3.6 Low Life Bane Occultist


This is my first ever guide and while i'm trying my best on the formatting i'm still pretty inexperienced at making posts in general anyway i'll get on with it.

Pros of this build:

-fairly tanky; im sitting at around 12k es and it takes about 0.65 secs to start recharging energy shield.

-pretty good damage; this is the first character I ever killed uber elder with and i almost did it deathless consuming only 1 extra portal for a silly error.

-can start well with very little and can scale decently well into the end game with some investment

Cons of this build:

-to really make the build shine it needs a bit of a currency dump (10-15ex)

-not extremely fast; it has reasonable speed if you can get good move speed on boots and with flask up time.



PoB link (lv95): https://pastebin.com/VZ64vKZh

Skill Tree (lv75): http://poeurl.com/cmsp

Skill Tree (lv85): http://poeurl.com/cmso

Skill Tree (lv95): http://poeurl.com/cmsq




If you can afford the enchant 40% bane damage is the best for this build, otherwise your looking for a high es rare with a resistance and Stat %quality craft you'll probably find that %quality +stat crafts will help a lot with fixing stats wherever you can find room for them

Chest Piece

Shav's is basically a must have for this build but it really only needs to be 5 linked


for this build I have decided to go the bow route

my current weapon is a little overkill

all I would suggest for a starting weapon get a 6link Short bow from the porcupine div card set and use aetheric fossils until you get the 20% spell dmg roll and +1 to level of socketed gems and then craft on +2 support. this can be pretty expensive but it is well worth your while, the weapon works wonders.


Soul Strike

this quiver gives you a huge amount of tank if your playing in standard and can get a legacy one i would highly suggest it but even a current Soul Strike is amazing 80% faster start from the bow and the 15% from the tree and 10% from shavs already reduces our time until recharge to less than 1 second.


from your gloves slot you basically still just want high es resistance and stats if your using a short bow you won't have a huge dex requirement like I do so you can probably focus more on resistances than on stats.


Boots is the same as your helmet and gloves try and get more move speed than 20% if you can it will making playing much smoother.


Presence of Chayula is BiS I dont even think I would use a mirror tier amulet over this puppy, only use a Presence if you can cap your ele resistances if you can go for es and resistances. dont ever mistake how important capping your resistances is even 74% in a resistance is 4%more damage of that element that you take so imagine having something like 65%.

Other Jewellery/ Belt

Energy shield and resistances, you could try rolling rings with Envy for damage but I wouldn't suggest it unless you have currency to burn.


I tried to go with defensively themed flasks and a quicksilver but i ended up swapping one of the defensive flasks for an onslaught one and it made the whole build feel a lot faster. I think the flasks are totally up to you and how you play poe these are just mine.



6l bow if you can get the correct off colours (bbbbrg)

Bane - Despair - Empower - Controlled Destruction - Efficacy - Swift Affliction

Otherwise swap Controlled Destruction with Void Manipulation (bbbrgg)

5l chest

I would suggest a lv 4 enlighten in this setup to alleviate mana consumption issues but you can manage with a lv3 maybe just pick up some more reduced mana reservation from charisma instead of es nodes on tree

Enlighten(lv4) - Discipline - Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Temp Chains

4l #1 Clarity(lv1-4) - Malevolence - Enlighten(lv3) - Blood Magic(at least lv19)

4l #2 Wither - Multi Totem - Spell Totem - Reduced Mana

I use reduced mana it makes this setup feel really nice.

4l #3 Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting - Increased Duration



Kill all


Malediction all the way to Vile bastion


If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or message me at IGN: Yui_The_Immortal_Object

Also if you have suggestions on how to improve the guide, build or this post itself please also message me here or in game, i'm always open to trying to improve something.
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Nice build. I may try your build.
One question. Why do you choose bow? is it BiS for weapon or I may use dagger for more movement?
FFLightning wrote:
Nice build. I may try your build.
One question. Why do you choose bow? is it BiS for weapon or I may use dagger for more movement?

Well, bows allow you to get + levels to your Bane (we don't care about crit for DoT either); spells scale hard off of gem levels vs your weapon like attack skills do. Their bow in particular is disgusting, but getting +1 to socketed gems, and +2 to supports, is a huge damage increase over something like +70% spell power rolls on a dagger.

Also opens you up to running Soul Strike, like the OP, which gives a HUGE amount of %faster start of energy shield regen, which pairs well with Occultist, on top of a bit of ES to make up for not running a shield.

You'll want to use Flame Dash regardless of your weapon (need a spell to proc Arcane Surge), so swapping to a dagger for Shield Charge or Whirling Blades is kind of pointless. You can start with a dagger or Breath of the Council, or w/e, but getting + levels to your main skill and its supports is important for scaling your character up.
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