[3.7] Caustic Arrow Trickster, All-Purpose Workhorse [Life+QotF][Delve 1000][Full POB]

My Legion gear so far








Tips from league start
I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like, but I managed to 6L and craft my Elder Bow last night, so with that out of the way, I will be putting some time towards a leveling guide. Again, this is a rough guide: there are so many ways to build this character, and what's obvious to me about things like aura and gear choices may be over your head. Please feel free to ask, I've helped many people in-game/on stream already. Get yourself a 6L Silverbranch for 25-30C, and add +1 gems to it with the 1c prophecy, and you're good to red maps. I have been downright lazy in upgrading my gears/links: I'm running without Immortal Call, QotF, Siphoning Trap, Grace, Jade Flask, and T11-12s were butter with a Silverbough, aside from crazy -res/extra damage/beyond maps, which you should expect to kill you occasionally at this point :P

I'm almost done with the acts, but it's never felt so good. GO GO GO for the cooldown recovery nodes. Get Blink Arrow and Flame Dash with Faster Attacks/Casting. Run a low level Clarity for mana. Malevolance right away, Dread Banner when you can. Get Bane + Despair in a 4L ASAP. You can get a 5L bow for 1-2 chaos if you find some.

I've been BLASTING through the zones. Just proc Mirage Archer and Blink Arrow/Flame Dash infinitely once you have both cooldown nodes. I've put off labs until I'm just at A10 Kitava right now. PM me in game if you are struggling or need help, and I'm sorry I didn't put more on leveling.

Quite a few Caustic Arrow players have asked me for my build so here it is. Credit is due to DankawSL for his original Raider Guide, which was my first real POE character in Delve league. My personal build has come a long way since, and I'm stoked to be able to finally share it. I didn't get as much done before 3.7 starts. I'll definitely be going full ham the first week, and I'm happy to answer immediate questions in-game or on stream!

If you are here for a league start build, it is definitely a beast. I pushed red maps early in Flashback with no Uber Lab, 10 missing passives, a plain 6L and absurdly bad rares. How well you do early, especially if it's your first time on the skill, I cannot say, but most players using the skill I've met were relatively new/poor, and still absolutely loved it. My goal is to spend this league recording video and collecting data so I can present this as a new player walkthrough. In the mean time, it's not too complicated, and I'd rather share what I have than not at all.

POE: whisper @casual_place

-3.6 Trickster with Mirage Archer put my 3.5 Pathfinder at full damage to shame
-Simple playstyle: shoot death, pick loot, flasks + Phase Run for NOS
-Mirage Archer and DOT make looting faster and safer
-Pushes hard on trash gear, get carried by shrines/rampage
-3.7 Passives "complete" at ~93 w/ 2 jewels, up to 6-7 at high level
-6L +1/+2 Bow "unlocks" T16/Shaper-level stuff
-7L Elder Bow "unlocks" that all-content feel
-Hard-tested at 5fps on an APU laptop in 3.5 (depth 750 on Pathfinder)

-Inexperienced players may struggle with subtle choices while balancing gem links, flasks, passives/jewels, mana reserve, etc. at various stages of gearing
-QotF/The Gull/Rampage are fun and powerful, but not for everyone (functional without)
-SSF meh? +1/+2 6L Bow, and even QotF, seems attainable in time, crafting with Elder bases/fossils/essences sounds like a nightmare
-Crafting the Elder Bow/etc. is at least an intermediate endeavor, but I think possible for a newish player in one league--a +1/+2 6L Bow can still put out close to 1mil DPS


06/10/19 - updated tree with more ideal leveling strategy with movement recovery
06/06/19 - ready for 3.7 league start :D


Since I don't have a full guide, I've elected not to plaster any kind of stats in the title or intro. This contains all the essential information you need about what I've personally verified is possible gear-wise, and there are tons of solid CA builds on poe.ninja for comparison. I would NOT have gotten this far without experimenting in Path of Building. If you are a newer player looking to get serious, I suggest you spend your remaining hours becoming familiar with the program.

To answer simply: yes, it can do all the things, except maybe Delve bosses past 400-500 (unless I just suck). Fair warning though, don't expect to be the free Uber Elder carry guy on your friends' lists without a 7L Elder Bow, at LEAST 6k eHP, and sufficient technical skill. You'll probably sink your entire dismal chaos stack into a quiver with nothing to show. Most of my gear was forged in the raging fires of poe.trade, scouring every time zone for individual fossils and 1/27th of obscure Deafening Essences. But when you hit all them affixes at once...

