[3.10] Ngamahu's Flame/300% Movement Speed/8-13 Frenzy Charges/7k HP/6.75 Mil Shaper DPS/40k Evasion

Hello, Sorry about the translator, lul.
I made several modifications to the build, and so far I'm really enjoying it! There is still a lot of room for improvement, (Jewels, Rares equip, etc.) I spent very little to get there, 5 exalted at max.

Loreweave can be a good chest, I still prefer carcass (cyclone aura) I don't know how to calculate DPS correctly, as we have good crit chances, I used COC a while. (Cyc> Coc> Wave Convic> Armageddon Brand> Combustion> Elemental Damage.
In a Bau Ashrend (7l, 20 Chaos) I didn't do any difficult content with this, so I can't say if it's viable. I would like your opinion about Vulconus ,,, PS: Support Nightblade, grants elusive, Elusive grants the following:
20% chance to Dodge Attack Hits
20% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
40% increased Movement Speed

And it still gives extra effects, I had green slot left so I didn't see anything better here ...

Noonoo i would suggest levelling u r 73 only and chest I prefer Ashrend much better dmg also modifying original tree a bit for dmg would help
My friend just tried out this build.

What can I say,it's a very good farmer, great clear speed. But it's very brittle, and it's not for endgame content.

He tried out a variation of what Kirosuko posted, only he put whispers of doom in the amulet so he can use Bronn's lithe.

The issue is with the damage,it's simply not enough for higher content, at about T14 maps it starts to fall and by the time you reach T16 while you can speedrun,some mobs take a while to kill and a T16 metamorph is out of the question.

He is trying the build in league,so a chestpiece like that rare with +to critical, -mana cost is not really affordable.

It's not a tanky build,but then again,that is not what this build is about, 4-5K hp with a ton of evasion, however the trade-off should be insane damage,and it just isn't there. This is the build, if anyone has any ideas for improvement,please let me know.

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I'm playing this build at the moment and I have great fun, haven't start mapping yep, but whatever.

I have a minor issue however. i've liken CWDT with wave of conviction, curse on hit and flammability but the curse never proc. When I take damage, the wave of conviction cast, but it does not apply the curse...
I've tried to use the gems in the order you specify and any other order but the WoC never apply the curse. Is there a bug or something weird in there?
Ok so far I got to lv91 spent lots of ex on this build (xbox, stuff is expensive) still find it quite hard on t16 and other content, eradicate done on last portal can some1 have a look at my build and suggest any changes. I'll be getting tombfist soon as well. Maybe skill tree bit different but gives nice balance got from poeninja.

Any feedback appreciated
Sry wrong acc please check on this one
Do what You will shall be the whole of the law.
nonooo wrote:
I pushed the build a bit (invested around 10 ex)
I have no issues mapping and clearing t16 but single target dps is just awful. It takes tons of time doing boss maps, i dont even try metamorph or end game bosss with this build. single target Damage is very low. Anyone feel the same?

Yeah. Im not sure about my 'skill' in game (i can do something wrong lol), but single target takes comparatively longer than group of mobs. But still this build more impressive, than others im tried to play. Thanks alot for this build!

I have a question about passive nodes and gear. I have critical issues with 'strength'. I cant wear axe without my belt + ring

Even worse is what i took 'Beef' node for +30 str. What i can do with that? For now i cant change my belt, ring, amulet and 1 node i lost for extra str.

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