(3.13) Toxic Rain + Caustic Arrow | 5-10m Sirus DPS | Fast + Durable | 50c Budget/SSF Uber Elder

I've been playing this build since Heist start and have had more success with it than any other character I've ever played. First time finishing the Atlas, killing Elder, Shaper, Sirus. I cruise through juiced T16 maps like they were nothing. I do still struggle with A8 Sirus though, it seems like a crapshoot to see if I'll kill him or not. I get one shotted by him quite a bit. I've killed him with a few portals left and I've died 6 times with him still at 20%. And TBH I'm sure a lot of that is due to me gameplay, I'm not particularly skilled. Could someone have a look at my current setup and suggest any improvements?
I know the abyss jewel in my belt is dogshit, I'll probably look for a replacement. Something with Life & ES would be nice, gain a bit more EHP. I currently swap out Flesh & Stone for Vitality in Sirus & Guardian fights since F&S didn't seem to affect my survival rate in those fights.


Kohus wrote:
I like the build for the most part but some things I'm confused on.
1. You say we should get 100% ailment avoidance but I can only come up with %50 with the items and skills you have on this guide.
2. You say 45k evade achievable with pots and this build, Im only ever able to push 30k maybe
3. Some things seem out of place and confusing, but I managed.
I feel I'm fairly well geared at the moment and have pretty similar gear to what your guide recommends.
I seem to have pretty good survivability but still manage to get randomly 1 shotted.
Is this still fairly normal on this build? my resists are, 18/73/21/14
3840 HP 1418 Shield.
Also I'm a little confused on a couple of skills.
Am I suppose to be able to run Flesh and Stone, Malevolence, Clarity, and Discipline at the same time?
I literally have like 100 mana after I run all 4, am I suppose to only use a lvl 1 Clarity?
Sorry I'm still pretty new to POE and I'm probably missing something somewhere or maybe just how I'm playing.
Any insight would be appreciated.

EDIT: Iv been back reading alot of the prior posts and finding alot of information. Seems as thoe people use similar builds to the guide, 75% of it or so but then do some varients. Still any suggestions would be welcome.

Welcome to PoE Exile!

The first thing you need to know when asking for help regarding your build is giving us the ability to see your character's tree and gear. You do this by either setting your character tab to public, or providing us with a PoB fork variant of the character in question.

To unhide your character, scroll this screen all the way up and click on your name. This will take you to your profile. On the right side click on "edit privacy settings", then uncheck the bos for "Hide Characters Tab", then click Update.

Looking at what you wrote above, the first thing that screams at us is your resists....your elemental resists need to be 75% or better, and your chaos res should be above zero or better.

There are many slight to major variants to this build, much of which is determined by just how rich (or Poor) you are.

Once you get your tab public, folks will be better able to answer your questions.

Good luck!

Ok I unchecked it, I did invest in some better resist rings, it does feel alot better, not at 75% yet but I'm trying to save up for a good ring to put -mana cost on.
How do I find the specific cluster jewels from this build? Most I have found only have one notable skill such as touch of cruelty. Is there a way I can search for a specific cluster jewel on one of the trade sites?
just type the name of the skill into the mods box, it will come up with the right one. Unwaveringly Evil and Wicked Pall are the best, I also like Exposure Therapy and Unholy Grace. Elegant Form and Sublime Sensation are nice for small jewels.
thank you! this will help me alot!
Make sure you get one with the "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted" mod, it's one of the best QOL upgrades in the game!
Kohus wrote:

Ok I unchecked it, I did invest in some better resist rings, it does feel alot better, not at 75% yet but I'm trying to save up for a good ring to put -mana cost on.

First off, here is your PoB with configuration: https://pastebin.com/sPQby856

First thing I noticed is that you are using 4 unique armor items which will make capping resists challenging at best, and rendering 100% elemental ailment immunity impossible. If you want the ailment immunity you will need to swap two pieces to rare items. I recommend you keep the Vertex and Atziri's Step, and search for gloves and body armor with life, missing resists and the appropriate prefix/suffix open to bench-craft elemental ailment avoidance.

Here are search parameters assuming you are wanting to craft elemental ailment avoidance to achieve 100%;

Body Armor: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/2dZDjjVFk

Gloves: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/wonOL9Kub

Now, dropping the Perfect Form body armor means you will lose Phase Acrobatics. You have 3 choices; 1) forget about it (not recommended) 2) re-allocate 5 points to get Phase Acro, or 3) use a Thread of Hope jewel in place of your current Soul Prism viridian jewel.

ToH jewel: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/eRjkOj4hL

You are using a talisman as your amulet; you cannot annoint a talisman (tho I have seen talismans drop from heist contracts with an annointment). I recommend using a rare amulet with life, needed resists, an open prefix for mana cost craft, and if you have extra currency +1 to chaos skill gems. You will want to annoint either "Potency of Will" or "Corruption" (I recommend PoW).

The only reason you should use a Level 1 Clarity is if you are using a Watcher's Eye jewel with the mod "Non-Channelling Skills have # to Total Mana Cost while affected by Clarity".

I hope this helps!

Edit: a useful tool; https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php
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[Edit - made a few levels and updated the text, same help still applies]

Hey All,

I'm really enjoying running this build! This guide has helped me a ton, and this is my second league overall and the first time I have been able to kill Sirus and run some end game content.

I feel like I am a little squishy in endgame content and have been one-shot multiple times in medium T14+ maps and am looking for advice on what to upgrade next. According to POB I'm at 675k DoT DPS (standard boss) with 4300 life and 1900 es and resistances capped.

I use TR for everything. I have CA on my chest that I use when in maps that have mana challenges because it costs 0 mana.

I have ~5ex and ~300c to spend and the only thing I can think to wait for is a clarity watcher's eye. Thanks everyone in advance!

My PoB: https://pastebin.com/FhQPmWB3
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This build have been really nice.. have played whole league with it.
What i have completed: Deathless sirius, uber, simcular 20 waves, Juiced delirium map double beyond. All contents feels like its possible and its really nice build! (97 lvl)

My gear so far:

Have crafted most items my self and i am pretty tanky and also got really nice dps. Thanks for this guide <3
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I've been meaning to get back into Toxic Rain, I've played it quite abit before and always enjoyed it, its been a while now so maybe the time is nigh.
However, there are things that I cannot understand. Things that keep me up at night.
I often wake in the middle of the night, cold sweat dripping down my face.
I do not understand why half the people say that a Quill Rain is just as good as the bows with +1 to gems and +2 to support etc.

I think I understand that, there are different ways to scale the damage, but that's where I mentally log off and stop functioning.

Could anyone explain it to me like I am 5? For my own piece of mind

Edit: I think I get it now but lord almighty the wording and different mechanics in this game confuses the pasta out of me
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