To answer simply: yes, it's worth it.

The act/level numbers on the leveling trees are VERY rough, and possibly a little bit over sometimes. The goal is to guide you to the right nodes first, so simply select the next one as you complete them.

Download Path of Building from the official GitHub page
If you already have it installed, make sure you UPDATE (bottom left) to the 3.7 tree.

TREE [POB saves jewels here, match the Tree+Item Set to see intended jewels in Items menu]
"Leveling (Act/Level)" - 8 guide trees, L = final zone of previous act
"Basic L83" - established tree, 2 jewels for "Basic Gear"
"Meta L93" - same as basic tree w/ Scion life, 2 jewels for "Meta Gear"
"Chase (Jewels)" - filler tree, 5 jewels for "Chase Mods"
"3.6/FB (Jewels)" - filler tree, 7/5 jewels for "3.6"/"3.6FB" @characters
"[3.6][OLD]" - outdated tree from last league for posterity

ITEMS [full item list is sorted mostly by base-type]
"Leveling Gear" - twink items mostly, can be selected for leveling
"Basic Gear" - basic concept: +1/+2 bow, QotF, decent rares/jewels, correct flasks
"Meta Gear" - end-game: Elder Bow, well-crafted rares/better jewels
"Chase Mods" - fake items: examples of possible affixes for each base
"3.6 Synthesis" - my stat queen which hit ~2.5mil dps and nearly 8k eHP
"3.6 Flashback" - my favorite version, including The Gull/Imprescence/Watcher's Eye

SKILLS [includes correct gem levels + potential extra supports disabled by default]
Caustic Arrow (6L) - Works for everything up to +1/+2 bow gems, Void Manipulation disabled
Caustic Arrow (7L Elder Bow) - Replaces Vicious Proj with Empower, Void Manipulation disabled
Wither Totem (4L) - yup, Increased Duration disabled (item affix/Faster Casting substitute)
Despair + Blasphemy (2-4L) - curse aura setup, Enhance/Inc AOE disabled (Enlighten/Imprescence)
Despair + Frenzy (4-6L) - manual curse setup, Enhance/Culling Strike disabled
Auras (1-4L) - yup, Enlighten/Dread Banner/Vaal Haste disabled (alt/end-game setups)
CWDT + IC (2-3L) - levels here will vary, Increased Duration disabled
Utility (any L) - misc. single gems, Faster Attacks/Projectiles disabled (for any open slots)

Are you always on full life? - Damage on Full Life support gem
Do you always have energy shield? - Trickster ascendancy
Do you use Frenzy charges? - assumes you're manually cursing and/or maintaining charges
Do you have Onslaught? - for "on kill" instead of a Silver Flask
My builds so far
3.6 Synthesis SC @casualplace lv98 // Delve 1060+

3.6 Synthesis Flashback SC @PenisBeardPenisMustache - Delve 960+

3.5 Betrayal SC (Pathfinder) @yozx - Delve 750+

*MISSING!!* will get this back from a Standard friend if he ever signs on :D Basically the same build on a Pathfinder, using Cinderswallow Urn.
3.4 Delve SC (Raider) @syoxis - My original potato












Caustic Arrow lvl 21 (0%+ quality) (6L Bow +1 Gems/+2 Bow Gems)
2---Concentrated Effect 20(20)
3---Damage on Full Life 20(20)
4---Vicious Projectiles 20(0)
5---Swift Affliction 20(20)
6---(Void Manipulation) 20(20)
x---(Mirage Archer) 20(20)

Caustic Arrow 21(0+) ("7L" Elder Bow +1 Gems/Vicious Projectiles/+2 Support Gems)
2---Empower 3 or 4
3---Concentrated Effect 20(20)
4---Damage on Full Life 20(20)
5---Swift Affliction 20(20)
6---(Void Manipulation) 20(20)
x---(Mirage Archer) 20(20)
Caustic Arrow
Gem choice comes down to the biggest "More Damage" Multiplier, with Mirage Archer as your 6th link, substituting Void Manipulation whenever appropriate for max damage.

Regardless of the bow, Empower 4 is the best-in-slot DPS boost.

