The banner skills

First Ill just start by saying the banners need buffs

Second after using them for a while I do enjoy them but there is two major things that annoys me, sometimes I forget to pick up the banner and I cant tell if I placed it down or not.

First one is simple to fix have it so once it expires you character will automatically pick it back up if you have the mana to do so.

As for the lacking visual confirmation that its been placed a ring of fire or something similar would be a big help. My eyes are on my health bar so taking the time to look away to the bottom right or upper left to see if its been used is not an option and the black ring and banner are lost in the sea of enemies and skill effects.
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Maybe just remember picking it up? Automation wouldn't work here most of the times anyway since you probably have some form of mana restoration which would nearly immediatly pick the banner back up once it's been placed.
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Now now child they could easily program to make it so when the banner expires it checks if you have the mana left to reserve and if so it picks it back up. I already have to remember other skills I use all of which are used at the start of the fight having to remember a weak skill that I also have to use that the end of the occasional big fight isn't something I'm going to do all of the time regardless if I have good memory or not.
banners are very powerful. dread banner is especially powerful now that enfeeble accuracy reduction was nerfed.

banners are also one of the only ways without expensive uniques to get arcane surge when running EB

and the whole point of them is opportunity cost of placing a banner. if you want to do it automatically their reservation needs to be bumped up to 25% at the very least. at 10% you give up very little for what you get.

For the cost if you are talking about mana yes they are good for what they do however that cost is also a skill slot which there are much better skills out there so its not worth the cost. I have no problem placing them down automatically but remembering to pick it up every single time isn't something I should have to do its called convenience and the more convenient something is to the player the funner it makes the game.
Well, doesn't seem like anybody agrees with what you say.

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