3.10 - Spectral Shield Throw Deadeye - Frigid Table Thrower

This build was made from the start of legion, SST (Spectral shield throw) got only a few buffs in the patch but made a world of difference, Not only to clear but for single target setups, i wanted to make SST viable for bossing and most of this guide is going to focus on achieving that.
To be clear I don't claim this is the ‘best’ way to do SST it’s simply what I ended up with and had a ton of success with, If you have an idea to do something different to go ahead and try it that’s what i feel Path of exile is about, people using this build as a cookie cutter is all i hope to achieve.

3.10 Changes and thoughts:
This is going to be a super short summary since not a lot changed in the patch notes, Some of the new cluster jewels are extremely strong adding some much needed efficient damage nodes for the build, i won't list them here since there is a ton to choose from, Most of this league will be prettymuch using the gear from Metamorph and just the new jewels. Likely to drop a lot of the extended tree that went towards 'Devotion' to invest into the cluster nodes. I won't be touching up anything in the guide as it is all still relevant, If you have any suggestions you're welcome to pm in-game or reply in the thread, i do check it quite frequently.
As always have fun in Delirium and i'll add a section to link my current gear when it's looking better.

3.9 Changes and thoughts:*Metamorph League*
The build again is prettymuch unchanged by the patch notes - However it took some hits to top-end damage in 3 ways. Maim fossil craft for chests is now gone, this might mean re-evaluating the choice of supports for SST, the other change to Point blank losing some damage and finally some shaper/elder rolls mainly the Ele as extra chaos/Phys as extra cold are nerfed in value.
Redeemer bases are extremely valuable to the build, providing a ton of insanely useful stats to replace the previous 'as extra' rolls and adding a lot more sources of Cold penetration, Specifically the amulet and sceptre i have implemented into my metamorph league character.
With the release of awakened gem stats, Prettymuch any of the awakened gems for our main links are going to be amazing.
I'm considering replacing herald of ice in the guide for aspect of the spider, While herald of ice is not a wrong choice it's just not all that effective without large amount of crit. Skitterbots also get an honourable mention possibly enabling the use of Elemental focus and hypothermia in main links, While on paper it seems worth in terms of raw dps skitterbots can be unreliable for being quick enough to keep up and chill as consistently as we would need, not to mention while kiting harder enemies.
I will be league starting as SST this league and attempting to update the leveling and guide some more. If all goes to plan i should be streaming somewhat frequently towards league start so if you have any questions i can answer those either in this thread of in-game if you catch me.
Good luck and have fun in Metamorph

3.8 Changes and thoughts:*Blight League*
Disclaimer if this isn't changed a week or so into the new league this is entirely based on patch notes and skill gem notes. The build unchanged is 3.8 ready.

• Vicious projectiles got buffed (For some reason i have no idea why)
• New anointment called Tenacity seems pretty nuts (Increases and reductions to max life also apply to attack damage at 30% of value)
• N̶o̶ ̶i̶d̶e̶a̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶a̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶w̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶V̶e̶n̶g̶e̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶c̶a̶s̶c̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶g̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶m̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶o̶l̶.̶
The above interaction isn't useful, If you want a long explanation i can provide it, but there's no real abuse or 'buff' it provides, It also only 'works' if all the chains are used up.
• They fixed the "shattered projectiles" (Only those specifically so it's not like the skill was broken) not having the damage scaling from things like point blank and deadeye chain.
-A small TL;DR - Point blank now is less damage, The Deadeye chains now scale damage correctly (Based on the the initial shield's remaining chains)
-Longer version - the mechanic and how it wasn't scaling correctly; shattered projectiles were assuming the damage of Deadeye as 0 Remaining chains (Which was way less damage) and point blank was assuming the distance from the source of the shattered projectile (So from where the shield was hitting) Instead of correctly from the player.

All of these are buffs in my eyes, wouldn't change anything about the build at all, I'm not playing it at league start so i'll try to keep my eye out for buff/nerfs and ofcourse disccuss any changes you might want to make.