A "7L" Elder Bow with +1 Gems/Vicious Projectiles/+2 Support Gems needs at least Empower 1 to have more DPS than a 6L Bow with +1 Gems/+2 Bow Gems/NA Chaos DOT Multi.

A "7L" Elder Bow with +1 Gems/Vicious Projectiles/N-A Chaos DOT Multiplier needs at least Empower 3.

According to POB, Empower 3 falls somewhere between Void Manipulation's 39% and Swift Affliction's 44%, in any bow with +1 Gems and without +2 Support Gems. If you care enough, you probably know how to POB this yourself, otherwise no worries with Empower until you get an Elder Bow :D

Empower should be ignored completely in any setup without +1 Level of Socketed Gems.

Caustic Arrow 13% more base dmg per lvl after 20 / (+10% increased AOE)
CA gem level will almost always your biggest DPS boost. Quality is fairly trivial, and I recommend corrupting your swap gems at, or trading for a 20/0 ASAP.

Concentrated Effect 57% more dmg / (10% inc dmg)
Conc Effect has the largest more multiplier of any normal support gem. In the end, any downsides to 30% less AoE are outweighed by the damage output.

Damage on Full Life 49% more dmg / (10% inc dmg)
On Raider and Pathfinder, using this was questionable. With Trickster's ES buffer, Patient Reaper life recovery and higher damage avoidance, maintaining full life is seldom an issue, though use with caution before your first Lab.

Vicious Projectiles 49% more dmg / (n/a)
No downsides to this gem, and the best green support. Quality only gives increased physical damage, so you are free to corrupt at 20(0%). You can put the actual gem in your stash once it's integrated into your Elder bow :)

Swift Affliction 44% more dmg / (10% inc dmg)
Applies a trivial 15% reduced duration, which affects CA's pods and Mirage Archer. This is easily mitigated by 20% MORE skill duration from your ascendancy, and/or the CA duration helm enchant (which also increases MA!).

Void Manipulation 39% more dmg / (10% inc dmg)
Lowest more multiplier of any CA support. This is generally the damage gem you interchange with Mirage Archer.

Empower ~42% more dmg @ lv3, ~63% @ lv4
The biggest DPS increase at level 4. Relatively expensive early league. If one drops, quality if possible and start leveling immediately, or buy one to level after you finish your 6L Bow with +1 Gems/+2 Bow Gems in preparation for your Elder Bow.

Mirage Archer MA has 11% less dmg, 60% less atk speed / (n/a)
The #1 bow gem IMO. I have this socketed for most of my character's existance, and usually only go full damage for parties, certain bosses or pushing red maps early league. As far as I know, "increased attack damage" from quality does not affect CA.

Wither >18(20)
2---Spell Totem 20(20)
3---Multiple Totems 20(20)
4---Faster Casting 20(20)
Wither Totem
Wither 6% inc dmg taken * 15 stacks, 36% reduced ms / (20% duration)
Huge damage boost at full stacks, all the while providing a movespeed debuff and some aggro away from you. The damage debuff is unaffected by gem level, so I keep this un-corrupted/under-leveled to avoid 155 INT requirement. Just make sure you flip it to 20% quality at some point for consistent/faster stack uptime.
Spell Totem ? / (20% placement speed)
Turns Wither into a totem that applies it for you. As far as I know, gem level provides higher base life. With no other scaling, the placement speed from quality feels AMAZING!
Multiple Totems +2 additional totems / (20% placement speed)
Makes you cast 2 totems at once, for a total of 3. Makes maintaing stacks and fighting over a large area very easy. Cannot stress how important quality is for both these gems: placing totems stops you dead in your tracks without it.
Faster Casting 39% inc cast speed/ (10% inc)
Gets your stacks up super fast. Honestly unsure if this affects totem placement speed. Early on, you can substitute Increased Duration if you are having troubles with socket colors.

