New Zenith Microtransactions

Why, because you do not give them any money? It is still a free game and supporting them is still your own choice.

Fine if you do not want to, but what is wrong with people that like to buy a MTX and support them at the same time.

Zenith Armour Set IS COOL and GAME FITTING - BUT the shoulders look like that one shoulder from Rags in D1...they are completly off balance with rest of outfit, should have been more like the helmet, with something rising up....and no holes like in some dishes u use to make french fries....

Back Attachment - meeeeh.......nah...

Aura - looks like a base aura u can have from any gem...doesnt seem it had that much interest put into it...but it would look awsome if it were wider, around the char, like Goku SSJ aura
30% Double DMG STD SC Lethal Pride -
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Sheathed swords accessory is stupid.
Why not have sheathed animation for your equipped weapon while in town instead?
It was done as long ago as Diablo 1.
Forgotten technologies of the ancients?
When will the Glimmerwood Armour MTX be available in store?
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Why do you pull on my wallet GGG please stop i beg of you my wallet cant take much more of this
sleek look,

i want it on my character
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We warframe now bois
juyevon wrote:
When will the Glimmerwood Armour MTX be available in store?

Probably in a little over 2 weeks.

On topic - Rhino, is that you?
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Would be my top 5 character effect if not for that ball spinning around :(
*thumbs up*

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