[3.6] "StormFire" A non-ignite Flameblast Elementalist | League Starter | Shaper Video


Hi, this my first build guide.
The first time I tried a Flameblast build was back in essence league, I was following a [2.4] video guide made by ItsYoji.
I took a long break after essence league, when I stared again in Bestiary that build was completely outdated, and at the time, I couldn’t find any self-cast Flameblast build that wasn’t focused purely on ignite, so I decided to make my own build.
This build got buffed twice since then. (In Incursion, then in synthesis)

I usually only make 1 or 2 characters per league, so I wanted a build that's fun to play and can do most content.
I have killed the Guardians, Shaper, Red Elder and Uber Atziri.
However, doing them deathless requires good awareness, you need to focus and be able to dodge the boss attacks.
I didn't try Uber Elder yet.

+ Good clear speed.
+ Decent EHP (6K+ life, 1K+ ES, Fortify)
+ Decent damage (1Mil+ Shaper DPS)
+ cheap and can be a league starter

- Can’t do Elemental reflect maps.
- Low regen and leach
- Gem swap for bosses

General Overview:
This build mainly uses 2 skills:
First Orb of Storms to increase damage and debuff enemies, then Flameblast to one-shot almost anything that's not a map boss.
With Inpulsa, Flameblast will no longer be needed for white monster packs, Orb of Storms + Herald of Thunder + Inpulsa will take care of them.

With the Elementalist Ascendancy, Orb of Storms can keep enemies chilled, shocked, and ignited practically 100% of the time. This allow us to use Support skills like Immolate and hypothermia for Flameblast, and combustion for Orb of Storms.

This ring gives a nice damage boost, and makes our damage more consistent by allowing orb of Storms to ignite. (More on this in the gear section)
It is a highly recommend unique, not a mandatory one.
Its name and flavor text fits the "theme" of the build, so I named the build after it.

Current Skill Tree (Lv93)

Current Gear:

Offensive stats:
Flameblast Shaper DPS: 1.3 Million

Flameblast average hit damage against Shaper: 950K

Defensive stats:
This build has a good EHP pool but low regen and leach (warlord's mark gives plenty of leach while mapping, but not enough when there's only one enemy around), meaning you have to rely on life flasks for bosses.

Life: ~6.6K
ES: ~1.3K
Block: 28%. Spell block: 18%
Mobility: Shield Charge + Flame dash.

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/tNfpkXL2

Shaper: youtu.be/5B7gq0ZRVQc
Maze of the Minotaur: youtu.be/IqTPI9oSLZ4
Pit of the Chimera: youtu.be/ary2zTXEG04
T14 Primordial Blocks Without Inpusa: youtu.be/ME5NrCsCRvw

Ascendancy, Pantheons and bandits:
Ascendancy points in order:
Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin

Bandits: We get much better options with 2 skill points. Kill All.

Minor: Soul of Ryslatha helps with long boss fights.
Major: Anything you want. I went with Soul of Lunaris. Soul of the Brine King is also good for Stuns.

Skills and Gems Discussion:
Skill Gem Levels:
All Gems should be leveled to max level, but there are 2 exceptions :

Arcane Surge : The required mana to trigger Arcane Surges needs to be equal to or lower than orb of Storms total mana cost. Check Orb of Storms on your skill bar to see the final mana cost.

Cast When Damage Taken and any active skill linked to it :
Higher levels lets CWDT trigger higher level skills. But will make it trigger less often.

Links are in order of importance.
Flameblast- Infused Channeling - Immolate support - Controlled Destruction - Faster Casting / Concentrated effect - Hypothermia

Swap faster casting with concentrated effect for bosses

Increased Area of Effect could be better than Faster Casting if you don't have Inpulsa.

Elemental Focus / hypothermia:
Elemental Focus has a higher dmg multiplier than Hypothermia, but it removes Flameblast’s ability to chill, shock and ignite. Once we add the ignite dps, Hypothermia ends up dealing about the same dmg without having a drawback like Elemental Focus.
Orb of Storms:
This is the main "support skill", it buffs Flameblast’s damage in 6 different ways:

1) Trigger Elemental Equilibrium causing enemies to lose 50% fire res
2) Trigger Elemental overlord (40% more dmg)
3) Shock enemies making them take 35% to 40% increased damage.
This is possible thanks to the Beacon of Ruin ascendancy: "Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least 20%”.
That 20% scales up to around 40% with the “increased effect of shock” and “increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments”. (we get 18% from the skill tree, 30% from Unbound Ailments and 25%-40% from inpulsa).
4) Chill enemies to trigger Hypothermia.
5) Ignite enemies to trigger Immolate (added fire dmg) and Combustion (-19% to fire res)
6) Trigger Arcane Surge. (More spell dmg, increased cast speed and mana reg)

Any amount of "+cold dmg to spells" makes Orb of Storms chill with every hit.
An abyssal jewel with % chance to hinder will give Orb of Storms a good chance to hinder bosses (-30% move speed) due to its fast cast speed.

