Budget Fireball 3.6 Elementalist

Hello everyone Boteyedoll here.

I have been playing this lovely game for over 2000h now and I still love it!

As you do all know there are quite alot of guides that is beginner friendly and then you have the uber end tier builds with more currency invested than alot of players simple never can get their hands on.

Alot of players have a hard time understanding alot of mechanics in this game, and ofcourse the skill tree is a massive confusion to alot of players.

So I decided to make a very simple build as a league starter for players that might settle to reach red tier maps while only clicking their right mouse button.


Works on a budget
6.5k HP with Kaoms heart
Skill tree is very simple to reallocate some points if you need more DMG/HP
Can do all map mods Ele reflect immune due to ascendancy
Everything dies Off-screen due to chain and GMP (Basically play it like a Tornadoshot build)

Will work as CI build if you prefer ES over hp, Simply take the ES nodes instead of hp.

Temp Chains is annoying to run until you get a curse flask
Chaos DMG still hurts
If you want to go for end game bosses gear can get expensive

You pick this up when you start a witch character and will be using it until you can get a Vaal Fireball.

Early on use FB-LMP-Combustion and when you get a 4-link add controlled destruction.

I only picked up items I found and I started maps with thoose items still on a 4-link.

Kill all bandits

This build is made to get you started in a league and I am currently playing tier 10-13 maps using a searing touch 5 link.

Cost 3 chaos to buy 5-link it myself.

Current gear

I was extremely lucky with my amulet dropping from the incursion temple boss!

I crafted all items myself bought a high base ilvl item from poe.trade and spent a few chaos or an essence until I got a decent hp roll

cost 5 chaos have in my right ring slot for chain, sometimes more than a screen away mobs just explode for me.
Edit: swapped into left ring slot for fork instead.

As you see in my gem links I run Warlord's mark with blasphemy and a simple cast when damage taken immortall call.

Helmet Enchant for Fireball cost roughly around 30 chaos orbs
a budget alternative is Hrimnor's Resolve which gives fire damage this is almost the same as the fireball enchant, it also gives freeze immunity after using a fire skill (which is always, Fireball, Flamesurge)

Skill tree

START with Fire Walker and then grab Elemental Overload, Then Cruel Preparation and then the socket(Rolling Flames jewel goes here) after that grab hp or damage accordingly to what you need

My tree gives 186% increased life and alot of resistance also from ascendancy so gear will be cheaper don't need as much resist on it.
currently 5.3k hp and with more investment should get you over 6k life. I did try a Kaom's heart and it put me on 6.4k Hp

PoB (pathofbuilding)

simply copy and import to your pob

This build is made for ease to play not kill end game bosses!

Map clearspeed is fast, Bosses take a bit longer with only moderate single target damage.

This is my first guide I ever made and if anyone have suggestions or any questions for me feel free to say/ask

See You in Oriath
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What about pros/cons, dps.
I'll test this build out. So far it's looking good.
Right now im still at act 1. I'll update the post as soon im further in.

the only thing i changed so far:
i've dropped the +10 int node next to Elemental Overload and instead took +10% Elemental Damage near Fire Walker to reconnect it.
Updated Skill tree added Pros/Cons

Currently running t14-15 maps and have no issues have yet to try out Uber Elder
can this build be done SSF?
Which ascendancy points do I spec into first?
I've been looking for a fireball build for a while, just to see what it would look like. I will try this one out.
Yes this can be done as SSF

I took Ascendancy in this order

1.Pendulum of Destruction
significant increase to clearspeed

2.Mastermind of Discord
big damage boost with herald of ash

3.Paragon of Calamity
for the nice leech and cannot take reflected damage (can run any map mod)

4.Shaper of Desolation
Since you have such high aoe with your fireballs with the threshold jewels you dont need Beacon of ruin.

If you want more damage swap Paragon for Beacon ( Be sure to not run ele reflect maps)
Thank you very much for the guide man! New to the game and on ps4, having a lot of fun! Now clearing t6-7 rares as fast as a fly!
Does a fireball count as an "attack," ?
There are lots of modifiers like:
"Adds 3-5 cold damage to attacks"
Would something like that be applied to Fireball?

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