Mirror Service: #1 Molten Strike Helm (7 Link) - T1 Life + Imm & Conc + 30 % Ele Dmg

MS enchant with Imm & Conc + 30 % Ele Dmg. Also has T1 life, and cold resist.

~b/o 1 mir
Fee: 25Ex (fee will increase with each copy made)

I can change craft if you want.

I have cleared most endgame content and challenges with ease while having a lot of fun with it.

Uber Elder Kill in 1m50s

Other helms listed: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/6DvyLjIG

Whisper me @Supa_Troopa, PM me or add me in game if I am offline.

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The service was enthusiastic and thoughtful and the helmet is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!
You deserve to have one
reminder to mirror service + 15ex pay for helmet at league end (You're going to be a rich rich juggernaut )

Thanks for crafting on my wand!
Great mirror on this insane helm. Thank you very much!!!

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