3.6 Spark / stormbrand Elementalist - SparkPlug

Hi all,
not very much active here but going to try and make a Spark build this coming league. also going to stream the progress.

6 link chest - Spark (Vaal spark), spell echo, lightning penetration, added lightning damage, pierce, hypothermia

4 link - cwdt lvl 1 - immortal call lvl 3 - increased duration lvl 20 - vaal RF lvl 20

4 link - herald of thunder, herald of ice, herald of ash, enlighten / or aspect of spider (use than free slot for portal gem / enhance)

3 link - flame dash, faster casting, arcane surge lvl 8

3 link - Brand recall, empower, enhance

5 link gloves pseudo faster casting : stormbrand, lightning penetration, hypothermia, concentrated effect

Current gear in 3.6

missing mark of the shaper ring .....no currency right now :)))))))))

i use also one spark threshold jewel
rest of jewel life, spell damage, resists..... try to fit in your needs.

You can level with spark from beginning and combine with storm brand goes really easy and smooth

for the tree, take some lightning damage, life and head over to the right side of the tree for acrobatics & phase acrobatics. From there head towards the left side take the damage nodes rest fill in your life and jewel slots.

Passive tree

Progress so far
cant get higher maps to test but everything is one-shotted in t1-t10 maps
will update ones i get higher maps.

also would appreciate any feedback on what could be improved

Coming soon :)

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how did this work out in the end?
have finally gotten used to the lab... I dont hate it anymore.:)

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