[3.6] YABB (Yet Another Bow Build) +4/+5 Chain Ice Shot Chaingunner (Delve 450+)

Big Note: Nearly all of this was done with 5L + IIQ Ice Shot and barrage, if you can for Single Target get Barrage enchant over Ice Shot enchant or Additional Arrow corruption.

Hey kids so do you like major clear with decent single target.

Do you prefer chilling out over a bit of getting physical from TS.

Do you have a legacy Barrage +2 Enchant you wanna fuck about with.
(Tbf if you have that you probs have your own builds and aren't reading this shite)

Presenting YABB, cos I make one each league and like the boost of Cold to Fire to a fuck tonne of Chaos, and thanks to Elder Rings you can negate the downside of Gloomfang like a baller.

The Hyrri's Demise gives a nice bit of all three elements making it just a brutal quiver. Fuck ya Rigwald's I got chain.

So I made a couple changes that can be seen in my profile, finally got shaper done after all this time (I've just found mapping at high speeds more fun over the years) It can be improved with a barrage helm and a better corruption on my quiver (+2 Barrage would add a couple mill dps)

Delve 402 done, wasn't an issue as everything is frozen. Just swap out IIQ for Damage on full life, and took the cold pen nodes on the tree:

Updated with Point Blank, cos why not


Main build compilation video

Testing videos of build
Bog T11 Breach Clearing Test:

Dunes Done Quick Test:

Delve 320 Abyssal City Test:

Pro's & Cons -

+ Can do all content (so far, I've usually died due to not knowing the mechanics)
+ 70% Evasion (or capped with one extra defensive flask)
+ 54/40 Dodge (More with Vectors or Quartz Flask) (capped with Vaal Grace)
+ 6 Arrows firing with 5 Chain or 7 Arrows with 4 chain = Major Clear
+ Can use Vaal Breach to make Bossing charges easier
+ Nice 3-4 mill Shaper Deeps (PoB cant do Mirage Archer)

- Uses Gloomfang so needs Elder Ring or Thief's Torment to not an hero
- Ranger so squishy when actually hit
- Requires hit and run and piano flasks
- Is a 100% crit build so really needs 1.8% Hatred Watchers Eye to feel great (alternative is Diamond Flask of the Order and Rat's Nest

Basis for the build:
So because Hyrri's Demise stacks damage based on Int/Str/Dex it gives us a bit of each damage type. That allows for the Taming to gain it's maximum strength from Freeze / Shock / Ignite

By using Ice Shot we gain 100% cold conversion (including the two nodes on the tree) this alongside Added Cold and Hyrri's Ire stacks a fuck tonne of cold damage.

We're then using the Cold to Fire Gem to get a quite nice ignite alongside all the big shatters and freezes.

This is where Gloomfang comes in, up to 20% non-chaos as extra chaos per chain, so at +4 chain we get 80% non-chaos (so in bosses, Vaal Breach can make easy work, but otherwise when you are fighting a boss, target the Ads instead of the main guy. A bit counter intuitive but it's a noticeable damage boost.) By having +4 Chain you can shatter an entire screen at such a stupid rate Mirage Archer becomes unnecessary. When you clear with one or two volleys you can just add in another pure damage gem to make up for the chain gems downside)

We use Death's Opus because it is singlehandedly perfect for this build, 7.5% base crit chance. Check, 100-150% Crit Multi. Check, 2 Additional Arrows. Check, (Sorry RoTC your 4 arrows just doesn't compensate for the crit multi and base crit) and by using Deadeye we get an additional arrow and 50% inc aoe for the Herald of Ice. So they just synergize perfectly. You could use Tornado Shot if you wanted but realistically you'd need 25% conversion on gloves and a double Hatred Watchers Eye with Cold Damage conversion. (Which if you have, then great cos the Barrage will benefit majorly from it)

Next, Hyrri's Ire. This lovely piece of armour got buffed and is now a fucking beauty. the 10% dodge on spells and attacks works with the build to a stupid degree and the Cold Damage added is fucking amazing.

