Khisto's All Boss Service

Uber Elder Kills
This League: 124
Last League: 200ish (Didn't do service but helped some friends.)

For Uber Elder

Switch to EU (Frankfurt) server then open your portals.

Stay in hideout, when I tell you to "come in", enter.

I would appreciate if you can vouch here after service.

Message me @Khisto

Uber Elder - 40c
Shaper - 30c (Tell me if you need no detonation challenge)
Red Elder - 20c (Shaper will be alive)
Mastermind - I'll pay you 100c (if its 80+) and sell the challenge to 4 more people
Delve Bosses - Between 60c and 1ex for Aul (depending on mods) 30c for other ones
Any Map Boss or Guardian - 10c

Feel free to whisper me for any other boss you have in mind.

Payments are upfront.

You get all the loot i'll leave the map before it drops if thats an issue for you (it shouldn't be a problem because on pretty much every single end game boss loot only drops for the map owner which is you) and i can also price check your drops for you if you are new to the game.

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Last bumped on Apr 10, 2019, 1:55:39 PM
fast and smooth service

100% trusted he killed me uber elder in 5 minutes

Fast & Safe
Really nice guy.
Did Red Elder for me.
Very fast and nice service!
Did red elder for me, very fast service, trustworthy.
+ Friendly, recommended!
Very fast carry and absolutly trustworthy. Recommend 100%.
10/10 Would recommend very VERY fast
I had 3 people utterly fail, and then this guy comes in a one portals it, Great carry, very quick and very friendly about it, definitely worth it
Quick uber elder carry. He left before loot dropped. Thanks! :)
Quick and good uber elder carry, very nice guy!

i give 11/10

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