3.7 Changes and The main build mechanic to SST:*Legion League*
In 3.7 the skill gem itself got some huge buffs in terms of base damage, attack time, projectiles (From the shatter effect) and finally the biggest single buff - The Threshold jewel “Divide and Conquer”. This single threshold jewel allows SST to be not only a mapping/clearing beast but adds +4 chains to the skill innately, This can be somewhat abused by using Deadeye’s “Ricochet” node in ascendancy granting us a 5th chain and 10% More damage per remaining chain, giving our single target a juicy 50% more (For reference that’s more than most support gems in the game). On Top of the already ridiculous damage buff this jewel gives it allows us to invest into chain without hurting our clear, Making the shatter effect of SST trigger on each chain spewing projectiles (Albeit at a reduced amount) everywhere augmenting our pack clear to insane amounts.

Now that you’re probably hyped or already were hyped let’s list some pros and cons.

• Extremely versatile build, allowing you to be as glass cannon as you want or invest heavily in defenses
• Quite easily hitting over 6k life with reasonable gear
• Pretty low floor in terms of gear requirements to make the build “tick”
• Extremely high ceiling for gear and investment to make the build “sick” (I’ll stop with the jokes)
• Only one required unique in the build (Jewel) and the other not being required
• Your main ‘weapon’ is a shield which are insanely easy to craft with Dense fossils or essences
•Chilling or Freezing most bosses (Of course once the damage gets there)

• The build while practical isn’t anything to brag about in defenses, Not able to facetank uber elder or anything crazy, There’s enough life total to take a couple of hits but not enough to make up for extremely bad execution
• N̶o̶t̶ ̶A̶t̶z̶i̶r̶i̶ ̶v̶i̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ - Sibyl's Lament got buffed in 3.9 and combined with Yugul pantheon, you can do atziri perfectly fine now.
• To get 100% Phys to Cold conversion it requires a somewhat expensive watcher’s eye, that being said 90% conversion is possible with just hrimsorrow
• The small hitbox of the initial shield, and for most people having to accurately aim it is difficult. Not necessarily a complaint by me but it happens and can be a deal-breaker for some people
• Low crit chance so sometimes EO will not proc on single target making damage feel somewhat inconsistent

Videos of the build: (Let me know if you want anything cleared For a video)
Pre 3.9 videos:
Uber Elder(Super Elder?): https://youtu.be/y0RrkxD-8gA
Angry Cowboy(Minotaur): https://youtu.be/UvSfID6b7VM
Angry DogGoatSnakeThing(Chimera): https://youtu.be/S6XKKSz37f0
Some Angry Armies(4-way Legion fight): https://youtu.be/p34Do3S3gkk
Rare Cold guy found in mine(Aul): https://youtu.be/rynuRVZC9Vc
Valley with Angry Chicken/Dog(Canyon T12): https://youtu.be/qONU5XBmX8o

3.9 Videos (Making the distinction because bosses get a huge max life buff in 3.9):
Also most of these are around awakened level 4 Unless said otherwise
The Awakener Level 8: https://youtu.be/vrPJiwamANA
T16 Mapping - Average example while full clearing/looting: https://youtu.be/Wby46F7e0oM
Shaper: https://youtu.be/Ht-v-rrVRn8
Elder: https://youtu.be/_gV-wsAaiVo
Chimera: https://youtu.be/ryjV0Q3qlXY
Minotaur (Apologies for quality): https://youtu.be/qPq4SnbUFY8

The Build Breakdown:

Note: Currently the gear is quite outdated for 3.9 in the POB, This is the last thing i need to update in the guide, I'll remove this note once they are updated, In the mean time my profile is public and you're welcome to ask for any gear suggestions in the thread.

For the pastebins i’m going to include 2 versions, This is for a couple of reasons but mainly my Gear is getting to a point of Min Max and I don't reasonably expect most people to get a lot of those pieces. But i’m still keeping it here for people to have a goal of what dumb gear looks like.

Also in those two versions there will be 2 seperate trees, One is for Phase acro which I ran for the longest time, The other swaps PA and grabs Soul of steel and defiance, This is entirely preference on how you like to play, but i personally prefer using Soul of steel.

The unreasonable Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/9uRMrYBd

The reasonable Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/1B6kH7sr

Most of the gear in this one is just randomly thrown in from Trade searches I've been pretty cautious on going too overboard with gear requirements here. There is a watcher’s eye in the pastebin but you can easily swap the Gloves to hrimsorrow and remove the watcher’s eye, You lose 10% damage conversion but don’t lose hardly any damage overall. The shield and helm are extremely easy to craft with a small amount of luck.

Lastly if you're having issues resembling the example dps in POB i would read the FAQ section to see if you're doing something wrong.

