[3.6.0] Aura - Fire Golem Elementalist - Started as League Starter! (Not HC-viable & not cheap!)

Hey folks :)

This is my first Build Guide, so please be kind, if some things are missing here and there :) But feel free to comment and upgrade it if you like :) As we are in the beginning of the league, i don't have any high level-footage yet for this one. But in the future, you will get them :)

----------------------------- Table of Contents -----------------------------

1.0 - Introduction / Intention
2.0 - Mapping - Preview - Videos
3.0 - Leveling
4.0 - Build
->4.1 - Gem-Setup
->4.2 - Passive Tree
->4.3 - Pantheon / Bandits / Ascendancy
->4.4 - Gear
->4.5 - Damage Calculation
5.0 - FAQ

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13.03.2019, 12:05 : - Added Image, Video, Pastebin for Level 86!
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...::: 1.0 - Introduction / Intention :::...
Hey there :)

As you see, there is jet another Golem Build on the way, but i wanted to change some things as i saw a lot of people using Clayshaper. I wanted to boost the damage of my Golems with Auras and a Six-Link Golem, so i decided to build something different. We will run with 6 Fire Golems, 1 Ice Golem and 1 Lightning Golem. This will grant us Immunity to Ignite, Freeze and Shock!

This build was meant to be played in 3.3.0, but i just ran out of currency to set this one up and finish it. So this time, i wanted to start right with it in the beginning and it worked quite well :)

The Mechanics are quite the same as all the other Golem Builds: You will run through maps, your Golems right behind you to shradder everything coming between you and your loot drops. Just the damage-scaling is a bit different.
Share your love for Golems!

Be aware, that this build costs you quite much! I think, you will need 3-4 Ex in order to play endgame content with it. To start Mapping, it will cost you just some Chaos in Order to get a setup to play with it.

- Very fast clearing Speed
- Can run every Map-Mod
- Immunity to Ignite, Freeze and Shock
- One-Klicker (you only need your Mouse to play this Build :) )

- Quite expensive (about 4-5 Ex)
- low Life pool (you need to consider this to your Playstyle. You are nearly only running!)
- Not HC and SSF viable, you need too many items for this build to work

A short point to me and my experience: I play PoE for nearly 4 years now, so i can tell, that i know, how to set up a working build. Mostly i try to build around abandoned items, no one likes to play with :D Maybe i will create other Guides for these niche-builds in the future :)

...::: 2.0 - Mapping - Preview - Videos :::...

Video 2:
Atziri Full Deathless Run, still 5Link Weapon and 5Socket Victario's, but Level 88 https://youtu.be/Cbms-yLRVZ4

Video 1:
T7 Ghetto Map + Memory Fragment, with 5Link Weapon and 5Socket Victario's Influence, Level 86, Equiped with 2 Harmony, 1 Eminence, 1 Might

...::: 3.0 - Leveling :::...

Leveling is as simple as a witch can be. Start with Raise Zombie and an AoE-Skill like Freezing Pulse, link Summon Phantasm on Kill to your damage-Skill and you will be fine. Switch to Arc or Vaal Arc, if you head towards the end of Act 1. This will be the Skill i used until i got enough Golems later so i don't need to cast myself anymore.
For the passive Tree nodes, you can choose to go the direct way by going to Arcanist's Dominion through the Intelligence-Nodes on the left, take Lord of the Dead. If you feel unconfortable with your Damage or you are not so experienced with Minions, you can take the Spell-Damage Nodes until you hit Arcanist's Dominion and respec them later.
Then you head to the left, directly to Spiritual Command, you can take the life nodes right under Retribution and you will be fine for the next few levels.
Next step is to get Spiritual Aid, to ramp up your damage as well as your minions. Get there through the upper nodes underneath Avatar of Fire.
Take Death Attunement right after that, if you wish, you can take the life-nodes there, too.
After that, you will need more life and even more Minion-Damage, so you head down to Constitution, take the Minion-Damage around Gravepact on your way there. Get the jewel-sockets on your way there. We will need them later.
Now you have the maximum of your Minion-Damage from the tree, so the next step is to prepare the Auras, you will need in the endgame. Take the reduced Reservation Nodes on the left with Sovereignty, jump over the ES-Nodes and Foresight to the Mana-Reservation-Nodes in the centre of the tree and right into the Dexterity-Section. Take Leadership on your way there inclusive the Jewel-Socket up to Charisma.
Last Mana-Reservation-Node is where Influence lays, so go upwards, take the Jewel-Socket with you.
Feel free to add some life-nodes here and there, if you are unlucky with your Gear.

From this point on, everything should work out fine :) Now you can decide, if you like to get more life or more jewel-Slots to increase the damage-output.

Path of Building with Level-Sections can be found under 4.2 Passive Tree!

...::: 4.0 - Build :::...

...::: 4.1 - Gem-Setup :::...