Despair >18(20) (for manual cursing)
2---Curse on Hit 20(20)
3---Frenzy 1(20)
4---Greater Multiple Projectiles 1+(20)
x---Enhance 3 or 4
x---Culling Strike 1+(20)
Despair >18(20) (as an aura)
2---Blasphemy 20(20)
x---Increased Area of Effect 20(0)
x---Enhance 3 or 4
Curse setup

Despair -29% chaos resistance, 25% inc dmg taken / (10% inc dmg taken)
This is your curse. Aside from a fossil-crafted helmet, your only source of enemy resistance reduction. Like Wither, I prefer leaving this under-leveled/uncorrupt to avoid the INT requirement, but does have a small damage sacrifice/
Frenzy 5% Frenzy atk speed per charge / (10% atk spd)
Fairly established choice for manually cursing on this build. Huge upside of generating up to 1 charge per attack for free, and does so quickly. Quality gives a little attack speed QoL. Forever level 1 to keep mana cost down. Mind your crappy accuracy when trying to curse individual mobs. I also keep this socketed when running a Despair aura, just to generate charges.
Greater Multiple Projectiles +4 projectiles / (10% atk spd)
Makes mass cursing possible. Combined with your pierce, you can curse an entire screen in a few shots. Gem level only increases link skill damage, so get the quality and do as you please.
Curse on Hit 12% reduced curse duration / (10% inc curse effect)
Enables Frenzy to apply Despair. Make sure to get that quality for a bit of extra damage :D
Culling Strike n/a / (10% atk spd)
Makes Frenzy more useful by allowing you to immediately kill mobs with <10% HP. Personally only used with Blink Arrow with surprising effect for end-game bosses.
Enhance 18% gem quality @ lv3, 24% @ lv4
Increases the quality of Despair, and thus damage taken by mobs.
Blasphemy 76% inc AOE / (10% curse effect)
Reserves mana in exchange for automatically cursing mobs, which must be in range to be affected, which has its downsides in situations where you have to maintain distance. Like Curse on Hit, make sure to get quality for increased effect.
Increased Area of Effect 20(20)
Does as it says. Nearly full screen coverage with this linked, and really makes the aura shine.

Malevolance 20(0)
Vaal Grace 20(0) -or- Vaal Haste 20(0)
x---Dread Banner >15(20)
x---Enlighten 4

Malevolance 20% more dmg, 19% inc skill duration (n/a)
3.6 finally brought a DOT aura. Mandatory active unless you are running content way under your DPS
Vaal Grace +2575 evasion // 34%/34% dodge with Vaal
Increases your movement speed with QotF and reduces your chance of being hit my attack hits. Vaal Grace will cap your spell/attack dodge, a great defense option for vulnerable moments
Dread Banner 19% less accuracy / (10% inc aura effect)
Reduces nearby enemy accuracy, resulting in a sizeable effective evasion buff. Unlike other auras, quality actually has an effect here. I keep the gem under-leveled to avoid the STR requirement.
Vaal Haste 9% movespeed, 16% atk/cast speed // 13% ms, 31% atk/cast speed with Vaal
A legitimate choice before you have QotF or your attack speed ascendancy. I've mostly used it while partying, fun to pop the Vaal after picking up a movespeed shrine from The Gull :D If you're unsure where this would be useful, ignore this.

Enlighten 88% mana reserved @ lv4
In conjuction with reduced reserve nodes on the passive tree, "unlocks" some interesting aura combos at lv4. Only truly necessary when maxing the build.

Immortal Call 3-7(0)
2---Cast When Damage Taken 1-5(0)
x---Increased Duration 20(20)

Immortal Call .4sec base duration @ lv3 / (n/a**)
Makes you immune to physical damage for a short time. Standard issue on most builds. Incredibly effective with endurance charge generation from Elder boots. Must be no more than 2 levels above CWDT.***
Cast When Damage Taken supports req lvl 38 gems @ lv1
Procs linked spells after taking enough hit damage (no DOTs), in this case: Immortal Call. Higher CWDT level allows support for higher level Immortal Call (and thus immunity duration), but requires you to take more total damage to proc.
Increased Duration 67% inc duration / (10% inc duration)
Combined with 20% MORE duration from your ascendancy, makes IC a serious defensive option. Indispensable once you have endurance charges. Not the end of the world if it won't fit, but I would factor it into your end-game setup.