Gear in Metamorph League:

The gear is surely to change as i go through and iterate during Metamorph, but i'm linking this current gear as i feel it's a good example of some new rolls and utilizing the new bases.
I'm currently upto 26 watchstones and doing pretty smoothly, I've yet to take down The awakener but i've had a few good attempts (Getting him down to 25%).

Gear in Legion League:

Skill tree:
Level 96 Trees:
Soul of steel without Phase acro - http://poeurl.com/cEk4
Phase Acro without soul of steel - http://poeurl.com/cEk2

I’ve included both of these since I personally think both are viable, Possibly going phase acro early game with slightly worse gear is more beneficial and swapping over later. I would love to hear feedback on what you consider to be the better choice. On my personal build i’ve swapped to No PA.

Leveling an SST character should be a breeze, only really requiring the Divide and Conquer Jewel, I personally league started as this build and didn’t run into many issues.
I need to re-level and test out some things but legion is too fun to stop playing to test stuff, I will for sure be expanding on this section a ton in the near future, Or if you feel like contributing let me know how you leveled and some advice on how it felt.

Suggestions for leveling:
You get SST very early on in act 1 from the “Siren’s cadence” quest, Although ranger doesn’t get it from a quest reward so you’ll have to buy it from Nessa.
Early leveling uniques are pretty straight forward, Grab a kaltenhalt and a Princess when you can equip them, You can later upgrade into a Titucius' Span at level 30 this should have double the armour/evasion of a Kaltenhalt.
For rare gear just grab life and resistances as you need it, nothing special should be needed.
Skill tree, you can start with the projectile damage nodes, as that will give you some nice starting damage then you can rush either the ranger jewel socket (By frenzy and Acuity) and put your divide and conquer into there, or if you feel like you want it earlier you can get the jewel socket above ranger start (Near Charisma) and respect those points later.
From then onwards you shouldn’t need to upgrade a lot, You can grab other high armour rare or unique shields (Chernobog’s pillar is a good mention) if you feel you need the damage upgrade but the best unique shields before crafting one, are going to be Lioneye's remorse or Magna eclipsis.

List of suggested uniques for leveling:
The usual, Tabula, Goldrim, Wanderlust,Blackhearts
Karui Ward
Ewar's Mirage
Praxis (If you’re having mana issues)
Titucius' Span
Atziri’s Mirror
Chernobog’s Pillar
Prismatic Eclipse (3 green socket)
Lioneye’s remorse
Magna eclipsis

As i said this section is small and will need some work/testing.

Kill all for +2 skill points
There are some advantages to going with alira especially for early game, but the expensive respec isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Ascendancy Order:

Far shot>Ricochet>Tail Wind>Fast and Deadly

It’s kind of hard to argue with the order of ascendancy, you really feel the lack of single target before getting ricochet, Tailwind you could skip if you’re having accuracy problems and get Fast and deadly early.
There is however a choice if you want to go down stacking accuracy on gear, you can take “Powerful precision” in place of “Fast and Deadly” This node is extremely strong and I would suggest trying it out if you feel like it’s something you want, since I personally haven’t tested it.


As with all Pantheons they aren’t extremely important to the build, it’s more of a personal preference to how you play.

Major gods:
Of Course the God of gods - Soul of the Brine King
Easy choice for the build, we don’t get any stun immunity or freeze immunity - Although we do have a high life pool this is still my #1 suggestion for the build. You will want to upgrade this as legion has some nasty hard single hits.

Soul of lunaris and Solaris

Both of these can serve as a Major god choice in builds having their advantages if you’re Mapping or bossing, i would suggest if you use these to have them fully upgraded to get the most benefit.

Minor gods:
If major gods weren’t all that important these are even less, But some honourable mentions.

Soul of Yugul

This is my personal favorite as most of my time spent on this character is in endgame, Shaper/Elder/Uber elder are all mostly cold damage the upgrade attached to it reducing cold damage in situations where you’re taking multiple hits. Being able to reflect chills also helps us a ton if the case may occur (Hypothermia requiring chill).

Soul of Gruthkul
While mapping this gets the most use, Some additional phys mitigation and upgraded allowing you to slow attackers which can be strong.

Soul of Ryslatha
A strong choice if you’re running a Lab or two, giving you passive charge generation on your life flask, The upgraded giving you a panic flask without having to use the roll on the flask.

