[3.10] Ngamahu's Flame/300% Movement Speed/8-13 Frenzy Charges/7k HP/6.75 Mil Shaper DPS/40k Evasion

For anyone who is having trouble proccing flammability, you can go cwdt,stormbrand,curse on hit, flam/enfeeble ..whatever curse u want,

if it's not proccing , remember your curse has to be higher than your cwdt .

edit: fixed issue. will post new question in latest post.
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I dropped Ash , and went with flesh and stone and and blood and sand, easy to swap to blood on bosses if needed, also i'm using enfeeble, the damage is there, i've been easily clearing t16 maps/bosses/metamorphs, as always be careful choosing metamorph qualities.

picking up one more jewel spot on the tree up top with 2 int nodes in front of it for the extra intellect to boost enfeeble.

hope it helps,
also swaping to avatar of the veil, and using ice bite, for added protection
scrap the ascendency change
Thank you for this fun build. For some reason my path of building shows very low damage. Where are you getting the damage? What am I missing?. Thank you.
I'm looking through many of the pastebins of people complaining that this build is too squishy with little life. Many of the trees im seeing are very inefficient with many wasted nodes and far too many travel nodes.

Here is the min maxed version I've made for level 100: https://pastebin.com/sJs9Mk22

6-6.5K life, with 440k damage per molten burst, and 2.2M cyclone DPS. Should absolutely be able to do most content, and yes it does take investment. The pastebin gear above should be relatively achieveable withing 6-8 weeks of a league start playing efficiently every day.
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I'm currently having no luck in T14+ maps, even when I focus on safer modifiers I end up (almost) dying every time (and damage feels low as well, especially on bosses). Are there specific things I need to focus on in terms of gear (Ignoring the fire res not being capped for now as I need to fix that anyway).

Here's my PoB https://pastebin.com/x0VKiDsY and here's my profile https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/zowieuwu/characters any help would be appreciated
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How does raider compare to chieftain ascendancy for nagamahu's cyclone? Mostly as a league starter
I invested around 20 ex in the build, but i seem to die all the time out of nowhere, i use the flask and get around 30k defense, my resist is all capped except of course for the chaos, hp is around 3.4k, and i modified it to have around leech 29% life leech recover per second (918 hp). I get 1 shot and barelly can do any map boss, i like the fast map clear with the build is awesome but i dont think it can sustain the boss fight or metamorph or big dmg mechanics, i constantly die in map tier 14-16, anything i am doing wrong ?

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