Levelling Trees:



Far Shot
Endless Munitions
Gathering Winds Last (it doesn't matter much except some evasion, you kill in one fucking volley)


Bow by Default for the nice 7.5% Crit chance which with a 1.8% Watchers Eye and Starkonja's will get you to 100% crit without Power Charges.
Weapon & Quiver
Hyrri's Demise all the way +4 Chain Ice Shot don't need no Rigwald's

Armour: If you're going super defensive QoTF or Belly or Rare but you wanna kill and dodge right:

Helmet: Starkonja's is king here, although Rat's Nest if you wanna go super squishy but have 100% crit without Assassins Mark

Jewellery: The build is based around Gloomfang and Elder Ring synergy so these 2 are kinda mandatory, the bow you could use Lioneye's Glare and have a Rat's Nest alternatively but the health loss is too much imho.
1x The Taming as we have Fire, Cold & Lightning Damage from a Searching Eye and/or Demise, Fire from the CTF and a bit of Life Gained on Hit to counter the Gloomfang


HH is natural for a build with such high clear, but if you aint got one then alternatively any rare belt with Res and Ele Damage on it will do. Fossil craft it if you must.

Any rare's to cap res,
Priority: RES/Life/Attack Speed/Phys Damage to Attacks


If you can max res elsewhere some Darkray Vectors will make you even dodgier ;) ;) although Death's Door will also do for Bleed Immunity or Rares



Lioneye's Fall near claw nodes.
You need a 1.8% Crit Watchers Eye to feel groovy if you have one with Added Cold with Hatred too then groovy
Green Nightmare will be for Generating Frenzy Charges easier and some dodge, to be put down at Ranger jewel socket
Any others you wanna fit in, searching eye jewel with Onslaught and Blind like so


So this build relies on stacking a shit tonne of cold damage, which is then converted to fire. Then for clear is beefed to fuck by Gloomfang (which also get's a counter buff on single target with Deadeye Ascendancy)

Ice Shot - Ele Damage With Attacks - Increased Crit - Chain - Added Cold / Ice Bite (with Darkray Vectors for the 7 Frenzies if you're DPS lacking) - 6L Damage on Full Life / IIQ

Single Target:
Barrage - Ele Damage with Attacks - Added Cold - Cold to Fire - Mirage Archer - Increased Critical Strikes / Elemental Focus

(Gloves) FUCKEN HATRED! - Enlighten - Portal
(Helmet) Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Assassins Mark - Blink Arrow

(Boots) CWDT (Lvl 6) - Immortal Call (Lvl 8) - Inc Duration (Lvl 20/21) - Vaal Grace


Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Shakari

Will eventually hit Godhood

For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
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Edit 1: Bonus Act 6 - Act 7 where it starts to shine at 60% crit flat

Edit 2: Added Jewel section, Flask section and pro's / cons

Edit 3: Updated gear selection to be much more coherent
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
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Updated: Added 2 new videos to replace the purposefully annoying levelling videos to show the clear. (Still needs Hyrri's and was done with IIQ Gem in slot instead of Cold to Fire)

Updated: New PoB, way better now
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
Added: Delve level 320 Abyssal City test. Now I've got Uber Lab done all that's missing is Green Nightmare jewel and to 6L my Hyrri's for Single Target (Although Ice Shot is doing nicely)
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
Added: Main build compilation video
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
Hello, i've been following your build for the Flashback event, im still a new player overall, but how does the Claw node affect the Bow dmg/crit?
SagnaX wrote:
Hello, i've been following your build for the Flashback event, im still a new player overall, but how does the Claw node affect the Bow dmg/crit?

via "Lioneye's fall viridian jewel" placed in the closest jewel slot to the claw wheel.

Lioneye's fall: melee and melee weapon type modifiers in radius are transformed to bow modifiers.
If you do not have that available to you drop those nodes and take the Vitality void nodes near duelist wheel and the mana leech.

Instead of the Green Nightmare cos it's gonna be expensive, swap in Blood Rage or Ice Bite for the Cold gem (and use Darkray Vectors)
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.

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