(3.5/3.6)Kraylen's Boom Boom Void Shot Deadeye

People on my FB Xb1 PoE group asked me to do a guide to the deadeye I did least league, so i'll try my best to figure this out.

-Good clear speed
-Tons of damage
-Can do pretty much all content

-Low life
-No tanking really

Here is a video compilation of random kills and encounters


Here is a video of a shaper run


There are several Void/Ice builds out there and I decided to do my own little twist.

This build is mainly focused around heavy damage and extra projectiles, using the void shot from the Voidfletcher quiver to pump out extra damage.

Since you cannot socket support gems into Voidfletcher, you reply on extra projectiles to deliver the extra power from the quiver. Deadeye, Dying Sun, Death Opus are all staple to pump extra Void Shots out. If you're lucky, or rich you can land extra arrows off corruptions.

Here is the gear setup I used in 3.5, I also did the build in 3.6 but I'm not as powerful as I was in 3.5 yet.

I wouldn't really say its a budget build, much cheaper to do on pc however I play on Xbox where the trade market is insanely more expensive. Safe to say I've blown triple digit exalts doing this. A lot of failed t3 chambers ate up currency as I was double corrupting every unique in this build I could get my hands on.

Some of the other builds like this I've seen use Tornado Shot as their single target, however I didnt like the way it felt so I opted for barrage. The reason for that was barrage can unload all 5 void charges instantly creating one large explosion. Typically I would jump in, unload barrage and blink arrow away while the quiver refilled charges.

This is my first build/post on this forum so any tips or things Im missing is appreciated. Ill keep adding to this post if people enjoy it.


I usually just use the same setup for any archer to clear story mode.

Quill rain with rain of arrows is a nice cheap aoe to start with, a tabula rasa, goldrim, thief torment ring, hyrri quiver should make it easy to clear story mode.

Gem Links

Mob clear: (6L)

Ice Shot
Ice Bite
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Greater Multiple Projectiles
Cold Penetration(or added cold)
Bonechill Support(Mirage archer, crit support also work)

Pretty straight forward, kills off screen as well. You can add more pierce if you desire, wasnt really needed for me.


Added Cold Damage
Cold Penetration
Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Elemental Focus

4 Links

Frostbite(or whatever curse you like)
Immortal Call
Increased Duration

Blink Arrow
Phase Run
Culling Strike
Faster Attacks

2 link Tombfist
Ice Golem(or HOI if you dont have it on an accessory)


For abyssal jewels, you'll want to get as much flat physical and cold damage as possible, also life is important. You can get blind on hit and onslaught from these as well if you done have a Panda amulet or other blinding methods.

I highly suggest getting a watchers eye jewel with a hatred mod(or 2/3 if you can afford it) I went with an added critical Hatred jewel and it works great.

Bandits and ascendancy

-Kill all bandits, get the plus 2 skill points. If you desire you can kill Alira and grab the all res, up to you.

This is a Deadeye build, so once you start doing labs you'll want to get the following.
-Gathering Winds
-Fast and Deadly
-Far Shot
-Endless Munitions

3.5 Gear

3.5 Skill Tree

Skill Tree:

Ill add some more stuff soon, I appreciate those to check it out.
www.youtube.com/kraytheredghost IG @ADimensionBeyond
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Updated to add more information, leveling, gems etc.
www.youtube.com/kraytheredghost IG @ADimensionBeyond
Im looking your skill tree and i wanna know why do you use claws node?
The claw nodes provide bow bonuses when the lioneye jewel is placed below. Excellent leech source.
www.youtube.com/kraytheredghost IG @ADimensionBeyond

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