Boss Killing Uber Elder/Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder/Aul

Doing boss kills! Message @KeepoVersus

Uber Elder kill
Shaper kill
i83 Aul
Guardians just no ele reflect or hexproof+no regen
Red elder

Pay what you want! I just like helping people out

Will refund sets if failed of course!
All I ask is that if a watcher's eye drops you have to link me it after :)

Also I'm always in the PoE services trading discord, you can @KeepoVersus in there and I'll mostly likely respond promptly.

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Very quick kill, unfortunately Uber Elder died before I could go in so he bought another set and did it again.

Got this with it as well +1
Vocandin's Craft and Carry Services:
Very solid carry, yellow elder and red elder done while I was in map too.
Would recommend

Update: Helped with Uber elder guardians and Uber elder, single portal for each, very quick service + + +
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i fked up the first set and he was still willing to pay for my 2nd set
great guy!
Awesome service. Super nice, quick and easy.
Definite recommend
Great service, really quick and he was nice. Would recommend. I also got a prismatic jewel from his run as well :D
Bought an uber lab carry. Very fast and safe. Much appreciated!
bought a kill. Very efficient super nice guy, let me use a portal as well. VOUCHED
Destroyed guardians and elder for me. Nice & quick service 10/10.
Good guy always helps and does his job :) doesnt expect a tip either . GG

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