Orb of Storms - Arcane Surge - combustion - unbound alignments

Combustion: With the Stormfire unique ring, Orb of Storms can ignite even when the Igniting Conflux from Shaper of Desolation is not active.

Unbound alignments: This is used to increase the effect of shock.
Auras / Heralds:
Herald of Ash:
It gives a nice damage boost because of the Mastermind of Discord ascendancy: "25% increased Effect of Heralds on you" and "Damage penetrates 25% Fire Resistance while affected by Herald of Ash"

Warlord's Mark with Blasphemy:
Warlord's Mark is the best way to deal with the high mana cost of Flameblast.

Herald of Thunder:
It only adds a tiny bit of dmg to Flameblast. It’s mainly used for clear speed:
Orb of Storms + Herald of Thunder + Inpulsa can kill whole packs of white mobs before you even use your Flameblast.
Herald of Thunder is not as important if you don’t have Inpulsa.
It can be replace with Clarity if you still have mana problems.

Herald of Ash
Herald of Thunder - Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark- Enlighten(optional)
Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT):
CWDT - Immortal call - tempest shield - increased duration

Shield charge:
This is our source of Fortify, with all the area of effect we have, you can hit enemies from a safe distance and trigger fortify.
Fortify can’t be used with wands, you need a scepter to use it.
Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Add increased area of effect if you have a 4th link.

Another option for fortify:
Vigilant Strike + the vigil unique jewel gives a 35sec fortify duration. Useful for boss fights, but costs you one jewel slot.

Flame dash:
Shield Charge tends to get stuck in obstacles if you're too close to them. Flame dash can help when that happens. It’s also needed to cross gaps.
With all the cast speed we get from gear and tree, it could be used to dodge boss attacks instead of Shield Charge. But it also have a cooldown, so Shield charge is still needed for general mobility.

Lightning Golem:
For the cast speed bonus.

Decoy Totem: Optional. It dies pretty fast, but could distract bosses for a couple seconds.

Gear Discussion:
Current Gear:

Gear Explanation:
Rare specter with cast speed, and as much damage as possible.
Damage mods can be: elemental / fire / spell damage, % of elemental damage as extra chaos, area damage, or added lighting damage to spells.

"% of elemental damage as extra chaos" Mod:
This is not as effective as in other builds, it's still good, but don't over estimate it:
Our total of reductions and penetrations to fire resistance is 98% (50% from Elemental Equilibrium, 25% from ascendancy, 19% from combustion and 4% from Skill Tree)
Even against the Shaper with 40% fire res, our fire dmg will be increased by 58%, while the chaos dmg will be reduced by 25%.
Use PoB when trying to compare scepters with the extra chaos mod. You can't rely on the in game tool tip, it doesn’t count the resistances. (Same thing for the “added lighting damage to spells” mod)

This is a nice unique to use if you can't afford a very good rare. It has cast speed, reduced mana cost and a good amount of dmg if you can keep the enemy hindered.
The range for its hinder is not that big, you should get an abyssal jewel with % chance to hinder before using it.


This is another cheap unique with really good stats.
It can be replaced with a rare with similar stats and Cast speed instead of spell block, and maybe some more elemental resists. But a shield like that won’t be cheap.

Alternative option: Dual scepters
PoB comparison between dual scepters and scepter + shield:

Stats used in PoB :
Void Scepter
50% increased spell dmg
15% increased Cast speed
20% of elemental dmg as extra chaos
15% fire dmg


Using dual scepter, you get around 14% more Hit dmg, but lose some life, energy shield, block chance and the ability to use shield charge.
The dmg increase will be higher if you have scepters that are better than the ones i used in this comparison, so if you have two extremely good scepters, dual wield might become the better option.
Body Armor:

Inpulsa has some dmg and increased effect of shock, but it mainly helps with clear speed:
You only have to kill a few mobs in each pack, Inpulsa does the rest.

This is not a priority, a rare Chest will give you much more Hp, ES and resists, and is much cheaper.
Only switch to Inpulsa if you have good life rolls and enough elemental resistances on the rest of your gear.
Stormfire unique ring:

Using Elemental Equilibrium means we can’t have any fire damage for Orb of Storms, so it can only ignite when the Igniting Conflux from the Shaper of Desolation ascendency is active (6 seconds out of 14)

Stormfire allows Orb of Storms to ignite with lighting damage, so we can use combustion with it for the reduced fire resistance. The consistent ignites will also guaranty that Immolate is always triggered for Flameblast.

It also adds some damage, elemental resists, and mana regen. Try to get it as soon as you reach the required level (Lv80)
The rest of the gear is rare:
Stats to look for:
- Max Life / Elemental resists > cast speed > Energy shield > Mana reg / Max mana

- Move speed for boots.

