[3.7] Berserker - 2H Axe Cyclone Crit | 8+mil DPS | Tanky | Fast | (Cheap)

Updated 22/06

The build has great defenive skills and the clear speed is decent. Mapping is a breeze now, legion and bosses die extremely fast.

Working on upgrading my gear now, most of my gear is rather just random gear I found along the way. I've spent around 1ex so far on the build.

With a Helmet change and armor you can push 13mil DPS while mapping, you won't get vs Elder due to fact you won't have 50 stacks of rage.

Pros -
Decent. That's about it, like any build with right gear you can do all content.

Cons -
Rage, stacking takes time without rather large investment. I tried doing the skill setup along with gem but trade off is just to big.
Physical Reflect.

Gem setup, is always changing as I find new gear and test new ideas. Atm, I I have INT issue as I swapped a ring out, so until I get INT ring or some on my Amulet I have to waste skill points on the tree.

------ Build is based off my current gear ------


Make sure to change the flasks based on which aura option your running to get correct numbers.
Flask 1 - 59% more damage (Aura Option 1)
Flask 2 - 79% more damage (Aura Option 2) requires - mana cost ring to work.






CWDT + Blood Rage

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PoB links is broken.
Drwattsy wrote:
PoB links is broken.

Fixed, some stupid reason I break the whole thing when I was editing it.

Now, to get 10mil+ DPS you need change your helm to Abyssus, but Legion just hits so god damn hard I had to drop it, I've done T16 Maps Red Elder, but legion still hits harder...
Can you post a skill tree link? I'm still pretty new and have no idea what I'm doing.
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