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cityhunter04 wrote:

So, I have started leveling with this build at the tail end of 3.8 and carried over into 3.9 (btw, I am loving it so far). I don't know how important this is to the build, but in 3.9 I noticed that block with shield/retaliation is where DW dmg/Ambidexterity is shown in the build. Will taking the extra 2 nodes to get it impact the things too much?

It is still worth putting the 2 extra points to ambidexterity

It is still worth putting the 2 extra points to ambidexterity

awesome, I appreciate it!
Hello , where is pob 3.9?
qKamina wrote:
Hello , where is pob 3.9?

Updated! Check 3.9 changes
Why slayer? Seems slayer doesn’t offer much with 50% reduced leech and only 2.5 sec over leech. Maybe slayer/raider for zoom zoom and perma frenzy?
The passive skill tree simulator says yours are from an older version and are out of date?
nevermind, figured it out.
had to download Path of Building instead of using online version
Hi, I've follow your build and it's doing great, had a lot of fun leveling. But idk if I headead wrong somewhere along the line, I have put like ~15ex into this build and still die alot in even t12-13 map. I'm struggling to even survive and kill mobs in t16 rare map. my stats (especially dps) compare to your pastebin is like 1/3 and idk what's wrong in my gearing lol.

Can you please take a real quick look at my pastebin and see if I did anything wrong? Thank you very much!

p/s: I had only 3k+ armor when fully geared, my friend told me that Kaom's Root spend point in Unwavering Stance so I cannot evade attack but also Berserker Ascendancy give me immune to stun so I tried and switch to Iron Reflexes. Not sure if that a correct way to survive.

my pastebin: https://pastebin.com/dN29r7jK
my char: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/skag666/characters
anw I've died 228 times so fare and still not reach Sirus yet :(
Herald of thunder curse setup isn't working. It says that you need to kill shocked enemies for it to work so I would assume the enemies are dying before they become shocked....I am not seeing any thunderstorms proccing and warlord's mark is not being casted

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