- Flask effect duration for Belt. (Preferably a Stygian Vise Belt for the jewel socket.)

- One ~30 Dex roll is needed for Inpulsa and Hypothermia.

- Shaper helmet with "Socketed gems are supported by Innervate" and / or "Socketed gems are supported by increased Area of Effect", this is not required.

Make sure none of your gear has "+ fire dmg to spells" as it will make Elemental Equilibrium increase fire resistance instead of reducing it.

Alternative options for amulet:
Impresence (Flammability version): You get free Flammability with This Amulet. But it requires 4 skill points for Whispers of Doom passive to be able to apply an additional curse.
The Pandemonius: it makes Orb of Storms blind with every hit. But it’s expensive.
2x life flask at least one of them with instant recovery.
1x defensive flask: Rumi's Concoction, Basalt Flask, Taste of hate…
1x movement flask (silver flask or Quicksilver Flask)
The last flask could be anything you want. The Wise Oak is a good option if your Uncapped Fire res is the highest.

At least one flask should have the “of Staunching” Suffix (Removes Bleeding).
At least one flask should have the “of Heat “Suffix (Removes Freeze).

One abyssal jewel with "adds cold damage to spells" to be able to chill and trigger hypothermia. This is not needed if you have +cold dmg to spells on your weapon.

The rest are rare Jewels, try to get life and cast speed on all of them:
Maximum life > Cast speed > reduced mana cost / increased damage (fire, spell, area damage) > energy shield

Leveling and skill trees:
I always like to level with the skills I plan to use at the endgame, so I started using Flameblast as soon as I hit the required level.
There are faster ways to level, this is just how I leveled when I made this character.

Low Level:

Skill Tree

You can start with any spell you want (magma orb, freezing pulse...). Link it with arcane surge.

Lv 10: you can start using Shield Charge.
Lv 12: Switch to Fire Storm and start using Orb of storms.
Lv 16: you can start using Herald of Ash and Herald of Thunder.
Lv 18: you can Link Firestorm to Controlled Destruction and Elemental focus. And link Shield Charge with Faster Attacks

Firestorm - Controlled Destruction - Elemental focus

Orb of Storms - Arcane surge - Faster Casting / Increased critical strikes

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks

Don't over Level Arcane Surge!

Once you get Elemental Overlord from the skill tree, Link Orb of Storms with Faster Casting or
Increased Critical strikes to make Elemental Overlord trigger more consistently.
This won't be needed once you get enough cast speed from the skill tree

Low Level after switching to Flameblast:

Skill Tree

You can start using Flameblast at Lv 28, you should pick some cast speed and area of effect nodes from the skill tree before switching to it.

Flameblast has a high mana cost, so start using Clarity.

After you start using Flameblast, you can get Elemental Equilibrium from the skill Tree. This will allow Orb of Storms to reduce the enemy’s fire resistance.
Check the in game tooltip for Orb of storms to make sure it’s not dealing any fire dmg before getting Elemental Equilibrium:
Any item that "adds fire dmg to spells" will cause orb of Storms to deal fire dmg, making it increase the enemy’s fire resistance instead of reducing it.

Links at Lv 28:
Flameblast - Faster Casting - Infused Channeling - Controlled Destruction

Get Vaal Flameblast as soon as possible and use it for bosses.

At Lv 38 you can use Increased Area of effect:
Flameblast - Faster Casting - Infused Channeling - Concentrated effect / Increased Area of effect

Increased Area of effect makes Flameblast much better at clearing packs of mobs.
Replace Increased Area of effectit with concentrated effect or Controlled Destruction for boss fights.

You can use Increased are of effect for orb of storms too.

At LV 34 You can start using Lightning Golem.

Warlords Mark:
Warlords Mark gives Mana Leach, which helps with the high mana cost of Flameblast.

We have 3 options:

1) Herald of thunder - Curse on Hit - Warlords Mark

2) Orb of storms - Arcane Surge - Curse on Hit - Warlords Mark

3) Blasphemy - Warlords Mark

Using it with Herald of thunder is less consistent, but lets you use faster casting and increased area of effect with Orb of Storms.
Using Blasphemy means you'll have to turn off Clarity and / or Herald of thunder.

I used it with Curse on Hit and Herald of thunder while leveling.
Try all options to see which is better, it depends on your level and gear.
At high levels, Blasphemy becomes the best option.

Pick the +30 Dex or Str nodes if you need it for your gear requirement while leveling, you can Respec out of those nodes later.

From here the order for the skill tree is not too important. Choose between life nodes and damage nodes depending on what you need.

