[3.7] Arc Flicker CI Occultist

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Occultist nerfed.


If you like flick and arc - this build for you. Definitely tanky, arcflicker can do all maps, but it may have problems whith bosses due to lack of damage.

Core Mechanic

Mjolnir after 3.5 can trigger a spell every 150ms - that is 6.66 times per second. So to increase attack speed above this value does not make sense
When we strike a flick, we attack. Then from Mjolnir beats ark spell. To have more lightning damage on the bosses, we use elemental equilibrium and added cold or fire damage to attacks(flicks) that changes whith lightning spell damage(arc).
To recharge the flick we use The Red Trail - under the bleeding we get the frenzy charges on hit. To remove bleeding damage, use the Apep's Supremacy shield - bleeding damage converted to chaos. CI add 100% chaos resists. To hang on yourself bleeding, use The Golden Rule Jewel and add to the flicker strike Chance to bleed.


Quick mapping
Tanky (10k + ES)
Inpulsa include(Occultist Profane Bloom)

Ele Reflect maps are NOT possible
Can be decently expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear
Can't kill atziri with flick(use double strike)
Low shaper DPS (about 600k)
Dangerous for epileptics


My current gear

Gear breakdown & Stat Prioritization


In priority helmet with enchant Arc chains additional time
Next comes ES maxing.
As an option to craft Hubris Circlet with metallic and dense fossils. Dense - gives the ES, metallic -9% lightning resists to nearby enemies.
Heretic veil was good option for start.
+1 Abyssal Socket is amazing


Mjolnir the main thing of this build. You can try your luck and get a corrupt (10–15)% chance to Fortify on Melee hit. Or (5–7)% Increased Attack Speed. Or a donut hole.


Apep's Supremacy. The main thing of this build. The most expensive thing in the build. Converts blinding damage into chaos damage. Combines very well with CI.


Vaal regalia 700+ ES. Resists and stats will be good. +1 Abyssal Socket is amazing too


Shaper's Touch.


The Red Trail. The main thing of this build. Generate frenzy charges on hits under the bleeding.


Yellow belt whith strength and resists.


To start, you can take an amulet Astramentis. If possible, change to a rare amulet with stats, resists and damage.
Mark of the Shaper with a rare elder ring whith resists will give a lot of damage.
Important! the rare ring must have fire or cold damage to the attacks in order for the elemental equilibrium to work. No lightning Damage to attacks!


The Golden Rule. The main thing of this build. Bleeding reflect back.
A pair of Efficient Training will give the required amount of strength for the Mjolnir.
Energy From Within pair will add ES
In the remaining slots Hypnotic Eye Jewel with lightning damage to skills and lightning damage to skills while holding a shield.

Gems & Links

Mjolnir - Arc 21Lvl, - Controlled Destruction 20/20, Elemental Focus 20/20
body armor 5 link - vaal discipline 20, temporal chain 20, conductivity 20, blasphemy 20, enlighten 3
Flicker Strike 1Lv, Chance to Bleed 1, Multistrike 20/20, Faster Attacks 20/20
Cast when Damage Taken 20, lighting golem 20
Cast when Damage Taken 1, Immortal Call 3, Duration 20/20
Leap Slam 1, Faster Attack 20/20, Cyclone 1, Chance to Bleed 1
instead of Leap slam you can use the flame dash



Arc chains additional time
120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently
No lightning Damage to attacks!


Kill them all

Ascendancy Points

Wicked ward
Vile Bastion
Profane Bloom
Void Beacon

PoB link

Perfect setup(update Mjolnir to true Arc DPS)
My current gear


Leveling Guide

Definitely league start capable
start whith freezing pulse, then leveling whith arc
On 60 lv u can start to flick: use Blood Dance boots to generate frenzy charges and Cyclone or Double strike for bosses

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Is this a joke, or to do just because you can?
nice man ,well compared to to other builds it same same dps but different style (vortex/ED) but kinda close combat ,but personally i only saw vid and didnt check gear ,so there cud be more to it :)
Is this a joke, or to do just because you can?

So just because you don't like it, you want to be rude about it?
Hey, i am not that experienced in PoE. Can you tell me why i need to lvl 1 chance to bleed to lvl 20 and the other to lvl 20?

Thank you :)
Gropan wrote:
Hey, i am not that experienced in PoE. Can you tell me why i need to lvl 1 chance to bleed to lvl 20 and the other to lvl 20?

Thank you :)

On this build source of damadge is Arc.

Chance to bleed support gem on all levels have 25% chance to cause Bleeding and you no need to leveling this gem.

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