[3.7] Spectral Shield Throw Gloomfang Cold Crit Deadeye

Quince wrote:
So ive been playing this and its an amazing build! Thank you for putting the guide together. However i came across Eclipse Solaris and though it might be a good main hand you lose attack speed but you also blind enemies and it gives a massive crit strike chance against blind enemies and since we take the crit strike against blind cluster on the tree it might be worth using. PoB gives it quite a bit higher dps but you do lose some attack speed so just a thought

I did this on a wander 2 leagues ago along with The Effigon for hits cannot be evaded & fire pen. Another interesting option would be obliteration for the corpse explosions but i haven't tried it myself yet.
Can you updates you leveling trees? seems the 60 one is not out yet? D: because i know in your POB which nodes should go after level 30 tree?
leveling trees added & links fixed
After getting to lvl 60 i think i just cant take it anymore :D I know, it's nowhere near endgame but the single target makes me cry. even stacked rare legion bosses take ages to kill if they stay alive, its a shame because the build is fun as heck
i been playing this for a day now and it is fun as fuck but what do i do about the dmg from the amulet it seems a lot sometimes, and also the mana cost is rough lol
gmasterelkin wrote:
i been playing this for a day now and it is fun as fuck but what do i do about the dmg from the amulet it seems a lot sometimes, and also the mana cost is rough lol

Make sure you have some sort of mana leech (gloves a ring or from the passive tree). a rare jewel with "+2 Mana gained for each enemy hit by your attacks" is really good too. To compensate for gloomfang, you NEED a source of life gain on hit. Equip a claw, elder ring, or a Thief's Torment ring.
For anyone interested this is me doing a T13 map (ps. sorry if the music isn't to your taste - I forgot bandicam records that)
I went with

since it was only 70c
This is a typical GLASS cannon on my part here with only 3500 life but the damage and really high freeze ratio helps a lot.
I'm using vortex on CWDT - mainly because I like how it looks but it slows monsters so whatever - it does SOMETHING.
ALso - using a vall cold snap since it kinda helps with freezing. And frenzy charges on bosses.

Overall it feels like an Arc Witch. Only Cooler.

Also - my ring ofsets 20 out of 22 degen from gloom so I went with a jewel netting me an overal of +1 on every hit. I'd say I really recommend that - given how far projectiles travel and how many targets they his a positive on life gain is really heplful.

Tried Atziri - can be done with ridiculous luck (I manged two phases without any chain hitting the mirror - lucky as fuck) but overall not advised without a reflec setup.

Btw. I also took the 0.4 life and mana leech node from tree since without killing the lab enchant doesn't really work and my mana regen isn't enoough.
Also took passives instead of Alira. Really starved for passives - I need like 20 more!

I do have some videos from the leveling process (recorded since my friend wanted to see how this build performs) so if you are undecided you can check those out too - I was using leveling uniques that were total below 20c (including tabula) so you can even start this without having a lot of money.
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Playing your build rn and loving it!
If you have time please add Pantheons to the guide.
( I'm sure you have figured out the best gods interactions for the build)

Thx in advance !
brine king for stuns, ryslatha for life flask. For boss fights like u elder do solaris with the "8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently" upgrade
how do you get enough int to level the support gems?

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