We've just released several new Zenith microtransactions, including the Armour Set, the Back Attachment and the Character Effect!

The Zenith Armour Set is made of white metal and adorned with gold. This shiny armour set will satisfy those of you who prefer unusual futuristic outfits for your characters. There is also an accompanying Back Attachment, that contains a dark red cloak with a metallic plate and two iridescent swords. The new Zenith Character Effect, designed in golden and red colours will finish your look. Check them out by watching the videos below, or click here to get yours.

Thank you for your support!
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Oooh, im not first..
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I dig the armour set, not so digging the character effect though. Love the weapon mtx
The game was updated 40 minutes for this?

Thank you so much GGG!
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armour set...meh
Leap Slap
Still waiting on that crucible/darkprism shield...

And empyrean/valkyrie character effect... or shield... or footprints... or wings...
The solution is simple, we just need somebody to execute it.
Oh dam, pretty nice. I really like those, definitely one of the nicest sets in store.

Edit: First! (page lul, like never happens)
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tvinkkk wrote:

Imagine giving these guys any more money.

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