Anointing was introduced in 3.8 with Blight league and is now part of the core game so we get to keep the glorious oils and amulet enchants.
For SST there's a few choices for anoints most of which can really be found by importing your character properly in POB and checking the "Show node power" function, most of the time you just want free utility or just raw damage increase for anoints. I'll list a few notable anoints in order of best to worst and explain each decision, also if you don't know where the nodes are on tree to see their passives just use the search function in POB or in-game.

Retaliation - This is going to be my best all around anoint to recommend to people, For it's utility, damage and how cheap it is the anoint the most expensive being opalescent oil, Netting us damage - Attack speed and Armour.
Command of Steel - This is very similar in cost to Retaliation and gives more average hit but slightly less dps, and exchanges the Armour increase with %block chance.
Tenacity, Heart of Ice and Master of Force - These 3 choices are all going to be very similar in terms of damage, all 3 of them focusing on just raw average hit increase, The POB damage increase between these 3 is less that 1% difference but the costs vary - With Tenacity being the most expensive by far Costing 2 Golden oils but giving us a 5% life increase along with the damage, Heart of ice Costs only 1 Golden oil but also an opalescent so only slightly cheaper but providing us with 6% penetration again with similar damage, Finally Master of force in a 90% conversion setup master of force might actually net you more damage since it benefits actually dealing a portion of physical damage, it is still somewhat pricy costing 1 opalescent and 2 black oils and the damage being less than 1% difference when compared with the cheaper "Retaliation" anoint.

Other worthy mentions for anoints if you prefer them are:
Aggressive Bastion - An alright node in terms of damage, Block and endurance charge generation.
Rampart - This is good but quite hard to utilize, requiring fortify to be up to have the attack speed and attack damage be active.
Ambidexterity - This is a very strong passive for potential damage but it basically reads as "20% increased attack speed" and for a lot of situations this can cause mana issues, but if you don't have any by all means use this.

Skill gems and Links:
6-Link main setup (SST)

This should be your main setup for 6-link, you can pick and change in extra utility gems, maybe you prefer extra Chain or Fork. Ofcourse any awakened gems just supplement normal gems, there's no mechanical difference between them it's just more % damage increase.
If you are not using a Lioneye's Vision supplement Cold penetration for Pierce if you want the utility of shatter projectiles piercing, It is however going to be less damage than using Penetration.
For Energy shield leech since it's a strange pick for a gem the short TL;DR on how it works.
You are always degenerating with blood rage, You are always leeching ES if you are hitting, filling the requirements for 39% more damage while leeching.

Hypothermia is one of the better damage links, Provided you can chill the boss or enemy in question, and for mapping situations where you are one-shotting packs, it's unlikely that hypothermia will help, since you have to hit a mob to chill it resulting in the first shot into a pack not gaining any damage from hypothermia. There's no real guide to tell if you're able to chill certain bosses or not, just test it and see, If you find you're not chilling the boss, running a lot of "Avoid ailments" maps (Which in 3.9 can hit over 100% to avoid ailments) Then i suggest using Maim over Hypothermia as the damage isn't all the much different and it's 100% consistent, requiring no conditional effects.

Aura setup
Aspect Of the Spider

Nothing too special here, Hatred is the best damage aura, Aspect of the spider is going to be a replacement for what was Herald of ice, providing 15% more damage and some defensive slows. Precision is there to cap some accuracy and help out with a tiny bit of crit (Make sure to keep it lower level instead of reserving all of your mana, SST has about a 40 mana cost and you quite easily hit 5aps on the build.

Frost bomb

Frost bomb is extremely powerful for bossing on full cold builds, It's also made stronger by the fact most of the Penetration on skill tree reads as "With weapons" which doesn't work for SST sadly (One of the reasons we don't take fangs of frost)

Ancestral Protector/Blood Rage

The protector is mostly there for the increased attack speed on bosses, Multitotem allowing you to have upto 3 totems active increasing the chance to apply cull and atleast one of them staying alive during hard encounters. Bloodrage for attack speed, leech, Enabling Energy shield leech damage and finally Frenzy generation - Keep this up at all times while mapping and bossing, You can add in a culling strike or any other support you deem viable. I previously thought you could get increased damage taken debuff by using bonechill, this is not worth at all, a small explanation is the source of chill has to come from the skill supported by bonechill, you can however replace higher %chill with other skills (i.e our main skill) thus making bonechill usless.

