. The Name (ex: Zerphi on the Glorious Vanity)
There are 3 different names for each base, it determines what it will change all Keystones in its radius to. (ex: Zerphi will change all Keystones to Eternal Youth

-3. The Number (ex: 1411 on the Glorious Vanity)
Each Jewel has a number which has ~8000 different possibilities (~16000 for Elegant Hubris) The number is what determines EXACTLY what nodes change to what. Every 1411 jewel for example will affect the Tree exactly the same (minus the keystone)

  • What is important for Aura bot?

What we are looking for as Aura bots is a Glorious Vanity Jewel that changes the tree in certain location so that we have access to more Aura Effect Nodes. (see Pic in spoiler bellow)

We are looking for as many of these nodes in a short amount of points as possible to up the effectiveness of our Auras.

  • How much Aura Effectiveness do we need?

The Skill tree I provide has a total of 91% Increased Non-Curse Aura effectiveness. (Can have 94% if taking Devotion as well)

There are different thresholds at which aura effectiveness is much better for example: Purities have +5 Max resistances at level 23. Meaning that for every 20% aura effectiveness we have they will grant 1% more (rounded down)

Some small math
+5 Maximum Resistance + 91% Aura effect = 9.55
Rounded down => +9% max resistance
If we were to have 100% it would be come +10% max Res
at 120 -> +11 and so on.

There are different thresholds at which aura effectiveness becomes vastly better here are all of them
  • 100%
+10 Max Res Purities, up from +9
+2% Physical Damage Reduction for all Auras not in Chest, up from 1%
6% increased attack/cast speed for all Auras not in Chest, up from 5%
  • 120%
+11 Max Res Purities, up from +10
8% increased attack/cast speed for all Auras in Chest, up from 7%
  • 140%
+12 Max Res Purities, up from +11
7% increased attack/cast speed for all Auras not in Chest, up from 6%
  • 151%
This is When Auras in Victario's have 200% (151+49)
+3% Physical Damage Reduction for all Auras in Chest, up from 2%
9% increased attack/cast speed for all Auras in Chest, up from 8%
  • 160%
+13 Max Res Purities, up from +12

  • What Numbers are good?

I'm not going to list all numbers I know and exactly what they do (though i will give a few examples). But here is trade list of Numbers I have listed that I have found/seen/think are good.

  • Example Seeds:

With the introduction to Anointing Amulet's and specific uniques from Blight League we now get 1 Free notable to allocate

This section will have more detail soon, still need too see availablity of oils, how timeless jewel seeds change as well as tree changes. But early look suggest that the best Notable to Anoint will be Soul of Steel, Unnarutal Calm or some Notable that synergieses with a timeless jewel you have pontentiallu saving you many points!


More Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I Will be trying to fix and add other things, if you have criticism, suggestions or questions feel free to let me know! Cheers!
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Gear and Gem Setup

Have Added Molten Shell Into my build now

Got Super Lucky crafting this new shield well worth the small ES loss, also moved Haste out side for more MS for myself

I like moving fast, +2 Support Gems to Enhance helps just that

Vivinsect Helps me get stats and a little more ES, +3 Ring will work just as fine too. Amulet is not Great but I like the Grants Vitality it frees me a Gem Slot.


Still have some Jewels to upgrade, slowly corrupting my own abyss jewels with ES.
Timeless Jewel 6697: Best Aura Bot Seed that is public See bellow what it does.

Stats and PoB

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/BHYWGSTf
No Mana Cost Skills:


MS with Flasks+Phase Run

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PoB or 3.7 skilltree (:
DeadCracker wrote:
PoB or 3.7 skilltree (:

Thats weird trees were taken straight from latest version of PoB, ill see to it its fixed when I get home, Thanks!

Edit: Fixed as well as added my PoB Pastebin
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What is the Timeless jewel mods that we are looking for to get those mods?
Drewberto wrote:
What is the Timeless jewel mods that we are looking for to get those mods?

Like this?

Check any vaal jew with hope in miracle. You can find few notable and few minor nods, for a total %%% of aura effect.

Tree = up to 69%
Chest = up to 15%
Asc = 10%
Usual jew = 3%
=> up to 97%
If you wanna 11 max res you need to find at least 23% on jew (11/5 = 2.2 => 120% aura effect).
https://ru.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2740943/page/1#p22777382 - переход на офф клиент.

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Wasfill wrote:
Drewberto wrote:
What is the Timeless jewel mods that we are looking for to get those mods?

Like this?

Check any vaal jew with hope in miracle. You can find few notable and few minor nods, for a total %%% of aura effect.

Tree = up to 69%
Chest = up to 15%
Asc = 10%
Usual jew = 3%
=> up to 97%
If you wanna 11 max res you need to find at least 23% on jew (11/5 = 2.2 => 120% aura effect).

Except you will not be taking 6% from tree, which means yo will need a jewel that give you 29% at least

Your looking for a Glorious Vanity (the red vaal one) to be placed in either marauder, duelist or witch jewel sockets where there is at least 2 notables with 13-15% aura effectiveness nearby your travel points

But but even just 9% aura effectiveness is a good start since it will push you over 100% allowing all your auras to give +2% phys reduction, 6% attack/cast speed speed and +10 max resistance purities.
LittoBum, do you follow jews? Whats maximum percentage of aura effect you saw?
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Wasfill wrote:
LittoBum, do you follow jews? Whats maximum percentage of aura effect you saw?

I have a few 30-40% ones in my stash, my current one is 33% and 12% es for 7pts which is the most efficient one ive had for myself.

I posted my old one on Reddit 6pts for 33% and sold it for 1ex, prolly could have sold for more but didn't want to be too greedy

The highest ive seen whilr also being realistic pathing is 11pts for 58%
Wasfill wrote:
LittoBum, do you follow jews? Whats maximum percentage of aura effect you saw?

I have a few 30-40% ones in my stash, my current one is 33% and 12% es for 7pts which is the most efficient one ive had for myself.

I posted my old one on Reddit 6pts for 33% and sold it for 1ex, prolly could have sold for more but didn't want to be too greedy

The highest ive seen whilr also being realistic pathing is 11pts for 58%

Thx for info! Pretty nice that you can find some with realistic pathing. My best - 69%, but cost in points...
https://ru.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2740943/page/1#p22777382 - переход на офф клиент.


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