[3.6] Earthquake Tidebreaker Jugg

I've been waiting to make a build around the Tidebreaker mace ever since the buff a patch or two ago. I finally got around to doing it, and the result is a really fun and tanky character that actually feels pretty good with a slower attacking two hander. This build really takes endurance charge value to the next level and tries to maximize the benefits you get from stacking them.

Here is the video guide, which starts by showing a run through a T16 Chimera map.

Also added an Uber Elder kill video. Not the smoothest kill I've done, but it's deathless nonetheless.

Is this build for you?
This build has solid AOE clear, respectable single target damage, and is fairly mobile. There's also a ton of utility with this build, consistent stunlocks on enemies, ignoring freeze/chill/temp chains, good movement speed for a left side of the tree character, bleed immunity, etc. The video guide linked above shows you the build in action so you can see if the playstyle is one you might enjoy.

Archetype: Melee but AOE ground targeting instead of namelock.

Mobility: Fairly high movement speed is your primary means of getting around. Leap slam and consecrated path are used for re-positioning.

AOE clear: Exceptional pack clear for a melee AOE skill. Vaal earthquake means you can clear a couple screens worth of enemies by running through them, and because of the endurance charge bonuses that we get, you get quite a bit of increased area of effect as well.

Single target damage: One of my weaker builds in this regard, but comfortable enough that I've killed Uber Elder several times deathless. The bleed damage does a surprising amount of damage during down times when you're unable to attack.

Hardcore viability/tankiness: I would definitely call this build HC viable. The HP pool is a little low, but there's room to stack more, and room for gear improvement as well. Also, this character has mitigation against all types of damage, so it is surprisingly tanky with a slightly lower HP pool than you generally see in HC.

Ease of play: This build is fairly straightforward, but you do need to pay attention to your Vaal skill soul counts to maximize clear and single target effectiveness. There are also War Banner stacks to be aware of, but overall it plays pretty smoothly.

This section of my video guide goes through my gear choices and discusses other gearing options.


Skill Rollout
For a bit more detailed discussion of the gem setup, check out this section of my video guide.

Vaal earthquake
Less duration
Melee physical damage

Vaal ancestral warchief
Melee physical damage

Leap slam
Consecrated path
Faster attacks

War banner
Increased duration

Blood rage
Cast when damage taken
Increased duration
Flex spot

This section of my video guide describes passive tree routing during the leveling process.

Ascendancy order

Early passive tree priorities
Resolute technique
Elemental resistances
Max endurance charges
Bleed chance

Take 2 passive points for bandit quest

Major Pantheon: Soul of Arakaali
Minor Pantheon: Soul of Gruthkul, Abberath, or Shakari

Passive Skill Tree
For a more detailed look at my choices on the passive tree, check out this section of my video guide.

Passive tree on official site

POB pastebin - https://pastebin.com/fFBj5yin

Please, if you have any further questions or comments let me know; I would love some feedback. I hope this guide format makes it easy to get the information you want without having to go through a bunch of information that doesn't interest you. You can also find me streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/cowpimp to maybe see the build in action and ask me questions live. Cheers!

Check out my other guides here:
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Hey mate, why the Gluttony in your gear section?
If it's explained in your video, add something to the guide please.
I really don't like watching build videos lol. Takes way more time than just reading them for me.

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