Shield Charge

Bread and butter, nothing special here. You can add a culling strike or even an Onslaught gem in here(For onslaught on hitting unique enemy), but Fortify is too strong to replace in my opinion.

Cast when damage taken/Vaal Molten shell

A simple cast when damage taken - Immortal call worked perfectly fine for a lot of the game but if you're using the soul of steel version you can add in a manual cast Vaal molten shell for insane tankiness while it's active. If you are going this route of Immortal call or Steelskin + a Manual cast Vaal Molten shell, it is very important to make sure your CWDT level makes it so Immortal call or Steelskin is triggered and your Vaal molten shell is higher level to prevent it from being triggered.
This is important because if you have Vaal molten shell active and trigger the Molten shell, it will overwrite the vaal version making it somewhat usless. So keep your CWDT somewhat lower level around about 10-15 and have your Vaal molten shell max level.


You can drop Taste of hate or Atziri's promise for another defensive flask and roll shock immunity onto it.
As with all flasks, you want Bleed,Freeze and Curse immunity at a minimum, Shock removal is an added extra, Ideally you have Bleed on your life flask, the rest on utility/duration flasks.

FAQ section:
Is SST good for endgame?

Is SST good for Hardcore?
Yes, i've personally leveled and played till level 90 and had no real scary moments, despite never playing hardcore.

How can i craft your shield?
My shield specifically is legacy now as of day 2-3 of Legion. There was a bug which allowed you to stack Delve quality and Crafted quality. That being said people are still able to hit over 3.2k with insane luck.
2.3k-2.8k is easily doable by just spamming dense fossils which should carry you through the entire game.

How do you obtain conversion?
For 100% conversion you can use 40% on tree from the winter spirit wheel, 35+% on the hatred watcher's eye and 25% from gloves, with either the craft or Temple mod.
Alternatively you can just use 40% from tree and Hrimsorrow for 90% conversion before making the Switch
Before mentioning the 3.9 changes, i still reccomend using a watcher's Eye - However in 3.9 there is now Physical to cold conversion on scepters, but it's only 30% max, This does however enable you to be 95% conversion without a Watcher's eye sadly it not being 100%. There is some insane possiblity that i don't see being worth it by using a Glorious vanity Timless jewel and getting the last 10% conversion to total 105%, But this seems like a way more expensive and convoluted alternative to a Watcher's eye - but hey this is PoE, Be my guest if you want to do it.

I can't sustain Mana what am i missing?
So this is a question that i've had a few times, considered not adding it to here, But some people miss a few things.
So the official site and compatibility with skill trees is a bit messy in this patch, This is why i highly suggest using POB. One thing people miss is the small mana/life leech node next to Vaal pact on tree, That's all the mana leech i ever needed just for one point.
Another thing people miss of grab later, is the %Mana/Flask nodes near ranger start, i grabbed these mostly for flask gen but later found it very nice for increasing the leech from hits and allowing to reserve a slightly higher precision.
On the topic of precision i would suggest just feeling out the level of which you want it at, and for certain keep it at level 1 if you're not running enlighten (Or a lower level one)
Ideally you want your leech to work perfectly on a single-target, Good way to test is to just feel it out and look at your SST button on your bar to see if it greys out at any point.

How do you get Frostbite on hit Rings?
The mod is specifically from the delve rooms with "Cold items" as far as i can remember, not sure which specific one it comes from, but i imagine they're pretty rare.
In 3.9 you can roll level 5 and 8 Frostbite on hit by using "Redeemer" ring bases.
That being said it's not an insanely large damage buff, i wouldn't consider it necessary for the build.

How do i craft Helm/Maim Chest?
Helm crafts now require redeemer influence for -9 Cold res mod.
In 3.9 you can no longer get Level 1 maim on chests, Lioneye's vision is a good alternative chest.

