[3.6] Storm Burst Occultist | All Content Viable |1.5m+ SDPS

Hello all! Over the past couple of weeks I have been building a Storm Burst Occultist, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Figured I'd make a guide and share it.

Path of Building

PoB for my character (~15 ex invested, 1.7m ShapDPS): https://pastebin.com/xZQmT9mW
Thus far I've killed Shaper deathless (with ease) and plan to tackle UE later this league if I have time. I used this build to progress and clear my Atlas, and it was an absolute breeze.

Budget PoB (~1.5 ex invested, 1.3m ShapDPS): https://pastebin.com/duVjvktc
This should be enough to clear most of the Atlas. You may need a few slight gear upgrades to try and take on endgame bosses, but nothing above 3-4 ex.


+ Great clear speed in indoor maps and delves
+ Excellent sustain/recovery
+ Huge ES Pool
+ Tons of mitigation
+ Can facetank many things
+ Good single target
+ Ideal for delving and darkness exploring at deep depths
+ Crafting good gear is easy with fossils


- Storm Burst playstyle feels clunky, and takes some getting used to
- Not a league starter - requires around 1.5 - 2 Ex to get started.
- Mediocre clear speed in large, open maps (aka not Inpulsa's)

Offenses aka How to Scale Storm Burst


Storm Burst is extremely powerful because it can scale with so many modifiers. To understand how it scales, we must understand how it works. Everytime you cast Storm Burst (the cast "ticks" that occur while you channel) you summon an orb. Each Orb lasts a set duration and deals damage every .4 seconds. So by scaling duration in increments of 33% (1.2 base * .33 = .4), we can extend an individual orb's lifetime. Basically, this means more orbs active at once resulting in higher DPS. Scaling duration also boosts the damage of our release, which is very nice for our clear speed.

Additionally, we take advantage of generic damage mods, like physical/spell damage, cast speed, % as extra damage, etc.



Since we are ES based, we obviously have a huge HP pool, but we also have a bunch of recovery:
- Unstoppable ES recharge (Wicked Ward)
- ES Leech (gem)
- Huge ES regen while clearing (Vile Bastion)
- 2100 Instant ES leech per mob hit (Watcher's Eye)
- Super fast start of ES recharge (Apep's)

In addition to a 10k HP pool and huge recovery, we have a bunch of mitigation:
- ~55-60% Physical Mitigation (Infusion + Arctic Armour + Basalt + ToH)
- +3% to all Max Res (Apep's)
- 12% Fire Mitigation (Arctic Armour)
- 8% Lightning Mitigation (Infusion)
- 20% Cold Mitigation (ToH)
- Temporal Chains Aura
- 10% Less Damage from all sources (Malediction)
- Immune to Chaos damage (CI)
- Immune to bleed (Apep's + CI)
- Immune to stun

As a result the build is extremely beefy. The most dangerous things are ignites, freezes and shocks, so tweak your flask suffixes and Pantheons as you see fit.

Gem Links


Main Links:
Whether you run Conc effect or not, is your call. If you choose not to, run Inc Crit Strikes. If you want to focus more on Elemental damage, you can drop Conc Effect and Controlled Destruction for Phys to Lightning and Ele focus.

Arctic Armour doesn't need to be linked by Enlighten.

PCoC/Onslaught Gen:


Flame Dash:


You can squeeze in a Vigilant Strike + Fortify setup for some extra tankiness. I was too lazy to do so.

Passive Tree, Ascendancy, Bandits and Leveling


This PoB link contains all the leveling passive trees as well as the final passive tree: https://pastebin.com/igP32LES

You can swap to CI whenever you feel most comfortable. I swap when I enter Blood Aquaducts, around level 60.

Grab the +30 attribute nodes as needed.

For Ascendancy Order:
Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion > Profane Bloom > Malediction

For Bandits:

General Leveling advice:
- Start with Freeze Pulse/Frost Bomb
- Swap to Storm Burst after Act 1.
- Axiom's, Tabula, Goldrim and Wanderlusts should last you until you can swap
to some better ES gear once you hit Blood Aquaducts
- Storm Burst - Onslaught - Infused Channeling - Increased Crit - Faster Casting - Controlled Dest should be your leveling links



Basically, just flame dash and phase run inbetween packs. Quickly dragging Storm Burst across a pack should be enough to blow it up. Profane Bloom does a great job of cleaning up due to Spiritual Aid.

For single targets, be sure to put your Storm Brand on them, and then just channel Storm Burst. Releasing is a DPS loss, so don't stop channeling unless you need to. Don't forget Storm Burst can be used at range, so don't be scared to kite bosses if you need to. Dead people don't do DPS.

Vaal Discipline is your oh-shit button.



Obviously we want big ES wherever we can get it. We do run a lot of rares, so just pick up resists wherever you can.

There are a bunch of mods that benefit us. Here's a trade link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/VqYoqrip
Adjust the search parameters' values based on your budget/needs.
With Synthesis, there are some new implicits that are nice for us, so keep a look out for anything that could work well for you.


Apep's is extremely versatile for us. It gives us very fast ES recharge start, a lil bit of max res and bleed immunity. However, if you don't like Apep's, or can't afford it, any high ES shield is O.K.


Big ES with an enchant is ideal. This enchant is 15% more damage.

Heretic's Veil is a great budget option.


Big ES.

Incandescent Heart is an amazing budget option. Don't worry about getting a rare chest until you've upgraded some of your other gear.


Big ES. Cast speed and resists are a bonus.


Sin Treks are ideal here. If you aren't using Sin Treks, you should be using a rare with 30% MS, good ES and great resists.


Crystal Belt with Delve crafted Body Armour ES suffix is best for us. This is a great place to pick up resists too.

Bated Breath is a solid budget option here if you can fit the resists.


Flat ES, % ES and Multi are the big ones. Getting Str/Dex here is also important.

Gain Phys as Extra amulets can be strong endgame pickups.


We want one ring with a Poacher's Mark Curse on Hit. This gives us great flask uptime to help our clear speed, and frenzy charge gen. It isn't vital to the build though. Your other ring should have high ES and resists. -Mana cost crafts are really important here, see how it feels to play with 1 or 2 of them. If you can squeeze in a Dream frags here, that'd be a very strong option as well.


Golden Rule, a rare jewel with poison on hit and an Abyss jewel with onslaught on kill are all necessary for the build. A ES gain on Hit Watcher's Eye (or faster start of ES) are amazing defensive options if you can afford them. Mods to look out for on rare jewels:
- %ES
- Area damage
- Spell Damage, Spell Damage while holding a shield
- Physical damage
- Crit multi, crit multi w/ spells, crit multi w/ lightning skills
- Resists


Atziri's is kind of a waste, a Sin's Rebirth, Quartz Flask would be better. Bottled Faith, if you can afford it, is an enormous DPS increase (is equivalent to an extra link).

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