Phase Run 20(20)
Siphoning Trap 20(20)
Blink Arrow 1(20)
x---Faster Attacks 20(20)
x---Faster Projectiles 20(20)
Phase Run 39% inc movespeed (10% inc ms)
By far my favorite utility skill. Gives you phasing, 50% reduced visibility to monsters, and doesn't interrupt Mirage Archer. Frenzy charges increase the duration. I use this heavily in Delve to explore side areas, and survive in general.
Siphoning Trap regens 324-648 life per sec / (20% inc chill effect)
Seemingly overlooked in a lot of builds. I throw this out any time I plan on stopping for more than a few seconds and is an important part of my hotkey rotation on bosses. Ascendancy life recovery boost this significantly while killing, and during Delve node encounters, acts much like non-stop life flask.
Blink Arrow n/a / (30% inc arrow speed)
Your movement skill. Slow cooldown, but infinite range. I'm bad, and use it less than I should for defense/speed. Will save your ass many times.
Faster Attacks 44% inc atk spd (10% inc atk spd)
Makes the Blink Arrow feel much better for obvious reason, but not a necessary link. Ideally built-in in as a chase mod on your Elder gloves.
Faster Projectiles 69% inc projectile spd (10% inc atk spd)
Even less necessary, but why not if you have a free socket. Drastically reduces the time between attack and teleport. Also a chase mod for Elder gloves, which provide further global proj speed. Though I haven't done a lot of testing, Faster attacks feels better to me as a 2L choice, but all 3 together is sublime.
Leveling/Passive Tree
This is coming, but for now here's a high-res cheat sheet you can save if you don't want to look at POB:

<<if you had this image, it's now outdated. i've put the new leveling passive tree in the POB.
Sorry this is so short, but I have to sleep before league start.
1--> Patient Reaper: The hot ticket for me personally, more useful early than Ghost Dance
2--> Ghost Dance: Not terribly useful early, but every bit helps. You can probably put it off.
3--> Escape Artist: Even with the nerf, you really need the stun immunity and attack speed for maps, and you get some decent eHP from any trash evasion armor early on.
4--> Prolonged Pain: I regretted taking this first in Flashback. The lack of defenses in maps shows, and this won't scale as well until you've got a crafted bow.

There's nothing wrong with taking Prolonged Pain 2nd, and Escape Artist last. But damage is a plenty on the new tree, and you will be hungry for some defenses when you wanted to push maps. Nothing fundamentally build-breaking either way.

Okay on a Ranger?
I'm hiding this cos I feel bad. This is long, but I think it's worth explaining.

It will work. I personally know someone that was A+ satisfied with theirs in Synthesis. With that in mind, I've tried all 3 ascendancies, a LOT...well actually that's all I've played :D

And at this point in the game, I think Raider is simply not a good match for this skill. It feels like a disservice to players to even say "go ahead if you want." At that, there's really no reason not to go with Pathfinder, as the evasion buff can probably be close to matched with the right flasks. PF is also ele-ailment immune and at least has some relevant damage/AOE built-in, and holy fuck the flasks. I would only play Ranger as a Pathfinder, and in the end would just be waiting for Cinderswallow Urn, which is expensive and unavailable early until people start killing Catarina.

I genuinely did try to go back. I thought I would easily level a Pathfinder to 95 in Flashback with my exact setup. Being able to twink jump into my end-game gear at level 70 was fantastic, and I got to 85 in no time...at which point I promptly de-geared the character and never logged in again. Despite the fact that I had finished my damage passives, and could run the same juicy beyond T16 type stuff with crap life no problem, it just felt bad. The damage wasn't quite enough, and despite maxing evasion/dodge to similar levels, I was getting hit WAY more and taking more damage (still decent life), whereas Trickster really does feel like you're a ghost.

However, I AM a stickler for Mirage Archer, and you can definitely achieve legit damage on Ranger with full damage links, espeically because Malevolence exists now, AND we got thiccc DOT wheels in 3.7. Trickster even got attack speed/dodge nerfs. However, none of anything I just said matters because Trickster has Cinderswallow's effect built-in AND insane universal life recovery rate while killing, 600-800 extra ES that actually recovers, reduced damage taken damage, and a massive more damage multiplier that will scale the shit out your damage late game.

The point is, if you can immediately buy into meta gear, the differences are probably trivial to a degree, and as I experienced, you may only notice the difference by playing the exact build side-by-side. But that's exactly the point. On Trickster you get all those benefits out as soon as Uber Lab is done, and once you accquire Queen of the Forest and the correct flasks, whatever natural speed benefits you get on Ranger are trivialized, as your damage will then determine how fast you can push. And there, there, Ranger faces a hard wall: 20% more damage, 10% more eHP, ~9-20% less damage taken, and a damn near full-health instant flask every time you kill a pack.

