[3.7] Cyclone CWC Blade Vortex Chieftain Build 1.3M DPS Tanky

Hi all,
This is my first build I'm writing. I'm mostly writing it to get feedback on how the build should grow, or make it better. I think its pretty solid as is, at 1.3M DPS 6k Life (Could be more) and 90% Physical reduction.

This seems like a fun build to play. Also, I did not come up with this concept or skill tree on my own. I watched a couple videos of different people.

High damage resist
Good league starter
Cheap to start off with

A slower moving build
Need elder items for decent life leech (Other than ascendancy)
Not as high of area of effect as pure cyclone build, but can easily adjust this build for more area of effect (enchants and such)

This is a Chieftain Cyclone CWC Blade Vortex(BV) build. The concept is to get BV stacks started by using cyclone while still moving. It also uses Vaal RF for boss fights. You can use regular righteous fire as needed and just use a life flask with "of dousing: to end the effect so you don't kill yourself with fire. This build focuses on the easily accessible life nodes and uses a staff (Can be switched out for sword and shield or even Axe)


Level up early game by getting a holy flame totem. it Really helps and then focusing on getting some life nodes first and then moving up the tree near the top. I do not have a specific leveling guide for the tree. Go as you see fit, and what fits your needs.

Final Tree (Level 92, 115 Points)
Also, check out the PoB link: https://pastebin.com/J3jniGPz

Kill all

Ngamahu > Hinekora > Tasalio > Ramako

Go with whatever feels good to you, but i feel
Major: Lunaris - For movement speed and more defense
Minor: Gruthkul

As I have yet to play this build, I do not have the items to link. Will post the names of the items i'm thinking of.
Primary stat would be Life and Armour
Disintegrator, Maelstrom Staff or a Shaper staff with Cast while Channeling mod on it

The Formless Inferno, Royal Burgonet - For the massive armor bonus it gives because of our huge fire resist

Any rare chest with Life, armor, life regen and resists. Not a fa of Kaom's heart because of no sockets, but if you can take out 6 gems from this build, that would be a good armor.
Carcass Jack would be a great addition to this build, but i'd say focus on getting a rare 6 link before you try to 6 link a Carcass Jack

Rare gloves with Life, armor, resists, and any stats you may need

Can change the weapon out for a Razor of the Seven Suns and a Rise fo the Phoenix Shield if you want the extra fire resist to run RF more

Again, rare boots with the stats you need.

Xophs Blood - When you get this you can drop Avatar of Fire passive skill
Carnage heart would be a decent addition
But then again, a good rare amulet with life life leech with fire, armour and resistances

A nice Stygian Belt with life with a life Gem and damage put in it

Here there is a lot you can do
Thief's Torment would be a solid addition to begin until you get Elder rings with Life gained on hit
Another option would be Malachai's Artifice with Herald of Purity in it for the EE on the minions it summons so you would do more damage with your fire (Credit to Ghazzy)

The Wise Oak - Make use of that high fire resist
Rumi's Concoction
Cinderswallow Urn
Life Flask with "of Dousing" for RF
Quicksilver Flask with another movement speed mod on it

Any jewels with Life on them, area damage, and if possible, any resistances you may need

Gem Links
Cyclone 6 link

For general maps you can switch out Concentrated effect for Increased area of effect support

CWDT 4 Link

Only able to put enduring cry in if you use a ring slot for Herald of Purity

Herald 3(4) link

Plus enlighten to make the mana reserve more manageable

Leap Slam 3 Link

Flammability 4 Link

RF 4 Link
Vaal Righteous Fire - WM

Link vaal righteous fire to increased duration support
Link blasphemy to warlord's mark

If you opt in to use Malachais Artifice ring, make the herald link a 3 link and use enduring cry with the CWDT links

Updated 6/18/19
is great for mana and life regen until you get better gear.
For the elder, u may need to use frost wall to protect the shaper in the initial fight if you find yourself too slow to hit all the portals in time

Let me know what you think, or what could be improved on. Thank you :P
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Curse on Hit link doesnt work with spell totem/woc.
Oh yea, at first I was just using that as a socket to cast. I've actually updated the buidl since then, just havnt updated this page, as my computer was out of commission for a bit.
bew updates include making RF a 2 link, taking out purity of fire, and linking blashlemy to warlord's mark for the extra tankiness. Sorry for the delay guys.
Curse on Hit link doesnt work with spell totem/woc.
As a levelling-budged option until you can get your hands on a dissintegrator, I suggest to use The cauterizer.

Also, putting a Phase run on your CWDT setup will help you to reach your enemies faster and also is a minor attack buff.
I suggest those boots with purity of fire and added fire dmg for attack and spell (so scaling with bw and cyclone), have life and movement speed, have also the possibility of choose the type of defence.
how viable is this? how far did you reach before you stopped playing with this build or before it started to peter out? i know a lot of builds have a hard time come T13-14 maps and up but are 100% easily usable up to that point. This build really amuses, been wanting to CWC something with the new Cyclone and BV is dope.
Hello, this is my actual build
Many thing have to be change (need exalts :D).
If you guys have any suggestion please share your thoughts!
Sorry for the late response. This was a fun build, but ultimately I ended up moving to a pure cyclone build. The damage is easier to get to
At the start of the league after seeing ghazzy's theorycraft about this build, i started messing around with the build myself aswell and ended up with quite a decent setup, elder/shaper were quite easy, not gonna bother with uber though :).

Currently i got 5.4k hp, and around 1.65 mil dps with BV, vaal RF does around 1.7 mil dps, and wave of conv 350k.

This is my gear:

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