Skill Tree

Links in order of importance:
Flameblast - Infused Channeling - Faster Casting - Concentrated effect / increased area of effect - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus

Orb of Storms - Arcane surge - Faster Casting - Increased Area of Effect / Combustion

The Mastermind of discord ascendancy gives a nice dmg boost and reduces mana reserved. Try to get it as soon as possible.

You can start using Immolate with Flameblast and Combustion with Orb of Storms once you get the Shaper of Desolation ascendancy.

Don't use immolate and Elemental Focus at the same time until you have Storm Fire equipped.

High Levels:

Skill Tree at Lv81

Flameblast Links:
Flameblast - Infused Channeling - Immolate - Concentrated effect / Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Hypothermia / Elemental Focus

Start using hypothermia (instead of Elemental Focus) once you get the Beacon of Ruin ascendancy and a weapon or jewel with +cold dmg to spells.

You can use increased are of effect instead of Faster casting. If you decide to do so, switch back to faster casting once you get inpulsa as you will no longer need to hit the whole pack with Flameblast.

Orb of Stroms links:
Orb of Storms - Arcane Surge - combustion - unbound alignments

Start using Unbound Alignment Once you get the Beacon of Ruin Ascendancy.

Skill Tree at Lv93

Additional Notes:

- This is my first build guide, any suggestion to improve the build or the guide are welcome.

- Damage calculation and shock effect in PoB :
To get accurate dmg values in PoB, you need to uncheck the "is the enemy shocked" box, then manually multiply your dmg by the appropriate amount that you get from your shocks:
Beacon of Ruin makes Shocks increase enemy Damage taken by at least 20%.
Using my current gear:
20% x (1 + 0.3 + 0.18 + 0.37 + 0.08) = 38%. (0.18 from the skill tree, 0.3 from Unbound Ailments, 0.37 from inpulsa, 0.08 from Helmet).
This means 38% more dmg (using my current gear).
so uncheck "is the enemy shocked" and manually multiply the dmg by 1.38
Checking "is the enemy shocked" will automatically give you 50% more dmg which is not correct.

- Link to the now-outdated [2.4] Flameblast build guide that inspired me to do this build : www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYQxRIb1OLE
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I've been playing self cast flameblast during this league too, i think its in a decent spot. I play a hybrid es/life/mom heirophant, ambystoma on my profile. My top damage is lower than yours, but I have over 2 times your ehp. So far ive cleared red elder and shaper, we will see if uber elder happens. The draw to play hybrid for me is the fact that you can leech es and life at the same time now.

I like the fancy stuff you pull off with elementalist + orb of storms. Being able to proc ee and combustion with just orb of storms looks amazing, I have to waste gem slots doing that with seperate spells. Your clear is likely better than mine, I rely on just flameblast+herald of ash with every aoe node on the tree I can reach taken.

Tbh I think Cheiftan and inquisitor can work great with flameblast right now as well. Chieftain could easily sustain righteous fire to clear trash mobs and buff flameblast, Inquisitors consecrated ground while standing still has great synergy with a channeling skill.
Nice build, bro!! I´ll start it now.
I've been playing self cast flameblast during this league too, i think its in a decent spot. I play a hybrid es/life/mom heirophant, ambystoma on my profile. My top damage is lower than yours, but I have over 2 times your ehp. So far ive cleared red elder and shaper, we will see if uber elder happens. The draw to play hybrid for me is the fact that you can leech es and life at the same time now.

Sounds interesting, all that EHP probably makes all bosses pretty easy for you.
For me things like guardians with multiple attack mods are dangerous, one wrong move could lead to death. I have enough EHP to not get one-shotted, but a 2nd or 3rd big hit is deadly.

I originally thought about a life / ES hybrid but couldn’t get my ES high enough with the gear I could get, so I switched to inpulsa once I was able to afford it. This was before all the new ES leach nodes and gem, not sure how good those will be for bosses with a skill like flameblast that only hits once.
Last edited by TN_Sylar on Apr 4, 2019, 3:49:53 AM
Sounds interesting, all that EHP probably makes all bosses pretty easy for you.

I just cleared uber atziri today, build was good enough, but i failed on the first map since i wasn't familiar with mechanics. Once i killed constructs together, killed trio in correct order, and learned to dodge flameblasts everything was fine. Despite all my ehp frenzied construct and atziri's flameblasts were too much to take. The lightning and bleed weren't to bad.

When i cleared minotaur I was able to face tank his attacks, only had to dodge his burrow. blind + stormbrand helps a lot vs melee enemies like that.

path of building claims i can cap energy shield leech with flameblast, but only get halfway with life leech on a single target. i always carry a life flask just in case. Dont need mana leech, mana regen is enough except on no regen maps with chaos damage- then i have to rely on cinderswallow urn and move fast.

I trade off a lot of potential damage for the tank stats- damage is 600k+, can go up to 1.4 mil with cinderswallow urn + vaal righteous fire. 10000 energy sheild, 8500 life+mana so far.

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