The only thing I CAN recommend is Occulist. I'm not quite ready for ES yet, but I imagine that even on life, the corpse explosions alone are enough to make it a prime choice. I will be exploring a multi-curse, possibly hybrid life/ES version of this build in 3.7, and I hope to get wowed by people's CA builds this league because I don't know how to make it better and I need ideas :D


I imagine the Pantheon is severely underused by many players, including myself. I learned several 1 second KO lessons via "monsters poison on hit" in deep Delve, before a friend informed me that I'm an idiot. Pay attention to your map/Delve mods and what's available to you: something here may just save you some EXP. I've also listed the relevant maps to add a Divine Vessel, and their 3.7 tiers (devs said atlas is open to change from Bex's reveal)

Soul of Lunaris Major
up to 8% physical damage reduction
up to 8% increased movement speed

+10% chance to Avoid Projectiles
---(T9 Underground Sea)
+5% chance to Dodge Attack and Spell Hits if You've been Hit Recently
---(T9 Moon Temple)
+Avoid Projectiles that have Chained
---(T12 Colosseum)
My default choice. Everything gels nicely with this build. Most important one to complete.

Soul of Solaris Major
6% additional Physical Damage Reduction while there is only one nearby Enemy20% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits
+8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently
---(T1 Sulphur Vents)
+Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have take a Critical Strike Recently
---(T10 Temple)
+50% chance to avoid Ailements from Critical Strikes
---(T15 Caldera)
I've never filled this out, but in making this section, I realize it would be very useful in deeper Delving. Probably worth trying out on maps or Delve with crit/extra damage/% chance to cause ailments.

Soul of Ryslatha Minor
Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently
+60% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life
---(T11 Infested Valley)
My default choice. Life flask charges from nowhere when you thought you were toast on a boss is amazing. Makes me miss Pathfinder. The secondary effect makes your life flask damn near instant on low life.

Soul of Shakari Minor
5% reduced Chaos Damage taken 25% reduced Chaos Damage over Time taken while on Caustic Ground
+Immune to Poison
---(T15 Desert Springs)
Will save you from afformentioned Delve mod. Toxic Sewer :D
My loot filter
In Flashback, literally all I did was complete the atlas, Delve to 960, and run some Beyond T16s for fun to get a couple levels. I was able to craft a lot of essential meta gear on the bakc of flipping regal recipes as soon as I was done with lv <74 zones, which I stopped eventually. But my biggest profit was simply looting all the low currency orbs: Transmutation, Augmentation, Chance, Armourer's Scraps, Whetstones (kept my Alts). With slight underpricing on bulk sales (e.g. 6c/60, 10c/120) sales, I could pretty much pop out of Delve whenever I wanted for what felt like free currency. I never once had to buy any of those basics for self-crafting all my gear, and I was able to buy T16 sulphite @20c a pop non-stop.

This is the filter I used. With the exception of low div cards (need to sort/delete always worthless ones), anything that pops up has realizable value. This is meant for a dump tab play-style where you are not necessarily concerned with what each individual item it is. You will have an immediate solid estimate on the value of anything that drops, and can easily identify low-value items that you may want to skip in the moment.

-Includes all the low currencies, quality gems/fasks, and chaos/regal vendor recipes with ilvl 60+
-Rares have a black background with colored text for each base type. Belts/Rings/Ammys are all yellow, and larger than the other bases. After a while you adapt, and can easily ignore what you don't want to pick up, or de-activate specific bases you don't need in the custom "Show/Hide" section. You can also easily move the ilvl slider up if you want to switch to regal only (HIGHLY recommended)
-**EVERYTHING** besides vendor recipe stuff is color AND sound-coded across every different type of valuable item. Exalt/Divine-tier stuff will POP. Red Maps have unique sounds and different/muted colors to distinguish them.

I definitely won't have this done, but DankawSL's guide pretty well covers it. I'll add some notes on how I made some of my gear.

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Really solid guide! Totally recommend this build. Very easy to level, and has so much potential in the late game. Smokes the wind-ripper builds if you want to convert to MF and can shred bosses if spec for DPS.
C0PyCa7 wrote:
Really solid guide! Totally recommend this build. Very easy to level, and has so much potential in the late game. Smokes the wind-ripper builds if you want to convert to MF and can shred bosses if spec for DPS.

Have you tried to make this build MF? If yes, how was it and do you have pob? :)
Dant3x wrote:
C0PyCa7 wrote:
Really solid guide! Totally recommend this build. Very easy to level, and has so much potential in the late game. Smokes the wind-ripper builds if you want to convert to MF and can shred bosses if spec for DPS.

