3.7 Caustic Arrow Trickster

Hey all this is a Caustic Arrow trickster build guide i ran this during the synthesis FB finished top 600 and rank 1 for CA in softcore with less then 30 deaths.


For better look at gear/gems please use the PoB link till i can get this all fixed

1.Cheap and easy to get going
2.lots of evasion
3.good for mapping
4.Safe build

1.Slow to start but builds up fast
2.DoT Build
3.can feel slow for mapping
4.can get expensive
5.needs a certain few crafts to make the Bow

Skill Trees

Gear For leveling

Focus on resists and life i managed this to act 9-10 on a tabular rasa and a quill rain easy

Sorry cant link my items as for some reason it wont let me. Help if you can.

Gear for end game again make sure to be resist capped aim for 30% movespeed boots.

Helm I ran with the Gull

Chest i went Queen of the forest but any good armour works just focus on life resist and evasion

Rings i went for stats stick coral rings for life and strength/int when needed

same for necklace

Gloves life resist

Boots move speed life resist

belt Life resists

Quiver I went for a ilvl 85 shaper Penetrating arrow quiver and aimed for Bow attacks fire an additional Arrow.

Bow now the fun stuff you want an Ilvl80 elder Thicket bow
use a Perfect fossil aim for 28% quant 27% will be fine aswell

the roll Vicious projectiles then get a Faric wolf alpha Beast from beastairy then craft Add prefix remove Sufix in the beast to get +1 level socket gems then 6L then Craft +2 to support gems to make your end game bow.

For better look at gear/gems please use the PoB link till i can get this all fixed
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Hey there... Really looking at this because of Legion mechanic. Anything in 3.7 that hurts this build? Also how is your boss damage? Shaper/Elder viable?

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