Your Gem-Links will go as follows (Order is equally to the importance):

Weapon (6Links): Summon Flame Golem - Minion Damage - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Focus - Spell Echo - Concentrated Effect -> Swap GMP with Controlled Destruction for Single-Target Damage - Boost

Body Armour (6Links): Anger - Wrath - Haste - Flammability - Blasphemy - Empower (You need only Flammability and Blasphemy linked if you don't have a Six-Link Victario's Influence.)

Gloves (4Links): Lightning Tendrils - Cast While Channeling - Desecrate - Flesh Offering (You can choose an other Channeling Skill if you like, but i want to get the chance to apply Shock on my enemies, so a lightning channeling skill is recommended)

Helmet (4Links): Summon Ice Golem - Summon Lightning Golem - Flame Dash - Faster Casting

Boots (4Links): Cast When Damage Taken(Lvl 7) - Phase Run(Lvl 9) - Immortal Call (Lvl 9) - Increased Duration

...::: 4.2 - Passive Tree :::...

Pastebin for Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/3a5XR69h

Short Mention: I usually don't set the rare Items into my Path of Building, because they can change fast and most of you won't get exactly my items anyway. That's the reason, why you have 2 Item-Versions.

...::: 4.3 - Pantheon / Bandits / Ascendancy :::...

You will kill all Bandits and get the Elementalist Ascendancy. Take Liege of the Primordial and Elemancer first, then you can take Shaper of Desolation and Beacon of Ruin later to set up Shock on your enemys.

As for your Pantheon you can take Soul of Lunaris to get less damage, if you ran into packs of monsters. Minor God will be Soul of Shakari, as less Chaos Damage is always a good thing, when you can't maximise your Chaos-Resistance.

...::: 4.4 - Gear :::...

Mandatory Items:

Victario's Influence -> Can be purchased for about 5-7 Chaos, if you don't get the best Evasion and ES on it. Need to have a minimum of 5-Sockets. Mandatory to boost Damage of your Golems.

The Anima Stone -> Actually cost you about 50-60 Chaos, but prices will rise. Maybe it is cheaper to get it by selling Primoridal Might, Harmony and Eminence to a vendor, to get it. So check the prices! Mandatory to raise your Golem-Number from 3 to 5.

Primordial Might -> Cost about 20-30 Chaos. You will need only one of this one for your Golems to be aggressive. This will increase your map-clearing speed as your Golems don't attack only enemies that you attack.

Primordial Harmony -> In this build, you will need 7 Harmony Jewels, priced 10-20 Chaos each. It can be costly, but you will see an increase in damage with each jewel, you set up.

Incursion-Staff -> In this build, i'm not going with Clayshaper and Shield, in Order to ramp up Damage a bit more with a Incursion-Staff, you can achieve through Alva in the Temple of Atzoatl. With 130-140% increased Minion Damage this Item will give you the boost, you will need. Additionally you will get a Block-Chance and you can craft it, so you will get the stats, you might need to cap your resistances. It costs you about 1-2 Chaos, but it's magic, so you will need additional Currency to craft it.

Additional Items:

To get your Endgame-Clear-Speed and Damage, you will need some more Items, that can be very expensive.

The Primordial Chain (about 50 Chaos to 1 Ex) - Increases your Damage by adding 3 Golems. This will give you 8 Golems, which means more damage (see 4.5 - Damage Calculation).

Primordial Eminence (about 1-2 Chaos) - Will Increase the Cast-Speed of your Golems and gives them some Armour. One Jewel will be enough for them to don't get onehitted by monsters.

Rare Items:

Watch out for a Bone Helmet to get additional Minion Damage, also +2 to Socketed Minion Gems is very helpful.

Rest of the gear is variable. Watch out for the following Stats (order is importance):

- Maximum Life
- Resistances
- Dexterity and Strength
- Movement Speed (Boots)
- Energy Shield
- Cast Speed

Flasks i recommend:

Quicksilver Flask: for additional Speed, perfect with increased Duration and Removes Poison.

Granite Flask: for more Armour, perfect with Increased Duration and Removes Bleed.

Jade Flask: for additional Evasion, perfect with Increased Duration and Removes Curses.

Eternal Life Flask: Instant Recovery and + to Charges.

Eternal Mana Flask: for Maps with no Mana Regen.
-> you can swap this with a Quartz Flask if you like. Increased Duration and increased Movement Speed.

...::: 4.5 - Damage Calculation :::...

This is a very hot topic, because Path of Building is unable to calculate the Damage of your Minions properly. Especially, because we can't choose, which Golems we summon and how many we have. So you have to calculate your Damage as follows:

Take your Minion DPS, shown in Path of Building. for each Harmony, you have on your Build, you have an increase of "x% inceased Golem Damage for each Type of Golem you have summoned" x3 (because we have 6 Fire Golems, 1 Ice Golem and 1 Lightning Golem, so 3 of a different kind), so it will be about 50-60% increased Damage per Jewel (if not perfectly rolled) you use. In this case about 7x50% = 350% increased Damage for all your Golems! Be aware, that Path of Building calculates 8 active Golems for your Ascendancy Elemancer.

...::: 5.0 FAQ :::...

If there will be Questions, i will update this one :)
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