Does Xbox have controller remapping? Edited, please reread for new question.

I was wondering since the PS4 version is coming out, and the controls I saw in the picture just seemed awkward. It doesn't matter much because you can change them from the system settings on PS4. The flasks would still have the bumper/trigger icons though, so I would massively prefer an in-game way to change it. I planned on setting them to the D-pad, with an offensive one on L2. I like my attacks up top and functions on the front.

Edit: I'm changing my question, does the Xbox have M&K support for PoE? I forgot they had that on the console, so if PoE used it that'd be great. Fuck a controller on an ARPG, it limits the hell out of you.
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No key mapping, no keyboard support (which they said is not on their list atm, not meaning it will never come)

Flasks are really an issue on controller. you have the 2 bumber, those are fine, you also have smart flask, means if you have 3 life flasks and then one on RB is empty, it will take the next in line instead. But that doesnt work if you main life flask is a unique.

But yeah most builds in the end, have mostly just utility and for those on the d-pad, you always have either to stop attacking, or stop moving. I bought for that very reason an elite controller with 4 paddles in the back and mapped them to the dpad. So I can actually use my flask without finger acrobatics.

I have seen on ps4 only 2 paddles, but you could instead use something like cronus max. This would even give you some macro ability, like using 3 flasks with one button, ofc its on pc against eula, but tbh, we already suffer that we have no mapping support nor enough buttons to begin with. So if this is the only way to make use of a build, I would do it.

Maybe we could get a statement if they would disapprove for consoles, considering our overall limitations.

Oooo, sad stuff. I guess the picture I saw was a fake, (It was on a random website lying about the release) because it showed all the top buttons taken up by flasks. I'm a lot more comfortable with the controls the way you explained them, no controller remapping is pretty lame though. Making my own layout is one of my favorite things to do when I start a new game.

Edit: Also, thanks a ton for the detailed reply.
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Well I am curious, they also announced some changes coming with ps4 release as well to xbox. Maybe they learned from all the criticism and complains here and will do a better job with the ps4 release.

Xbox is kinda a beta release, and they have never been able to catch up, while having this 3 months pressure to get the new content ready. So trading is really "lame" (usable but tedious), no chat, no guilds, no stuff like stash tab pricing, so you have to price each item separately (they made this at least much easier than originally). Movement skills beside flame dash are kinda unusable or dangerous as they cause bad desyncs. phaserun works quite good though.

Well lets wait and see, 11 days till ps4. I will definitely check it out, I assume it will just have a way bigger playerbase than xbox, so that should make it more interesting and easier to gear up (trading league)

On the PS4 you can remap the entire controller however you like.

If a specific game doesn't support it's own method of control remapping, you can simply do so from the Accessibility feature of the PS4, and remap your controller at the system-level.

If you want to (for example) swap the Cross and Circle buttons around you can do that. Want to map a face-button to a trigger? You can do that too. Finding it awkward having to click a stick? Swap L3 or R3 with a different button. One of your controller's buttons broken or stiff? Swap it with another that you don't need or is less important.

Because you're remapping the controller at the system level, once you remap your controller the settings will apply to the interface as well as all games and apps you run on the PS4; you'll have to toggle back to the default mapping if you want to play another game with the regular controls.

But yes, if you absolutely need to remap your controls you can always do so. I'm not sure whether the XBox One has a similar feature but I would expect it to be there buried in the settings somewhere.
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Definitely key mapping from game settings level should be available, who decided to map flasks on dpad instead of L3/R3 (great for speed flasks for example)

GGG please add key mapping, i don't want to change it via ps4 system, its annoying
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