3.6 Moderately Budget Freezing Pulse Assassin - Shaper Viable

Estimated Budget?
2.5 ex - 3 ex

Passive Tree

Tooltip Numbers (Not sure if highest potential for strictly tooltip)

Path of Building/Pastebin - Around 926k DPS on Full HP Shaper w/ Full Buffs

Youtube Video w/ Full Guide + Shaper Run :)



1. Bring King - Chain stuns are annoying
2. Yugul - Getting frozen makes me sad

Alira, all crit builds should go Alira.

Gem Links + Explanations

1. Freezing Pulse + Hypothermia + Controlled Destruction + Spell Echo + Cold Penetration + Inc. Crit Strikes

2. Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic - Movement skill, allows to move around map + reposition yourself during boss fights

3. Summon Lightning Golem + Minion Life + Faster Casting - I'm not always checking to see if my golem is active, this lets it be tankier while also allowing me to cast it faster when it's dead

4. Ice Nova + Firestorm + Blind + CWDT - Potential blind on enemies when hit for 500~ish dmg. Could be life saving, usually doesn't do anything.

5. Warlord's Mark + Blasphemy + HoI + Frost Bomb - Aura setup... Warlord's Mark for sustain, HoI for shatters. Frost Bomb is a skill I use for bosses to apply cold exposure so that they have -25% cold res + reduced life/ES regen

6. CWDT + Immortal Call + Vaal Haste + Inc. Duration - Can be life saving, generic + super common defensive setup. Vaal Haste for extra dps or faster mapping.

Is Freezing Pulse Good?
It's one of the many skills buffed in 3.6. The buff to FP this league is pretty good, base dmg increase + dmg effectiveness increase.
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