Have you tried to make this build MF? If yes, how was it and do you have pob? :)

Yes, I have included MF gear in the POB.

In Betrayal league I sold a 50+ ex Watcher's Eye, built a full MF Windripper and hated it. After burning out on the league on Harbor Ridge, I decided to swap the MF gear to my CA build, and sell off my bow/helmet/Rigwald's to craft an Elder Bow. Best decision I ever made. It was also the first time I played CA with anything but Kintsugi, and how I personally discovered just how good QotF is.

I've run sextant/beyond T16s with and went around Delve 400-500 twice wearing the following:

Same Elder Bow/crafted helmet/Shaper Quiver/QotF
10% Sadima's
20% Goldwyrm
5% Bisco's
10% Ventor's
15% Pariah
10% Shaper Ammy or Talisman

That's 70%, potentially, if you have max rolls (I didn't :D). I chose to wear one Ventor's just to make res capping easier. I've never tried Greed's Embrace, but I think this would be the league to use it on this build, as Flame Dash + Blink Arrow combo are a very effective alternative to QotF and can pretty well mitigate the reduced movement speed. I hadn't tried The Gull at that time, but I would probably choose that as my helmet if I MF this league :D And since you can get rampage fairly easily with a weapon swap, a Stygian Vise is a good option to make up on life/damage/resists at the cost of 5% quant, especially if you don't have some decent jewels.

Unfortunately I can't recommend it as a FULL MF build, as Divination Distillate is impossible to use with Patient Reaper: killing 1-2 mobs will immediately fill your mana and de-activate the flask. 60-70% is still good IMO, and honestly I'd probably make a Pathfinder if my intention was to push past 100%, with the understood disadvantages.
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Rly good Guide. First Build Guide i tride without probs on my way to the ELder.
Thank u very much for sharing with us :)
Im following this build, having a blast so far (:

how important is the dread banner while leveling ?
I just got to act3 and Im struggling a bit with lack of links in my gear and to fit all the gems for the aura/curses and int requirements xD

also is immortal call good with no endurance charges ? would we be better off with steelskin instead ?

thank you very much for the guide specially the time it must have took to make all those different trees for leveling and items in PoB
I really appreciate it (:
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Luy wrote:
Im following this build, having a blast so far (:

how important is the dread banner while leveling ?
I just got to act3 and Im struggling a bit with lack of links in my gear and to fit all the gems for the aura/curses and int requirements xD

also is immortal call good with no endurance charges ? would we be better off with steelskin instead ?

thank you very much for the guide specially the time it must have took to make all those different trees for leveling and items in PoB
I really appreciate it (:

Glad to hear it's working!

-I think Dread Banner is optional for leveling. I don't think I had it until I was close to maps, as it was hard enough for me to get my other links set up.

-Haven't personally tried Steelskin, but it looks very interesting. I have opened up to Flame Dash as a defensive skill while bossing, and Steelskin may fit in there somewhere. The problem then becomes limited hotkeys.

-Immortal Call is still worthwhile in your end-game links without Endurance Charges. Often 1 second is all you need to escape from a vulernable situation, and it's damage reduction/mitigation that's pretty hard to come by.

In the end, whether it's your evasion/dodge rating, Dread Banner or Immortal Call, each thing is contributing a small part to your overall damage rection/mitigation/avoidance/etc. One way or the other, they help keep your health closer or at full more often.

However, the gem link struggle in mind, it also means you are highly rewarded for your diligence in that respect. For example, by level 30 you can go from a no defense to potato, to running Jade Flask, Dread Banner and Acro/Phase Acro. Any one individually is not an insane boost, but having all 3 at once drastically changes how you are able to play the character. While CA does more than enough damage to keep you safe, at some point past Act 6, you actually have to fight the mobs :D

Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to play/experiment in Legion, including writing this guide, but I'm doing my best to keep at the crafting/leveling sections, and I'll put up any small parts up when they're ready.

P.S.: For what it's worth I'm close to doing Uber Elder and I still don't have Immortal Call...I'm also lazy :D That's why I direct players to the guide instead of my current league items.

P.S. 2: I was too potato for UE with 5k hp, lv 20 CA, lv 2 empower, etc. nothing wrong with a 30c boss service if you're not ready for it :P

edit: just getting a link here :D

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