Crafting Veiled Mods, got many

Crafted max rank phys%+bleed chance on my claw. Only person I have found to have this craft. Vouched 100%
Trustworthy and polite :

IGN: Dydyz (Flashback)

crafted this for me! ty
thanks for craft services, trustworthy and polite
hes amazing, cant wait till he gets on again i need him!
Crafted a Spell dmg/4% non-chaos as chaos on my i85 Shaper Sceptre. Very smooth. Keeping on the friends list for future crafts!

Thx for the craft, I recommend it.
Thanks for the craft! Super quick and easy.
helped me and my friend more than 3 times
ign: Ponczlord
fast and safe service, crafted some mods on my bow :)

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