What are the best rolls on Sceptres/Stat sticks?
The best rolls on sceptres/Stat sticks are going to be prettymuch everything that beats out any of the leveling stat sticks (Princess/ewar's/Prismatic) The best options for scepters in 3.9 are going to be again anything that beats out the leveling stat sticks, My current scepter i suggest going for is using a Redeemer Base we can hit Phys as extra cold and Cold Pen, These together along with an open prefix for crafted Cold% should easily beat out Princess/Ewar's.
These can somewhat easily be crafted by spamming Frigid fossils or bought.
The current "God scepter" if you want to go ahead and try for it would be something like this:
-Phys as extra cold
-Cold Pen (Make sure it's not "Attacks with this weapon" as that doesn't work)
-Cold % (Crafted Or rolled)
-Hatred increased Aura effect
Then the last 2 suffixes could be, Suffix Cold% or Cold exposure on hit + Chance to deal double damage.
For obvious reasons don't expect to ever hit this it's more just to show an example of what mods to strive for.

What helm enchant is the best?
Helm enchant in builds are usually a non-argument and one is always the best, I wouldn't agree any enchant for SST is better it just depends on the content you're wanting to do, Strictly bossing and feeling fine in clear then go for damage. The faster projectiles enchant works quite nicely if you're stacking a lot of pierce since the secondary shards scale from proj speed in the distance they fire outwards, So a nice option.

The shard enchant might seem amazing to anyone glancing at the build but you have to remember the Threshold jewel 'still' reduces the amount of projectiles, The merc and uber enchant act as a +1 and +2 proj respectively, and i personally would say it's still worth it since with 5 chains you're effectively getting 10 more projectiles spread around the pack and possibly hitting multiple targets with piercing, and 5 more projectiles with the merc enchant. As i've said with a lot of this guide there's no real wrong answer here, the build is versatile and so can your choices.

Is this build 'viable' for uber/normal Atziri?
Y̶e̶s̶ ̶W̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶B̶u̶t̶ ̶y̶e̶s̶ ̶-̶ ̶S̶e̶e̶ ̶v̶i̶d̶e̶o̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶d̶e̶t̶a̶i̶l̶s̶.̶
As of 3.9 Sibyl's Lament got buffed to 80% reduced reflected damage taken and combined with Yugul pantheon which is 25%, you can do atziri more than fine now.(Make sure to place the ring in the correct slot, Left slot for elemental damage)

Using POB to accurately show dps
While POB is a powerful tool a lot of builds aren't as simple as importing your character and clicking a few checkboxes, This is one that isn't super obvious if you're not familiar in mechanics for the build, I'm going to go over a few things people will miss out on since i've had a few people saying the POB's are still unreasonable since their damage is much much lower.
T̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶i̶m̶p̶o̶r̶t̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶'̶e̶m̶u̶l̶a̶t̶e̶'̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶P̶O̶B̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶D̶i̶v̶i̶d̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶c̶o̶n̶q̶u̶e̶r̶ ̶J̶e̶w̶e̶l̶
We no longer need to emulate the jewel, it should work as expected in POB now
Next we move onto the configuration which isn't too difficult if you want just go into the POB's i provided and look at what i have checked then copy those over to your config that's fine, if you want to know a breakdown of all things to change then read on.
First you want decide what it is you're doing, Mapping or bossing in my examples i have a Bossing setup, For that you want to take into account that you won't be killing mobs and you won't be chaining, So this means:

-No frenzy charges
-# of times Skill has chained will be 0 (This is the single most important)
-Projectile travel distance (This is a weird one to configure because of the interaction between Point blank and Far shot, It's not a huge amount of damage loss being closer/further away but the sweet spot is 10 units)
-No onslaught (Unless from other sources, maybe an onslaught on frostbomb etc.)
-The enemy being Chilled (Important for hypothermia support)
-The enemy being Shaper/Guardian (Or standard boss, Mostly what changes here is curse effectiveness and possibly resistances? i'm not 100% on the resistances part)
-Are you leeching energy shield? (This is important to show the more damage gained from energy leech support)
-# of skills used recently (This is important for Tailwind stacks, it's hard to tell now since the counter is bugged in-game but this is super important as it gives action speed)
-Do you have flasks active isn't important, but going into "Items" and turning on any flasks is important. (The check box is only going to matter if you have a mod such as "Increased attack speed during flask effect" or something of that kind.)

For mapping you're probably going to have to look into specifics of how your playstyle is, but the obvious things are that you're probably not going to frostbomb every mob in a map, so disabling that. Killing things to gain frenzy's and possibly onslaught ofcourse, Most mobs won't have the "Is the enemy chilled" on the first shield hit so disabling that might be accurate. It's hard to give an explanation to calculate mapping so play around with it and keep things reasonable if you care for optimizing your mapping dps.

Finally to close out the guide i'll be giving a shoutout to all the people stalking my profile through poe.ninja/youtube/reddit, Ocatavian0 for showing off my character in Baeclast and RaizQT for playing SST and actually helping me change some build choices around.
Thanks for all the weird pm's and questions it's made my league fun, I'll be trying to keep this up-to-date as best i can and answer any questions
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Spectral Shield Throw Deadeye - /view-thread/2548646
But how do I get legacy shield?
I've been building this at the moment, it seems like the shields have really gone up in price. A shield like the one you have is easily 30-60 ex right now, and even a blank i86 collossal base is 60+ c to start. On top of that the essences got more expensive and a good roll is hard to hit.

It's a fun and viable build but definitely very costly.
Magisch wrote:
I've been building this at the moment, it seems like the shields have really gone up in price. A shield like the one you have is easily 30-60 ex right now, and even a blank i86 collossal base is 60+ c to start. On top of that the essences got more expensive and a good roll is hard to hit.

It's a fun and viable build but definitely very costly.

I should add a disclaimer on my shield since it's legacy (Because of stacked quality delve suffix and craft. It was patched on day 2-3 of legion), It's not possible to get as high as mine anymore.
As for the base prices i have no idea what league you're in but, LegionSC they are going for 20c, they have been most of the league (Ofcourse might go up).
With that aside in my reasonable POB i have a 2.3k armour shield which you can beat with some luck and dense fossils easily.
Spectral Shield Throw Deadeye - /view-thread/2548646
Pimmalage wrote:
Magisch wrote:
I've been building this at the moment, it seems like the shields have really gone up in price. A shield like the one you have is easily 30-60 ex right now, and even a blank i86 collossal base is 60+ c to start. On top of that the essences got more expensive and a good roll is hard to hit.

It's a fun and viable build but definitely very costly.

I should add a disclaimer on my shield since it's legacy (Because of stacked quality delve suffix and craft. It was patched on day 2-3 of legion), It's not possible to get as high as mine anymore.
As for the base prices i have no idea what league you're in but, LegionSC they are going for 20c, they have been most of the league (Ofcourse might go up).
With that aside in my reasonable POB i have a 2.3k armour shield which you can beat with some luck and dense fossils easily.

2.5k+ Armour Shields start at 1.4 ex : http://poe.trade/search/oyaramaduganim

I currently got a 2400 armour one which I crafted and with that 2m shaper dps is reachable still, so it still works.

Cheap Budget Options for Weapons include the Princess (for Leveling) or Ewars Mirage (for the extra Chain).
Very nice build and guide.

The build was able to take me through everything in the game. I downed uber elder with like 6k life and 700k PoB dps. Was it easy? no. Was it fun? Hell yea.

Map clear is super fast, for legion encounters you pick a side and you are able to get most of the mobs from that side, and have a bit of time to get some from the other side.A bit squish yes, but a solid life pool and acro/phase acro and fortify are good enough to carry you, just skip the double damage -max maps and you will be fine.

Bossing is nothing stellar. It gets the job done and that's about it. The more mobs around the boss the faster it dies. Too many mobs and some chains miss the boss. It is at least DECENT.

Right now i am just blasting through elder maps trying to up the clear speed of the build. Fork has been very good for that and a shaper mace with enemies explode helps a bit.The proj. pierce craft also helps.

One upgrade the build could get is getting a pair of gloves with the temple mod "increased damage against chilled enemies" followed by crafting the cold conversion mod. Should be a nice dps boost.

Overall really enjoyed the build. SST is a solid skill and doing a pure phys version to start then swapping to the ele one is a good choice.A chieftain version for pure fire is also something interesting to consider.

Nice build TM ~ MMPrisM
RthoThePotato wrote:

One upgrade the build could get is getting a pair of gloves with the temple mod "increased damage against chilled enemies" followed by crafting the cold conversion mod. Should be a nice dps boost.

Overall really enjoyed the build. SST is a solid skill and doing a pure phys version to start then swapping to the ele one is a good choice.
Nice build TM ~ MMPrisM

Thanks for the support, And the suggestion is solid i completely forgot about that mod, I'll have to test it out. Build guide needs a lot of work still but glad you're enjoying it.
Spectral Shield Throw Deadeye - /view-thread/2548646
Edit: Derp you get 40% from the tree, my bad.
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How do you feel about the swap from acrobatics to "armour"?

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